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Top Common Customer Pain Points and how to resolve them

  • July 21, 2020
  • POSTED ON July 21, 2020
  • POSTED BY saadia.baloch

Customer pain points are the issues and problems that your customers face. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to identify those issues in order to resolve them. Sometimes, you will find that your customers are clueless about the issue at hand. It’s where you’ve to jump in and help them figure out the

Customer pain points are the issues and problems that your customers face. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to identify those issues in order to resolve them. Sometimes, you will find that your customers are clueless about the issue at hand. It’s where you’ve to jump in and help them figure out the way.

If you want your customers to stay with your company. You don’t have to go the extra mile and send them discount packages. A BIG NO!!! All you got to do is understand their business needs and help them fulfil it. To reach your target audience, you have to observe what they are looking for.

How do you understand Customer Pain Points?

You can serve your customers in a better way if you can find out about the common issues faced by your target customers. For example, Outsourcing IT companies can look at their customers individually concerning enterprises, medium businesses, and smaller market businesses.

There is no set of rules, but you can strategize according to the nature of your business and the consumers in your own industry. For that, you have to directly engage with your customer and communicate to understand their needs, issues, and demands.

Talk to your customer today! For us, it has always been a top priority to listen to what our customer needs, and provide them with immediate solutions.

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Why do you need to identify Customer Pain Points?

A really good way to make informed decisions related to your customers is to design your website accordingly. Because it meets their eyes before they even talk to you. Let it be a reflection of what your company has to offer.

Talking to your customers and direct communication will enable you to gather experience feedback from customers. The most effective tools are to call, use social media, meet up with clients, send emails to inquire about their issues, and discuss them. Remember, you have to focus on “your customer” and it will help you unveil pain points.

You can extremely important data and use it to your advantage in order to serve your customer in a better way. This will lead to the most valuable results, boosting your business and profit by building a loyal customer base. You won’t have to market yourself; your customers will do it for you!

We at vteams spend a great deal of time with our customers to understand their requirements, needs, and ideas. That’s when the real product can be created. If we understand the market demands for the project that we want to build. Only then we can help our customers to make informed and value+ profit-driven decisions.

How do we earn trust and offer value to our customers?

There are different types of pain points and ways to identify them. But the most vital and effective tool is “Communication.” So we decided to use the existing case studies for this article to help you reveal the customer pain points.

Let’s look at the customer pain points from a holistic point of view. It will help us to discuss pain points and address them generally. Because different consumer industries have their own specific pain points falling under the umbrella of one big category.

Let’s begin with you as a company, which is providing solutions to several customers. It also involves your offered products, services, and value. But you can only make your customer realize the value, once you directly provide the exact solution for their pain point.

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What are your Customer’s Pain Points?

Customer pain points are layered and complex, a combination of different problems and issues. But the main Customer pain points (PP) are:

  1. Financial Pain Point– Low budget or spent budget already with freelancers etc.
  2. Productivity Pain Point– More money, more time, and less work done.
  3. Process Pain Point– A consistent need for improvements, undergoing work.
  4. Support Pain Point– Left stuck in the middle of the unfinished project.

Our main goal is to know. What makes our customers happy? Don’t just stop there; you have to keep a consistent effort to do so. It becomes much easier if the problem is already identified to provide a solution.

Here are different customer pain points experienced by our customers that may act as a guide for you to know your potential customer. ( Note: we have kept the names secret for our customer’s privacy).

CustomerIssuePain Point
1The customer is already using a job board but needs plugins, modificationsProcess pain point, because he is continuously improving and we can solve no. of problems.
2Needs website-related work. Spent extra money on freelancers and left with unfinished work plus a lower budget.Financial pain point along with support, because freelancers left him in the fix.
3Wants to build a website in 3 days, because freelancers made a mess of his project. And now he wants to finish the project as soon as possible.Financial and productivity pain point, he didn’t want to waste money and time. In full disclosure, we gave him an estimated real time to finish the project, and he accepted.
4Got it development from somewhere else and came to us with major flaws.Support Paint point, because the choice of Wrong technology selection left the product at a critical stage.

What good comes out of it?

You can create comfort, convenience, and better service for your customer, by only doing one thing and that is to the “Problem.” You can also find out about your customer pain point by looking at the above examples in this article.

Make your customer happy in this age of options

Know that there are many companies like you claiming to be the best in business. In this age of social media sites, your customer is constantly coming across ads, getting emails from companies looking for potential customers. So, what is that extra thing that you can offer?

Psychology says that humans need constant reassurance. So approach your customers in a way to understand them for the sake of building a life long partnership with them. There are so many things that you can do:

  • In this age of scammers, customers need a physical presence. Show them!
  • Tell them the average saving they will be making with you as compared to market competitors.
  • Highlight the reduction of wasted time and a streamlined workflow map for their satisfaction.
  • Improve their knowledge about technologies, offer them more than one option.
  • Not all customers know their pain points, you have to convince them, make them realize.

Ask yourself that what would you do differently? Then ask the same question to a customer, if they need something more from you.

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The final word

Once you know what you are going to sell. You can comprehend your customer’s needs to sell your services in a better way. So present yourself in a more humane, compassionate, and trusted way. Help them identify the base of problems, then provide options for issues, That will empower you to lift your status as a “One-stop shop.”

If you are someone looking for a solution or multiple solutions from experts. Tell us today at vteams, or drop us a message. Let’s make the world better with better solutions!



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