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Muhammad Mubashir

AI Engineer

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Momin Bashir

AI Engineer

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Faheem Wali

AI Engineer

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Usama Khawar

AI Engineer

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Hassan Rehman

AI Engineer

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Alisha Ahsan

AI Engineer

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Aasma Iqbal

AI Engineer

Our Clients

Our Clients

Hire AI Engineers in 48-Hours

Bring together AI developers, project managers, scrum masters, UI designers, business analysts, and QA testers under one roof. You can hire a single AI developer or assemble your team of professionals, depending on the nature of the project. Moreover, we have artificial intelligence engineers of different skills and experience level to facilitate you according to your requirements.

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Unlock the potential of artificial intelligence by swiftly onboarding developers, experts, and consultants within 48 hours. Our roster includes Silicon Valley-caliber AI engineers and developers ready to guide your project on an hourly, full-time, or part-time basis, ensuring it moves in the right direction.

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Muhammad Mubashir

AI Engineer

Muhammad Bilal is an experienced Mechanical Engineer with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data analysis.


Mechanical Maintenance


Finite Element Analysis(FEA)

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly(DFMA)

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Momin Bashir

AI Engineer

Momin Bashir is one of our prized developers working in the field of Artificial Intelligence for the last 5 years.






Advance CAD/CAM

Timelines Development

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Faheem Wali

AI Engineer

Faheem Wali is an expert Data Scientist with a strong knack of analytics and numbers.





Data Science

Web Development

Computer Vision

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Usama Khawar

AI Engineer

Usama Khawar is a Software Engineer with expertise in Python, AI, Data Science, and ML.





React JS

Machine Learning

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Hassan Rehman

AI Engineer

Muhammad Bilal is an developer who has vast knowledge and expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data analysis.





Data Engineering

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Alisha Ahsan

AI Engineer

Alisha Ahsan is an AI engineer with expertise in machine learning. She has diverse experience of developing autonomous systems and artificial intelligence systems.





Manual Testing

Advance CAD/CAM

Data Engineering

Workflow Development

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Aasma Iqbal

AI Engineer

Aasma Iqbal is a versatile AI engineer with expertise in machine learning. She likes to develop artificial intelligence based systems with a strong focus on problem-solving.





Data Engineering

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Process To Hire from vteams


We have an extensive range of proficient data scientists to choose from.


Ask away anything you’re concerned about in an interview and learn about vteams resources skills.


Once the data science resource is decided, hire them instantly to bring innovation to your data display.

Process To Hire vteams
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Choose from an extensive range of resources available for all stacks and services.

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Interview your resources to get an idea of their skills and capabilities and see who suits you best.


Once you have chosen your desired resources, now is the time to hire them in your team.

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How We Select The Best
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It’s All About Expertise 

It is important to review the experience and complexity of the products built by the developers in the past. The introductory call is given to those who have worked on end-to-end projects and displayed depth.
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Enthusiasm & Communication

Communication skills are tested over the phone. This allows us to better understand the candidate’s technical experience and motivation to work remotely.
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Technical Expertise

During one or more face-to-face interviews, the developer’s involvement and performance are assessed. By doing so, the platform is set up to explore technology-specific topics in more depth.
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Problem-solving Skills

A skill-specific test measures designers’ mental agility and problem-solving abilities. In addition, live evaluations, and timed performance tests are also used.

Why vteams

vteams is a team that focuses purely on agile development with a collaborative approach. Before making every move in the development journey, our artificial intelligence developers seek your approval and consent. We provide quality and reliable AI solutions to you based on our expertise in different types of technical solutions. We are willing to help your business drive toward a robust revenue funnel. Are you ready to make your ideas a reality?

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The Ideas We’ve Turned Into Reality

Our customers come from a variety of sectors, including Technology, Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Industrials, eCommerce, Agriculture, ITES, FMCG, Media & Entertainment, and more.

