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vteams – The Best Offshore Software Development Company | Detailed Review (2023)

  • March 28, 2023
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON March 28, 2023
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

vteams - derived from the concept of virtual teams, a customer-driven offshore software development company, providing robust and practical solutions to all critical problems.

vteams – derived from the concept of virtual teams, a customer-driven offshore software development company, providing robust and practical solutions to all critical problems. 

What is vteams?

vteams is a custom offshore software development company offering SaaS (Software as a Service) model and staff augmentation to leverage businesses’ growth by transforming their garage-like startups into giant multinational businesses.

Since its foundation in 1993, in these 30 years, vteams is providing software development services with the involvement of 500 web development professionals, app development experts, SQAs, and scrum masters.

The large talent pool of vteams assists clients from around the globe by providing services in the latest technologies along with employing the latest market trends.

vteams Business Models

vteams onboarding process is quite easy and quick. Our offshore software development company offers two business models:

Dedicated business model

The team is associated with the project for as long as it gets completed. It can take weeks or months, but the period will be undefined. Besides that, the project price would be divided into installments.

Plus, it is to note that this business model is feasible for long-term projects, and the project deliverables are further broken into chunks so that the deadlines and requirements can be met profoundly. 

Fixed business model

The fixed model is however different from the one elucidated above. vteams provide software development services by offering new startups a flexible solution for a specific time period. 

For this duration, the tasks to be performed, the payment, and the time span are pre-defined and clear between the client and our developers.

vteams Onboarding Process

Our custom software development company runs a transparent vetting process in order to provide professional developers’ services. You can follow the simple three-step procedure to feel hiring remote developers from vteams like a breeze. 

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Benefits of hiring from vteams

“An offshore software development company that owns expertise on almost all the latest yet famous technologies, frameworks, and libraries – indeed aids in making the best decision of hiring a developer from.”

Here, in this section, we will elaborate on some of the advantages that will make you hire remote developers from vteams as an instantaneous task without putting you on second thoughts. 

Refined, and professionally-vetted resources

vteams keenly assess the resources during the vetting process as if the concerned person meets the requested criteria or if he is capable of providing exceptional software development services. 

At vteams, developers and clients are completely taken care of with respect to their crucial needs, capabilities, and personalities. 

Minimal risk

We believe in transparency and therefore, before you hire remote developers from vteams, a portfolio of previous work is shared with you which helps a client make a decision whether he wants to work with our custom software development company.

This reduces the risk and enables clients to make better work relations with us. 

Project-specific pairings and personalizations

Since developers at our custom software development company hold robust knowledge about the latest technologies and trends, they know how to hype up the project delivery.

Therefore, when it comes to suggestions regarding software development services, our experts always come up with personalized and very specific yet informative sharp ends for both new startups and existing businesses.

Cost of hiring vteams developer

When you hire remote developers, half of the cost is segregated which gives a pure sigh of relief to clients. However, the price range varies from project to project and deliverables. 

The rough estimation has been shared in the table below:

Type of WebsiteDevelopment cost ($)Time in hours
Landing page300080
News website4800120
Directory website12,000300
Corporate website6400160
Educational website40,0001000
Blog website4800120
Marketplace website50,0001300
SaaS website48,0001200
Portfolio website4000100
Entertainment website64,0001600
Social media website80,0002000
eCommerce website40,0001000
Web portal48,0001200

Note: the development cost varies as per developer’s expertise and client’s requirements. 


vteams is undoubtedly the best offshore software development company you can hire remote developers from; that too, at a reasonable cost as they provide remarkable software development services flawlessly.


Muhammad Ahmad

Currently serving as the SEO Manager at vteams, Ahmed is a highly skilled individual with several years of experience of Digital Marketing.


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