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Mobile App Idea – Where to Begin and How?

  • October 13, 2020
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON October 13, 2020
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

“All you need is a great idea” Is this what you hear from people when you talk about your business idea? Well, here is the hard part. It’s not just an idea that you need to craft, but intend to sell it too. Do you know that randomly 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs miss the

“All you need is a great idea”

Is this what you hear from people when you talk about your business idea? Well, here is the hard part. It’s not just an idea that you need to craft, but intend to sell it too.

Do you know that randomly 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs miss the mark within their first eighteen months? The reason for this is what we say above.

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We know that coming up with a million-dollar mobile app idea isn’t easy, no that’s not peanuts! This is why today’s discussion will pretty much cover the question, “how do I come up with a unique idea that sells?”

First and foremost, we ask you, do you have a brilliant mobile app idea but you don’t know where to begin and how? Or are you trying to come up with a unique idea but unsure about the pain points of the market?

Don’t worry we just asked you some tricky questions; we are doing to jump together in the conversation that will exclusively cover both aspects.

Slow down, before you begin, you need to ask yourself what are the pain points of the industry you are looking to get into. No brilliant mobile app idea can help you excel unless you know what solution you have to offer. Just a free tip!

The Secret to Coming up with a Unique Idea

As per the research report of Statista, over 5 million apps are already existing in the digital market regardless of platform. Why do you accept it as the truth that launching just a mobile app that has the best technology and industry features will make you stand out from the crowd?

Well, this is why we will suggest some brilliant ideas to come up with an exceptional mobile app that will help you succeed. You just need to work on a concept that the audience is looking for rather than thinking “it’s unique and no one has built it.”

So, if you’re tangled in a novel idea for your next app, here are some original app Ideas for startups to launch in 2020.


It is supposed that no business in this world can thrive without a mobile app; these businesses are your potential targets.

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1- AI: the catalyst in apps

Your desire to enlist yourself in the list of successful starts ups can be fulfilled with AI-based mobile apps as they are creating storms in helping businesses to grow. Artificial Intelligence is the present and future of everything in the mobile app industry as it is changing the way a user interacts with services and products. Google Assistant, Cortina, Hound, are a few of the finest examples we have to give that hardly require an introduction.

If we have to give you the best mobile app idea to work on; you can get started with a cyber-security AI-based app that will successfully detect cyber threats for your customer because everyone would like to detect abnormal activity.

It’s only that your mobile app idea with automated skills can learn about cyber threats and inform the party.

Automated journalism is another trend used at The New York Times for speeding up research or cross-referring research, etc.

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2- Telemedicine: rapidly expanding field

The concept of telemedicine supports remote healthcare, physicians to cure patients whenever desired by the use of a smartphone, or any digital device. There can be quite a few treatments a patient can be searching for from usual medical problems like sore throat, digestive troubles to acute ones such as chronic care, short or long-term prescriptions, etc.

So, how can a telemedicine app help? Think of the idea, does it sound familiar to you? You need a quick service but the car ride to the hospital is an hour’s drive. Did it create demand?

There exist several if you need a reference for example ‘Lemonaid’ a free app that scores 4.9 stars on iPhone and 4.5 stars on Android.

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3- The Balance: take control of finances

Indeed, we Americans can’t handle expenditures. How many of you are always short on cash? A spending tracker app can help all of those who want better graphs for finances and need money situations under control.

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4- A Study App: learn together

Some people like self-study because it has its perks but some say group study is more effective in terms of memorizing information by discussing it, you stay motivated, and it helps clarify more questions. The chances are to get more help guides, free study material, and much more.

How about you build a virtual exam study mobile application where students can join multiple study groups and prepare for exams together? Great idea, right?

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5- AI: your personal trainer

Who doesn’t like to stay fit?

Aaptiv is a well-known AI-based personal training app that is levitating at least $20 million a year.

As a hectic work-life is one of the biggest reasons for not visiting gyms and personal trainers, coming up with a unique mobile app idea that offers workouts led by AI-based virtual trainers is a perfect solution.

Ask for some vital info from your users such as body measures, current diet routine, current fitness level, and get an idea of their current fitness goals to generate a personalized plan.


Wondering how to develop these advanced apps? Thinking how much will it cost? The simple answer is “hire app developer of your choice.” We can offer you to get a top-notch app designed with the latest technology being used these days.

Feel free to contact vteams.


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