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    Jovian Digital Solutions
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    Funai Corporation
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    OrthoCare on Demand
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    Fhetch LLC
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    BeRemote LLC
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    DH Wine Compliance
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Certified Developers

Deadline Adherence

No Time Zone Limitations

Fully Dedicated Resources

Periodic Reporting

No Hidden Costs

Artificial Intelligence Developers' Expertise

An unrealistic journey

Your company may have difficulty finding an AI engineer. It can be hard to find a skilled developer, even though it is the most in-demand profession at the moment.

You need some knowledge of software development to hire your own developer. You can find a great resource below if you’re a non-technical manager trying to learn more about hiring AI developers.

Skills to look for in an AI engineer

The following skills should be in the arsenal of any Artificial Intelligence developer:

Statistics and Probability are well-versed

Probability and statistics are necessary for understanding AI models like Hidden Markov Models, Naive Bayes, and Gaussian Mixture Models, among others. Their understanding of sophisticated algorithms is enhanced by these theories. To be effective as AI specialists, programmers must also have a strong knowledge of statistics. It is important for them to understand the basic concepts of statistical methods and how to use them to evaluate models. AI is impossible to understand without probability and statistics.

Expertise in (Python/C++/R/Java) Programming Languages

Python, C++, R, Java, and other programming languages are essential for your AI developers. The Python programming language makes it easy for them to create complex algorithms. Coding is faster with C++. A basic understanding of R is also necessary for them to be efficient in stats and plots. A professional in AI is also expected to understand Java in order to implement mappers and reducers.

High Proficiency in Distributed Computing

Data sets that are too large to be processed by a single machine are a requirement for most AI jobs. This makes it essential for developers to be efficient at distributed computing so it can be evenly distributed across an entire cluster. Look for candidates who have experience in both data management and the same in the hiring process. Data management can be problematic for developers because the volume of data they deal with is vast.

Good command over Unix Tools

An operating system that supports multiple users is UNIX. Workstations, mainframes, and Internet servers all use UNIX. Multitasking and multiuser capabilities, as well as a large software library, are the core characteristics that make UNIX relevant and useful. Linux-based machines dominate AI processing, so your developers will need to know Unix tools such as awk, grep, sort, find, cut, and tr. It is important that they are well-versed in their functions and how to utilize them effectively.

Pure Understanding of advanced Signal Processing Techniques

Considering the fact that signal processing techniques are so complex, you wouldn’t want to hire someone who is quite ignorant about them.

 In addition to bandlets, wavelets, curvelets, shearlets, and contourlets, the AI developer you’re seeking should have experience with complex signal processing methods. It is also important for them to understand how time-frequency analysis works and be able to apply it to their particular situations. Additionally, they should understand concepts such as Fourier analysis and convolution.

Aware of Data Engineering Methods

Data pre-processing and storage are the first steps in machine learning development. Imagine you are an online retailer who sells a wide variety of products to people all over the world. There will be a great deal of data generated by this online store regarding certain events. You will need to create extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) pipelines that process, clean up, and store new data that is generated when a customer clicks on a product description or purchases a product, so that it can be used for analytics and predictions in the future. Hence, you’ll want to hire AI developers who know what tools like AWS S3, AWS Redshift, Power BI, Tableau, and Open CV are.

Familiarity with AI Models

An AI developer should be proficient in machine learning algorithms if you want to hire one. It’s not enough for them to know how to apply them; they also have to understand when to do so. They could use supervised learning algorithms to find a model to describe the relationship in a dataset with a series of inputs and outputs, such as weight or age, which are classified into regression algorithms (when output variables are real values, such as “weight” or “age”) and classification algorithms (when output variables are categories, such as “yes/no”).

Guide to Hire an AI Engineer

Hiring AI engineers; is a process that has to go smoothly. Therefore, companies should understand the major problem or issue they are facing (you need to know what is going on and what you are looking for, your visions should be very clear) or want to build something to help them do wonders.

