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Top 10 Interview Questions to ask a mobile app developer

  • January 20, 2021
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON January 20, 2021
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Mobile app developers are in demand at the moment because everyone wants an app for their online business or an app for a certain project. It has been found that many people use mobile apps because they are easier to access and handy.

Mobile app developers are in demand at the moment because everyone wants an app for their online business or an app for a certain project. It has been found that many people use mobile apps because they are easier to access and handy. The rise of mobile app development has dominated all the industries for different business verticals such as retail, online shopping, gaming, entertainment, education, and banking. There is no end to its expansion and advancement. There are 2.87 million mobile apps in the entire world as per Statista. Moreover, the apps can be found on online app stores, where users can directly download free or paid apps and start using them that very instant.

You can take a peek at the below image to see how many apps are present and the number keeps fluctuating depending upon the trends and demand. As per the latest stats, we are sharing this chart with you.

A chart of number of apps available in app stores

However, the real question is how do you hire the best mobile app developers? Where can you find them? There are online software engineering companies that provide mobile app development services. They can provide you, developers and programmers, to hire for your project.

It is considered the best way to go for app development because you won’t have to fear anything. You won’t get stuck with a project, you won’t have an unfinished project and in this way, you’ll have full security and rights to the product that you built. But if someone is not familiar with technology, they can benefit from these questions while hiring a technical resource.

Aren’t you curious to find out?

Let’s begin!

What kind of interview questions can you ask a mobile app developer?

We can categorize the questions into two phases, one is the technical side, which we will discuss here. But you should also look for the basic soft skills and communication skills to analyze the personality. Because at the end of the day, if you can’t be in sync with the hired developers. How would you be able to get any work done, right? Of course, you have the convenience to hire directly from a company that offers software development services. But you can still see how this can go? This is not set in stone considering the questions, but it’s good for a starter.

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Unveil the Buzz – Top 10 interview questions for mobile app developer

Since we are all set to explore the top interview questions that one can expect in the interview or the questions that you can ask. But keep in mind, that with the changing trends in the market, the question and information can change.

But let’s figure it out in the simplest way possible.

1- How do you define native and responsive from a design perspective?

There are certain practices that we need to follow when it comes to the development of native apps and responsive web apps. Because native apps can work online or offline and on the other hand one has to focus on the recent trends if you want to index your app on Google for better ranking. You follow the rules, as apple and google have their own set of practices, so you keep it in mind before starting. Check for user-friendliness and responsiveness by testing before the final deployment of an app.

2- How do you define cards in mobile design and their usage?

To highlight certain pieces of information and get that particular notification to the user, cards are used. Since mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular and in usage, hence the cards in the design system are also being used by many companies.

3- Can you tell me about the best search pattern for mobile phones?

Recently, there are talks about the mobile faceted search display in a tray overlay, however, you can choose as per your requirement. It can be a tab bar, contextual search icon, or query suggestions. But in eCommerce, a search icon is used to increase sales and conversions. You can see an example of a tray facet in the below image:

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4 – What is the major difference between native apps and hybrid apps?

Native apps are developed and designed for a particular platform or set of users such as android or iOS. While Hybrid apps, as is evident from the name, these apps can function on different platforms and within browsers. For example, if hybrid apps are designed in JavaScript as HTML etc.

5 – Can you tell the major pros and cons of building hybrid apps?

Here are some of the significant pros and cons of these building hybrid apps, such as:

They can work easily on any platform.You’ll have to have internet connections at all times to enjoy features.
Cost effective developmentSince there are plugins that connect architecture with devices, and certain limitations on plugins.
Save time through faster developmentRecent reports suggest that the user experience is not that admirable for hybrid apps.
You can easily update and make changes as desired.Dependent on native developed to build these apps.

6 – Can you define app sandboxing?

To secure the data and information files in an app, so that a third-party app cannot access it, a security mechanism is used known as app sandboxing. This is to stop the data violation and protect user data, so no malicious virus or software can get access to it.

7 – How do you define the terms mobile app internationalization and localization?

Internalization is basically to make the data display available in different languages, and it can be done when the code can adapt to another language. For example, if the user resides in the USA, then the timezone will show that particular time and language.

Localization is usually done in-app so that the user’s setting and set language are used to display the information, text, and data in an app. It can be text or media etc. Settings for the app are taken into account, so if the default setting is for Chinese, then the text will show in that particular language.

8 – Can you tell us how to store data in Android and iOS?

‘sharedpreferences’ is considered a data storage solution for android. So you can use user-preferences as well as settings and store the required at in form of an XML file.

While on the other hand, for iOS, you can save the data in form of a ‘pist file’ and store the data in ‘userDefaults.’

You can store the data for both platforms using SQLite or other libraries available such as for iOS, you can also use data store or memory, etc.

9 – Can we secure access to the camera and contacts in mobile apps? If so, how?

We are aware that it usually depends on the user’s discretion to grant permission to access the data on the device or mobile phone, unless if all the permissions have been given through default settings. But users can restrict you to access sensors or data through a permission system.

However, the permission mechanism can change between the usage of different OS versions, and the developer must make sure that the app has certain working features, even if the user denies you access to data.

10 – Can you debug an app when it’s already released and deployed?

Yes, you can use debug the app, or even if the app crashes you can fix the errors. There are different tools available in the market, and you can choose the one as per your tech stack that you used to develop the app in the first place. For example, for debugging the Android, Unity, and iOS apps, Firebase Crashlytics is recommended as one of the most potent crash issue fixing solution.

Note: The Questions have been gathered from various sources considering recent trends and demands in the market and are subject to change. However, if you think we have missed out on some important information, feel free to tell us in the comment section below.

Go Beyond Basic – Do you want to hire a mobile app developer?

As you must have scrolled through the above questions, you must know that this is not just it. If it were so easy to hire developers on your own from freelance websites, everyone would be creating top-quality projects and apps. Mobile development has become a crucial part of any business’s success. Because most of the users prefer mobile apps, and your presence in form of an app should be in the market to target your set of consumers.

If you are a startup, an entrepreneur, or someone who is running an online business, then you definitely need an app to stay relevant and maintain a powerful position in the market. Build a mobile app and stay ahead of your competitors. Having a hard time hiring mobile app developers online?

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