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eCommerce Website Trends 2022: What Tactics Would Give Boost

  • March 25, 2022
  • Muhammad Jalees
  • POSTED ON March 25, 2022
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Jalees

Refresh your online store with eCommerce website design trends for 2022 and hit the market with a unique brand look. The better your eCommerce website looks, the more likely it is to fascinate the viewer and you never know how many sales it can bring you. Dreaming already? Stop dreaming and start doing! Design trends

Refresh your online store with eCommerce website design trends for 2022 and hit the market with a unique brand look.

The better your eCommerce website looks, the more likely it is to fascinate the viewer and you never know how many sales it can bring you.

Dreaming already?

Stop dreaming and start doing!

Design trends for 2022 have taken the internet by storm and paved the way for website designers and developers to convey their aesthetics through coding. With eCommerce becoming more popular, web designers need to know how to design online stores that can compete. The best place to start is by mastering these 20 eCommerce design trends.

eCommerce website design trends

The following are 20 not-so-ordinary, exceptional, and super incredible top web design trends that will make your brand’s online presence appealing.

Are you ready to take the plunge? Here it is!

1- Vertically Aligned Menus

The fact that 68% of you now use mobile devices instead of desktop computers, and can purchase items online with just a few clicks while lying in bed; eCommerce website design trends along with this have evolved.

For instance, horizontal menu bars are a thing of the past. Developers are now creating vertical menu bars to ensure that your view of the site is not obstructed.

Without a doubt, vertical alignment makes scrolling through the site more fluid and practical for you. As a result, in 2022, this trend will influence design.

2- Textured Backgrounds

Designers are incorporating something new in 2022, they are going to use something ravishing called skeuomorphism with real textures.

Despite this, the design trends for 2022 are much softer and subtler than in 2010. The light textures have created the unavoidable hype.

3- Eye-Catchy Earthy Color Tone

In the past, dark modes and color tones were popular, but now neutral tones, light modes, pastel colors, and earthy tones are taking over.

The top web design trends for 2022 include light mode, which means soothing colors and relaxing hues. Therefore, eCommerce websites are welcoming this trend with open arms. You would enjoy such a relaxing view.

4- Super Creative Animations

Micro animations are also part of the eCommerce website design trends. The constant clicking can bore you, and we know you don’t want to browse through endless categories and pages.

Developers are incorporating animated designs to make reviewing features easy for you. Moreover, these animations are creative, eye-catching, and well-placed.

eCommerce website design

You can check graphic designing services to see how they can help you with your dream project.

5- Flexible Filtering Options

Currently, businesses offer a wide variety of products and that too with numerous varieties of each item.

These filters can help you in so many ways, allowing you to purchase as per your desire by checking all the relevant information required by ticking filters.

One of the best design trends for 2022 is to apply codes and create fun filters.

When you reach out to a clothing eCommerce website through mobile, you will find various filters, including:


6- Live Search Through Homepage

The top web design trends for 2022 have been announced. A live search bar is one of them.

It’s true!

Now that Artificial Intelligence has gotten so powerful, searching is much easier than it used to be. As a result, developers are now incorporating this technique into eCommerce website homepages and product pages.

7- Mobile-Friendly eCommerce Website

It’s never too late to implement eCommerce website design trends that are easy to use, especially with more than half of people accessing online stores through their phones.

In order to meet your needs, app-like features have been introduced. eCommerce websites are now utilizing these features to improve response times. App-like features also attract you more than usual.

Know everything about mobile app development services.

8- Page Loading Speed

The responsiveness of a page depends on its loading speed. According to Google’s core update for 2021, website loading speed is a ranking factor.

The eCommerce website layout should be in accordance with the good speed factor for 2022, among many other eCommerce website design trends.

Many speed tools can help you achieve this.

9- Unconventional Website Layouts

What is the future of eCommerce? Are you curious?

There are a large number of online businesses emerging every day. It’s easier to structure the information online now because of the ease with which it can be organized. For instance, Shopify offers many design templates that are easy to customize. Furthermore, such top eCommerce website design trends have taken online store design to the next level.