The important thing is to express what the problem is on your company’s ad to hire AI developers (it’s very important).

After that, you have to be very honest about their Job Descriptions and the salary you will pay them.

Going Through Received AI Engineers CV’s and Look for

After receiving their CV or Resume. The first thing that companies should focus on are:

  • Programming Skills
  • Data Science Skills
  • Machine Learning and Algorithms
  • Comfortable with Collaboration and Teamwork]
  • Proficiency in Conceptual Thinking
  • Deep Understanding of AI vs. Human Behavior
  • Problem Solving Skills

And the best way to test all of these above is to make conversation with them on a zoom call in person.

Why do you want to Hire an AI Engineer? 

Applied to the creation of machines and software programs capable of thinking on their own, artificial intelligence (AI) engineers apply their skills in engineering and computer science.

Artificial intelligence engineers use emerging technologies to solve business problems creatively and in a new way. Offering solutions that are more insightful, accurate, and consistent. Higher education institutions, government agencies, and healthcare institutions often need this skill set.

You might hire an artificial intelligence engineer to:

  • Ensure AI strategy is met through managing and directing research and development (R&D).
  • Discover how artificial intelligence capabilities can be integrated to address company and client challenges.
  • Assist with the identification and prioritization of key areas of the partner’s business where AI (artificial intelligence) solutions can contribute significantly to the company’s growth.
  • Establish and maintain high ethical standards while analyzing and explaining AI and machine learning solutions.

The Skills You Need to Know

For a successful AI project, you need to make sure your developers are familiar with the right programming languages. Programming languages such as Java, Scala, and Python are essential. 

In addition to deep learning platforms (e.g., H20.AI) and deep learning libraries, developers should be familiar with Google’s Machine Learning Kit. In addition, cloud platforms (such as Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure) require a solid understanding of how to implement them. 

OpenGL and PhysX are just a few APIs that will be required. In addition, your developers should be familiar with popular AI frameworks, such as:

  • TensorFlow
  • Microsoft CNTK
  • Caffe
  • Theano
  • Amazon Machine Learning (AML)
  • Torch
  • Accord.net
  • Apache Mahout
  • Spark MLib

In order to develop AI, more than just software skills are needed. Math and algorithms are also essential for your developers. It will be important for AI developers to be strong problem solvers, and math will be a crucial component of this ability.

In the same vein, they must have excellent probability and statistical knowledge. Exactly why? Due to the fact that AI is based on finding predictable patterns and trends. Statistical methods and probability theories should be well-understood by every AI developer.

The AI engineers you hire should also be comfortable working with data. It is impossible for AI to learn without data. It will also be necessary for AI to pull data from multiple sources, so those developers must be able to work with a variety of data collection methods.

Signal processing techniques are required for feature extraction, which you might not have considered. Additionally, it includes algorithms such as Wavelets, Shearlets, Curvelets, and Bandlets, which are algorithms used in Time-frequency Analysis.

Developers working in AI are much more involved and complex than those working on standard applications.

Questions You Need to Ask AI Engineers

Every non-technical and technical person should know the questions to ask for hiring your AI Engineer or developer. Therefore, vteams brought you some common and strategy  questions you can ask the candidate.

Q: How are AI and machine learning different?

A: The terms AI and ML are often confused and used interchangeably by some AI developers. It is important to note, however, that they are very different. The field of artificial intelligence is concerned with the stimulation of intelligence in machines, devices, and systems. There is a human-like quality to this intelligence.

Meanwhile, Machine Learning, which is also part of AI, involves machines learning through data on their own. Comprehensive preparation is recommended for the following Hire AI engineer interview questions.

Q: Which programming languages are most commonly used in AI?

A: In the world of artificial intelligence, Python is currently the most popular open-source language. The predictable coding behavior of this programming language makes it a favorite of AI developers. 

