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Android 14 developer’s preview 2024 – What’s so new!

  • March 22, 2023
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON March 22, 2023
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

If you remember Google used to name its Android versions after sweet treats until Android 10 was released. From Android 10 onwards, the updated versions are named simply with digits. However, Google has another name for Android 14 that they use internally and that is Upside Down Cake.

On March 8, Android 14’s second developer preview was launched, which gives comparatively a good idea to the developers regarding the upcoming release of Android 14. 

Interestingly, the developer’s preview can be installed on Pixel devices such as Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, and Pixel 4a 5G.

Notably, the users can’t just operate it on their devices because it is for the developers to test the version on their cell phones and analyze the functionality keenly.

In this article, we will learn about the to-be-released features and factors of 14 versions.

Name and Release Date

If you remember Google used to name its Android versions after sweet treats until Android 10 was released. From Android 10 onwards, the updated versions are named simply with digits. However, Google has another name for Android 14 that they use internally and that is Upside Down Cake. 

When it comes to the release date, no words have been delivered yet. 

As per Google notes:

Android 14 will expectedly reach the platform stability milestone by June and that developers would have “several weeks” from that point to test their android social background and apps before its stable release.

Hence, the release is blissfully on the cards. 

Accessibility Features 

Google has introduced exceptional accessibility features to make the android game strong. For example, Android 12 had improved screen magnification and facial gestures, and Android 13 introduced native braille display support, audio descriptions, and a new reading mode for visually impaired users. 

Other interesting features are:

  • Larger fonts

In Android version 14, the font would have gone even larger. According to Google notes, as compared to Android 13, where users can scale font size up to 130%,  the latest version lets users touch 200% easily. 

  • Notification flashes

It’s time to jump out of your skin as the 2024 Android version may have notification flashes. By using this feature, a user can preview the notification using a camera or display flash to light up the phone. 

Remember, with display flash, you can choose the color too. However, you can’t create per-app customizations (the feature is either “on” or “off”) or alter the way the flashes occur (pulse, flash, wave, etc.).

  • Language-related improvements

One of the best factors of 14, the latest Android version, is having fancy tweaks related to the language. Interestingly, it starts with outstanding support for gendered languages like German and French through Grammatical Inflection API. 

Another best perk of Android 14 is that it allows developers to utilize extensive granular language controls (per app). By using these controls, the user can run A/B experiments, customize the language list according to the region, and provide updated locales.

  • Regional preferences

To understand Android’s social background, it is imperative to look into regional values. For instance, if you’re living in the US, as a European, you might want to incorporate Euro-style calendars, measurements, etc. Henceforth, excitingly, the 14th version will help you make the temperature units Celsius or make Monday the first day of the week.

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Battery features & tweaks

Improved battery life is a crucial aim when it comes to launching a new Android version in order to maintain utility. However, it is advised not to expect anything massive like an extreme battery saver or Marshmallow’s Doze Mode.

Other important tweaks relevant to battery life are as follows:

  • Google tinkers with Android’s inner functions

Google has something new for beginners as it tweaks out two Android APIs (job scheduler and foreground services) in order to improve efficiency while performing tasks like downloading large files and other background activities.

With respect to this update, Google remarks: 

“The user-initiated data transfer job will make managing user-initiated downloads and uploads easier, particularly when they require constraints such as downloading on Wi-Fi only.”

Note: The focus on battery life is still there because Android 14 manages the platform’s internal broadcast system for improved efficacy. 

  • Alarm permissions

Excitingly, Google has introduced another important feature by requiring all the installed applications (other than calendars and clocks) to request a user’s permission. Alongside this, it is explained that alarm functionality can gingerly affect the battery life and other apps’ usability.  

  • Familiar stat returns

Blissfully, one amazing feature is returned to our mobile screens; that is the “screen time since last full charge” feature. The feature is back in the battery settings menu in order to favor you with information on how much battery is used over the last 24 hours. If you must know this option was hidden in Android 12. 

Privacy Features and changes

One of the best factors of the 14 version is it has some catchy privacy and security features which are briefed in the coming section. 

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  • Bid farewell to super-old apps

Android 14, the new update will block the installation of old Android apps. Indeed, this is quite a big change that will target the applications built for Android 5.1 Lollipop APIs specifically (according to Google).

This update denotes the fact that various abandoned apps like niche apps or games can’t be downloaded or installed on Android 14 mobile sets. 

  • Only certain media is sharable

Previously, when an app asks you about media permission, you are only left with an option to choose yes or no. However, the 14th version of the Android update has an expansion to some extent by allowing the users to enable permission to a certain number or types of pictures or videos. 

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  • Security related changes

Notably, Google had fought exploitations and malware by launching tweaks to the dynamic code loading and intents system. Besides that, Android 14 offers enhanced Passkey support, leading users to a passwordless future. 

Cross-device improvements for Android developers

The happening factors of 14 involve developer-focused additions like sliding pane layout and window size classes so that the installed applications can adapt to different screens easily. Additionally, Google offers an ideal preview of cross-device SDK, allowing developers to build apps best for running on different devices. 

Final Words

So, here we have covered all the interesting features of Android 14 that might have excited you. These are a few features that are revealed and once the new update is launched, you will see several other splendid options to choose-and-pick from.


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