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  • October 26, 2021
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON October 26, 2021
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Do you have your smartphone in your pocket? Is it ringing continuously? This is exactly why your business needs to be operated on a smartphone and we can help build an app for you.

Do you have your smartphone in your pocket? Is it ringing continuously? This is exactly why your business needs to be operated on a smartphone and we can help build an app for you.

How much time do you spend on your cherished applications all day? Do you use Instagram and Facebook for business or spend your time browsing mind-boggling series on Netflix? Whatever the use may be but you know that 90% of your time is spent on that device.

The Mary Meeker 2019 report says that mobile internet utilization is ascending while desktop internet usage habits continue to drop. As of the first half of the year 2021, 3.48 million apps on Google Play Store were recorded and around 2.22 million apps on Apple App Store were calculated. Those companies have invested too much of their money and time in the development of smartphones for a reason. If you also find a sound reason today, we can surely help build an app for you! You can hire mobile app developers from vteams if you want to save yourself a few hundred dollars.

In the 21st century, everything has turned smart. Smart living, smart business, smart eating, smart spending, smart saving; today’s world is intelligent. Today’s smartphones don’t require installation, they run instantly. Today’s smartphones have been taken over by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. There is mobile security, you can track the locations of the users, connect with absolutely anyone around the world, augmented reality is incorporated, wearable technology is paired, you can even control your homes using mobile apps. Nothing is unattainable these days!

We are certain that you should opt for a mobile application and we can help build an app for you. If you wish to know some further reasons, we suggest you stop relying on this traditional statement ‘our business is progressive enough that it doesn’t demand to have a mobile app to sell services and products to our customers.’ but read a few key points that every business owner, app developer, service providing company should remember before developing a mobile application.

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Looking for Help With Your App? CHECK THESE OUT!

1- Market Competitive Research

Are you aware of your product market? Are you conscious of your customer demands? Are you attentive to different modern trends? If not then you lack research and need some help. No matter how straightforward the application is, the investigation is vital.

If we have to help build an app for you, we will first conduct competitive research to:

  • Know trends in the market
  • Learn any gaps in your business model
  • Pay attention to your competition
  • Define specific design guides
  • Plan for the future

You should always try to understand the popularity of some apps in the market to learn about your competitors. Read your and their customer views to catch a quick glimpse of your customers’ likes and dislikes, demands, preferences, and choices.

This is how you stand out and stay competitive.

2- Explore Your Target Audience

Have you ever explored your audience’s demands and preferences? Are you aware of what they dislike or like? After some research, it is essential to explore your target audience.

We believe that the future of your mobile application relies on the target set of your audience. Before we help build an app, we always check who is going to use that app, what experiences do they require, and what value is it going to give to them. All these questions indulge us in proposing a more relative solution.

3- Plan and Analyze the Basic Stages of App Development

Do you need help building an app? If yes, our suggestion is to plan everything and start understanding the complete set of processes. Are you a business owner? You should read the following basic stages of mobile app development before planning to hire mobile app developers.

  • App design
  • Project management
  • App testing
  • App development methodology
  • App architecture
  • Enactment
Plan and Analyze the Basic Stages of App Development

If you are completely convinced and plan to start a mobile app for your products and services, release an alpha version first. Test and review your app before the release of the full version via mockups. We have a sister company operating in the US that goes by the name mockup machine. You can ask us regarding mockup services and then hire mobile app developers from us.

4- What’s Your Budget?

Do you have an app idea in your mind? Do you know what you require and what your preferences are? No matter how vague the idea is, we can help building an app for you!

Mobile app development demands a certain investment but you don’t have to worry about the estimates at all. Quickly contact us if you are willing to hire a mobile app developer from us. Any medium-sized app can be designed in 5-6 months either it’s an iOS app or an Android one. Only big-sized apps require a year. So if you build a medium-sized app, you would need $40,000 to $60,000 for it. The amount can be lesser than this if you require a certain amount of feature set. A complex project may require a $120,000 investment. The prices and period may vary based on your product needs.

5- Efficient User Experience

Do you want your clients to spend maximum time on your app? Hire mobile app developers with full expertise in designing reliable user experiences. Poor user experiences may cause you to lose your clients. If it’s your concern then you can rely on a professional development platform like vteams.

Your app user experience explains how a user thinks and feels about your business and services. Your main concern should be UX because it is valuable, reliable, and makes your app user-friendly and effective for your target audience.

If you wish to know about one of our UX engineers, you can read about their day-to-day duties here.

6- Have you Planned a Reliable Marketing Strategy?

There’s no purpose for your mobile application if you are not planning to market it. Switch your focus straight to the marketing of your mobile applications and start engaging your clients straight away.

7- Profit Ratio

Are you struggling to increase your sales? If you are determined then start relying on building a mobile app for your clients. Explore professionals to help build an app from a reputable platform like vteams and hire mobile app developers to get market competitive mobile apps.

What are your concerns? We suggest you provide a more convenient buying experience to your clients.

Researchers have concluded that 70% of the sales were increased due to efficient user experience. Relying on modern mobile applications allows customers to start buying your products and services through a few taps.

This way you don’t have to worry about customer engagement and satisfaction.

In a Nutshell

The following are some main benefits of having a professional mobile app:

  • Inform your clients of new offers and products
  • Make it distinctive throughout the competition
  • Sync your client’s social media accounts and emails
  • Easy reach out to younger demographics

Do you have a rough estimate of mobile app usage? According to recent researchers, more than 2.5 billion people use smartphones and the number is increasing day by day. An average of 70% of people spend their time using smartphones, and 80% rely on mobile applications.

average monthly hour per mobile app

Have you analyzed your mobile app idea after reading the above-mentioned key points? If yes, hire mobile app developers from us.


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