Aside from having open-source libraries like Matplotlib and efficient frameworks like Scikit-learn, it also has open-source libraries like OpenCV. An AI engineer can benefit from all of these open source tools. The Artificial Intelligence field is also dominated by Java, Julia, and Fortran.

Q: What are the differences between strong and weak Artificial Intelligence?

A: The definition of Strong AI can be summarized as AI that can mimic human intelligence holistically. As strong AI uses clustering and association to process data, it offers a wide range of applications and scope.

Meanwhile, weak AI cannot predict more than a few characteristics associated with human intelligence. In addition to performing simple tasks, the scope of the project is minimal as well. Weak artificial intelligence is perfectly exemplified by Alexa; by the way, Alexa & Siri are examples of weak AI.

Q: How Can Knowledge Representation Systems Function Well?

A: For the acquisition and use of new data, acquisition efficiency is important. A domain of knowledge must be represented accurately in order to be understood. Inferential adequacy is a framework for determining when new knowledge can be derived from previous knowledge. Data must be added to existing knowledge structures.

Q: How do linear models suffer from some disadvantages?

A: There are a number of disadvantages to using linear models, including the following:

  • The Linear model lacks autocorrelation
  • Linear models cannot calculate binary outcomes
  • It is quite common for linearity assumptions to be incorrect

Q: What Characteristics Are There in a List and a Dictionary?

A: When a list is commanded to reorder, its elements keep their order. There will be a certain order they maintain regardless of whether they are commanded to reorder. All types of data can be used in a list, even if they are not the same. Numeric or zero-based indices will be required to access the elements.

The order does not matter in a dictionary; however, every element that makes up an entry is assigned a specific value and key. Each element must have its own key, which allows access to that element.

As a result, you must use a dictionary when you have a set of unique keys. The use of a list is required whenever elements are arranged in an order.

Q: What role does Random Forest play in Artificial Intelligence terms?

A: AI uses Random Forests as data constructs. AI algorithms that utilize large data sets will be examined to see how they can be improved. A forest of weak AIs can be made stronger by joining them together. 

So, Random Forest can be thought of as a flexible machine learning algorithm that combines a variety of weak AIs in order to form something stronger. Classification and regression are normally performed with it.

Common Mistakes that AI Engineers make

A number of professions have emerged along with Artificial Intelligence in recent years, including Data Scientists and AI Engineers. The path to success appears to involve knowing and applying AI. However, those just starting out may find this path a bit discouraging. I’ve witnessed several common mistakes in my work as a Data Scientist and AI researcher, including my own, that made life hard for those just starting out. Here’s how to avoid these mistakes when building artificial intelligence models if you don’t want to waste time and motivation.

Do not Roughly Explore your Data

Be realistic about what you can expect from your model. In addition to being well-built, targeted, and often needing your help, the model also requires your involvement. Data analysis is the first step in doing that. There are many people who skip the exploration stage altogether and jump directly to creating the model. Those guys should start over from scratch if you are one of them. The following tip applies to you if you already know the importance of exploring data. There is no harm in exploring.

Here you will discover the correlation between your variables, discover how the data is distributed, and anticipate how the data will distribute in the future. Detect and treat outliers and anomalies, as well as remove all garbage that will hinder the next steps so that you will better understand the patterns within your data. Having all this knowledge, you can now create new features, which will be greatly appreciated by any AI model.

Analyze the theoretical basis for the models

It’s not necessary to have a Ph.D. to make AI models, don’t get me wrong. If you do not even know why an algorithm was created, you cannot apply it. AI / deep learning follows the same principle. By knowing if the model you intend to use matches your data, you may be able to save a lot of time and possibly achieve better results. In order to use an AutoML, the search parameters in the models must be understood. Let’s read a bit first, shall we?

Theory is your only Objective

In addition to studying how models work, it is crucial to mix theory with practice as well. A single individual cannot possibly study all the aspects of Artificial Intelligence, a small subfield of the field of Artificial Intelligence. I must admit some things are very complicated. You’ll soon get frustrated if you focus too much on theory and cannot apply it. Combining theory with practice will help you improve your coding skills as well as your understanding of artificial intelligence.