They offer a variety of activities, including animated videos, interactive gifs, creative photos, a multilingual layout, an eye-catching art gallery, and infinite scroll through unconventional and asymmetric layouts.

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10- Voice Search Assistant Integration

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a developer who follows eCommerce website design trends because he knows what fits best for your online platform.

Currently, voice search integration is a trend that will dominate in 2022. You no longer need to type. But, instead, just let your voice do the chore.

Important information: 72% of people have searched for products or services using their digital assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant.

11- Centered Navigation Menus

Often, navigation menus are placed to the right, left, or even in the header or footer of websites. However, what if you follow the eCommerce website design trends for 2022, which include the centralized navigation menus?

Well, you must.

The designers are now sprucing up website homepages with micro-images, special fonts, micro-animations, and branding elements.

12- Best-Selling Products Cut-Outs

Your homepage is the place where your customer comes first and its interface has a direct impact on bounce rate if it isn’t user-friendly and appealing.

Therefore, while combining top eCommerce website design trends, we have added one more interesting trick, which is best-selling products’ cutouts.

In order to do so, the graphic designer and developer will team up and create magic on the homepage.

13- Induce Vaporwave Aesthetics

Another feature included in the eCommerce website design trends 2022 is the use of vaporwave aesthetics.

Another feature included in the eCommerce website design trends 2022 is the use of vaporwave aesthetics.

Vaporwave aesthetics induce nostalgia once they are induced.

14- Smart Content Load

The content display has become more interesting since the eCommerce website design trends for 2022 include animations.

Think about clicking a website to see its items and being greeted by a beautiful animation showcasing various products, services, and features.

Are you mesmerized and intrigued? Of course, you are.

By using the smart content load strategy, you can upload imaginary designs and website graphics that load faster, without having to wait for anything else to load first.

15- Create User-Friendly Chatbots

The importance of customer service is increasing due to the continuous growth of online shopping, so chatbots have also become a focus.

Being a powerful lead generation tool, chatbots provide information about products, order tracking, services, and all the nitty-gritty details.

Yes, it is one of the top web design trends that have leveled up the eCommerce business.

16- Appealing Subscription Pop-ups

What makes people join your network and subscribe to your newsletter for the rest of their lives? The fancy subscription pop-up design and content (that gets my attention).

Therefore, we have decided to add this unique thing to eCommerce website design trends. Nowadays, pop-ups covering the entire window with a blurred background and soothing colors are all the rage.

17- Story-Telling Through Product Page

Make your product page engaging so you can actually increase sales (to some extent). What do you know? Landing pages are used in promotions and for sellers, product pages are landing pages. Correct?

Thus, the developers are keeping an eye on such design trends for 2022 in which landing pages are described using animations or grasping story-telling tricks.

18- Use Original Photos With Graphical Touch

Put a little light on your original photo, add some flickering static or graphical details around it, or simply place it in the fancy background; the choice is yours.

In 2022, this will be one of the top web design trends. As a result, developers and website owners are advised to use fewer stock images online.

19- Minimalistic Web Design

After gathering a lot of information about eCommerce website design trends, we are trying to update the websites and incorporate what is in these days.

As a result, avoid making a crowded impact on websites and instead, opt for minimalistic designs when building the website or app so that users can easily scroll through the online stores.

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20- Geometric Shapes Are In

Design trends for 2022 are dominated by geometric shapes.

Imagine the eCommerce store is filled with all kinds of soothing colors (just like unconventional layouts). How would it look? It will definitely deliver an outclass look to the whole website.

21- Personalized Experiences

When it comes to creating great user experiences, on-site personalization takes advantage of individual data, as big data plays a significant role in creating individualized experiences.

As an example, one of the top web design trends is keeping users’ thoughts and sensitivity in mind. It is always said that doing good is good for business.

Donations or feeding programs have a positive impact on people and through such activities, we can collect plenty of data.

Final Words

With these exceptional eCommerce website design trends, the site will see all highs. These amazing trendy tricks shared above define 2022’s online appearance.

Implement them all and thank us later 😉


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