Knowledge of a Domain: Estimating its Value

It is now possible for you to build powerful applications based on AI since you have a good understanding of it. No matter what the problem is, you can solve it. Nobody ever said that. There will be particularities in each problem, and this will be extremely valuable for the model’s proper operation. You should not underestimate the value of people with years of experience in a particular field. They can help you better understand your data and even give you tips about how to do so. To make your model even better, read articles about that specific problem whenever possible.

Inability to Structure and Organise Experiments

I don’t know how to answer that. In the midst of his hundreds of experiments, every Data Scientist has once gotten lost. It has happened to me more than once. Organize yourself as much as you can. Developing a methodology for building experiments and saving your results so you can replicate everything you’ve done in the future is essential. 

Jupyter Notebooks are frequently used by data scientists without even bothering to rename them, resulting in many untitled notebooks. Additionally, the notebook itself creates a lot of garbage within the code and executes it in different orders, as well as caches things you don’t even have anymore. You cannot keep all the experiments you have done a clean way after doing hundreds or even thousands of them (yes, this is common). As a result, you will not only have difficulty identifying what changes are improving or making things worse in your model, but you will also be unlikely to be able to replicate it. I know how frustrating it can be!

Having considered this problem and knowing that all data scientists experience it at some point, Amalgam developed Aurum to keep track of all changes in code and data and to make it easier to reproduce experiments and compare metrics across experiments, among others. If you want to avoid another headache, I suggest you take a look at this.

Training and Testing Require Different Transformations

The same mistake was made by more than a few students or colleagues while I taught AI. The training data must be treated exactly the same way as the test data, and the data treatment pipeline needs to be completed with the data once your model is in production. In this case, if your model is trained with one data distribution, some processing, and/or cleaning, but that does not apply to the data that will later be predicted, the model is predicting incorrectly. The data is being processed in formats for which it wasn’t trained, so the results will certainly not be as expected.

The model should also be saved if you are using any transformation algorithms, such as StandardScaler. Otherwise, your future data will be scaled differently, which is not desirable.

Validation Sets are not Good

Building a good validation set is the last but not least step in working with artificial intelligence (in fact, I consider it to be the most important step). Otherwise, all your experiments will be wasted. Regardless of the metric you choose, your model won’t be representative if you can’t validate it well.

In order to validate our model, we usually split a small percentage of our data. As much as possible, we will evaluate the generalization of our model within the possibilities of our data by making sure this set has a similar distribution of variables to the complete data set. This is referred to as a stratified split and ensures that your model learns when there are unbalanced classes in your datasets.

It is recommended to perform cross-validation whenever possible, which ensures that training and test sets do not overlap, as well as that k test sets do not overlap, which prevents biased evaluations. Don’t let your training data leak into your test data. In addition to appearing to perform well, you will not be able to determine whether your model is over-fitting if there is a leak in your data. As the information leaked for the test, you didn’t realize that your model had become addicted to the training data. Finally, the model is not generalized and in a real-life situation, it will certainly perform poorly.

The process of building an AI model can be quite challenging and involve some tricky aspects. Other problems will certainly arise, but just stay focused on avoiding these mistakes, and you’ll have more time for other challenges without losing motivation.

Data Scientists’ Expertise

What is Data Science?

Data Science extracts vital insights from data using advanced techniques. It’s the key to informed decision-making and innovation, combining statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Harness the power of data to drive your business forward.

Difference between Data Scientists and Data Analysts

Data analysts and Data scientists are two different individuals performing their concerned tasks under one roof, which means their department is the same. 

In this section, we will elaborate on their few features so you can understand them thoroughly. Hire data scientists while keeping these important differences in mind. 

Data Analysts:

  • He can easily unveil new patterns or connections in the data sets.
  • They are responsible to provide reports for a better understanding of what’s being done. The reports are done for key stakeholders. 
  • Create query date to meet mandatory project needs. 
  • They utilize user-friendly and responsive dashboards and visualizations to present datasets and findings.
  • For a perfect business plan, they merge actionable assessments and insights. 
  • Simply clean and sort the data. 
Difference between data scientists and data analysts. Hire both from vteams.com.

Data Scientists:

  • They implement machine learning rules and analytics models for best performance. 
  • Data warehousing. 
  • They create statistical models for improved productivity. 
  • Big data scientists are involved in working using advanced programs such as Python, R, MatLab, SAS, and SQL. 
  • They are experts in working with Hadoop ecosystems such as Pig or Hive. 
  • Hire data scientists who are specialists at mining structured and unstructured data.

Why Choose vteams for Data Science Solutions?

Expert Team:

Unlock the potential of data with our highly skilled and proven data science experts.

Tailored Solutions:

Customized data science services designed to address your unique business challenges.

Comprehensive Services:

From analysis to predictive modeling, our services cover the entire data science spectrum.

Industry Experience:

Benefit from our successful track record across diverse industries, including healthcare, finance, and e-commerce.

Proven Results:

Achieve tangible results and gain a competitive edge with our data-driven solutions.

Client-Centric Approach:

Experience clear communication, transparency, and collaboration with our client-centric approach.

Cutting-edge Technology:

Our Data Scientists stay ahead with the latest in data science using cutting-edge technologies and tools.

Competitive Pricing and Flexibility:

You will get cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring quality without compromise.

Types of Data Scientists

We have different types of data scientists for hire. Contact us to select from the vast pool of talent and let your business touch the sky in no time. 

  • Quality Analysts
  • Actuarial Scientists
  • Spatial data scientists
  • Business analytic practitioners
  • Software programming analysts

Who are Data Scientists? Do you really need them?

Data scientists amend the sense of unstructured, messy, and unorganized data using smart and efficient tools. Besides that, they scrutinize, process, and model the data and then interpret the results to produce impactful plans for their organizations.

No doubt, with analytical skills and business acumen, data scientists can do wonders by applying data mining, data modeling, natural language processing, and machine learning to extract or inspect the information.

Why Choose vteams Over Competitors?

Elevate your business with vteams’ unique approach, setting us apart from the competition. Discover innovation, commitment, and customized solutions for a distinct advantage.

Quality Assurance and Client Satisfaction

At vteams, quality is not a process; it’s a promise. We deliver satisfaction through meticulous attention, timely results, and an unwavering commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Competitive Pricing and Flexible Engagement Models

Choose vteams for cost-effective excellence. Our competitive pricing and flexible engagement models are crafted to meet your unique needs, delivering exceptional value without compromise.

Delve into the Exceptional Expertise of Our Data Scientists

Our data scientists possess a critical set of skills essential for navigating the data landscape. They excel at sourcing, refining, and presenting data in a format optimized for model training. Technical prowess is our forte, including data manipulation through programming, proficiency in mathematics, effective data visualization, and mastery of database operations, encompassing CRUD operations and intricate joins. Beyond technical proficiency, our team seamlessly integrates soft skills, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach that meets the diverse demands of our clients.

What skills are needed to be a Data Scientist?

Unleashing the full potential of Data Science requires a unique blend of technical mastery. Our data scientists bring to the table a profound skill set designed for cutting-edge excellence:

Data Mastery

Navigate diverse datasets with finesse, adeptly finding, gathering, and cleaning data to ensure it aligns seamlessly with sophisticated model training.

Programming Proficiency

Exhibit fluency in a spectrum of programming languages, ensuring agile data manipulation for efficient dataset processing and analysis.

Advanced Mathematics

Leverage advanced mathematical skills to comprehend intricate algorithms, facilitating the development and optimization of sophisticated models.

Machine Learning Expertise

Apply cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to train models, extract patterns, and make predictions, contributing to the development of intelligent decision support systems.

Soft Skills Integration

Beyond technical prowess, our data scientists seamlessly integrate soft skills, fostering effective communication and collaboration within diverse organizational structures.

Empower your organization with data scientists who match and exceed the caliber set by industry leaders, ensuring a strategic advantage in the competitive landscape of data science.

Data Science can elevate your business

Many businesses have already started integrating data science and AI into their businesses. With the integration they have seen clear and progressive results in productivity, market trends and analysis, and decisions making along with other factors. Using data science to your advantage you can minimize risks and errors increasing efficiency. Have a look where your business can improve with Data Science.

  • Business decision making
  • Performance measurement and improvement
  • Product development and improvement
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Lessen risks and deception
  • Studying trends and acting accordingly
  • Make the customer experience better

Skills Data Scientists of vteams are good at

Data scientist for hire at vteams can help you create wonders in so many good ways. For instance, they can help you with:

  • Consumer behavior prediction (as it is related to the service or product).
  • Development of machine learning models that will make interaction with customers a breeze. Models like chatbots and recommendation systems are good examples. 
  • Improvement in the decision-making process by unveiling the enclosed data sets. The strategic assessments are included in the whole procedure.

AI, Machine Learning, and more

Machine learning, AI, data science, and deep learning overlap but when we talk about specific fields they are actually different and companies hire people with specialization in each field. When you hire data scientist team or individual developer you should ask them specific questions like predictive models, how to train a model, and mining data etc. to measure their skill level. 

Hadoop for data processing

Hadoop is important to process large data efficiently and quickly. For a data scientist, who’s job is to play with data they should not only be familiar with being an expert at working with Hadoop.


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My first impression with vteams was the sound structure, great services at an incredibly lower price!
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Artificial Intelligence Publications in Spotlight by vteams

We provide tips and advice on delivering excellent customer service, engaging your customers, and building a customer-centric business.

You Probably Have Questions

You Probably
Have Questions

Undergo the following frequently asked questions to obtain any info concerning various aspects of our company, products,
and services. For queries not included here, feel free to contact us.

C++ is quite popular language among the Artificial Engineers because of its flexibility.

AI engineers are also expert in several programming languages including Python, JavaScript, and C++, and more. Without the knowledge of coding, it is quite difficult to pursue this career.

AI engineers are experts at building artificial intelligence models that require machine learning algorithms and deep learning neural networks to draw business insights that help in making better business decisions.

In general, when hiring freelance AI (artificial intelligence) developers, you will have to pay an amount somewhere between $60-100+/hour (USD). However, you can get in touch with us to get a market competitive rate.

The team of AI developers that you hire from vteams will work around your schedule. They will follow the same schedule as your local team. Many free and paid tools are available today to collaborate globally. Besides Skype and Slack, we also use tools such as BaseCamp, Team Viewer, Jira, and Git to communicate with you.

  • The client puts project requirements OR asks for anonymously Skillset individuals.
  • vteams search and match that individual (Show the Resume of employees to the client) => Client selects a dedicated individual on a monthly fee.
  • vteams Add-On services => Developer Manager (10+ Years Experienced) overlooks development teams and client communication => Process Wise. Not ProjectWise.
  • ProjectWise => Client deals with his/her virtual team.
  • Process/Developer Manager => Take care of the logistics, cover roadblocks, Review Code, and ensure the quality of work is going well and commitment between (client and developers) is fulfilling or not.
  • Monetizing Process via Top of the Funnel.

Vteams deals with two models;

  • Fix Fee Model
  • Vteams Dedicated Model

Moreover, you can hire resources from us on monthly, full-time, part-time, and project basis.

It’s simple as it sounds;

  • Fill out the vteams contact us form
  • Receive an email with details
  • Interview the developer
  • Congratulations: You have just hired a remote AI engineer.
Technologies We Use

Work with the programming language that suits your business system. Regardless of your needs or existing tech stack, we remain flexible.