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Top 5 App Development Frameworks in 2020

  • October 1, 2020
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON October 1, 2020
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Do you know how many mobile apps are built and used per annum? You may not know but there exist over 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide.

Do you know how many mobile apps are built and used per annum? You may not know but there exist over 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide.

As of the first quarter of 2020, over 2.56 million apps exist making Google Play the most favorite app store with the largest number of applications obtainable.

It comes as no surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving, more and more applications are being built at a steady rate.

Bearing in mind such a growth ratio, we presume to suggest to you the best mobile app development frameworks that are being broadly used across the world.

What is this obsession?

We are chatting about the generation glued to their phone screens. We are talking about YOU.

Are you not hooked on your devices? Whether it is to play games, watch a movie, a chat with friends, to enjoy good music, in fact, you even use it to attend zoom or skype meetings also to write business documents.

We are speaking about the present situation where you feel the need to check your phones every 10 minutes, sometimes for no evident reason like it is mandatory to look at it for the majority of you.

The growth is not just limited to smartphones; we have noticed a remarkable growth of tablet users by 1.35 billion in the past few years.

Mobile app development statistics; there is more to tell

  • Mobile applications produce $581 Billion
  • China has a higher number of the mobile app market
  • Females devote more time on smartphones
  • Android makes 73.3% of the mobile market
  • 70% of mobile phone users like to shop online
  • 46% of the people like to open their emails on their cell phones
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Amazed by the facts? To come up with a unique idea is not peanuts to anyone, you must invest your time and budget to use the right app development framework to achieve fruitful results.

You can make the development fundamentally effortless and incredibly worth it. Once you use the suggested app development frameworks, you will be prepared to dive into the app development without disruptions.

We know you can’t wait to learn, let’s crush this.

1) Ionic: The Iconic framework

Ionic, based on HTML5 is topping our list of the best mobile app development frameworks in 2020. The iconic framework is built from a blend of three AngularJS, Apache Cordova, and SASS, it gained popularity mainly due to its efficacy.

Let’s take a deeper look at some insights and trends of Ionic framework.

  • Ionic once again the top tier (86%) followed by Cordova/PhoneGap (48%)
  • Business executives and developers consider using Ionic to deliver stellar app experiences across platforms
  • It’s flexible and works well with other technologies
  • Sworkit, JustWatch, McDonald’s Türkiye, McLaren Automotive, and a few famous Ionic apps

2) PhoneGap: See what’s possible

It is important to learn why you should opt for the best mobile app development frameworks and how some app development frameworks take the pain out of designing robust applications swiftly.

PhoneGap says that developers can produce experiences for multiple platforms with a single codebase. It is recommended to use this framework if you are on a tight budget for the reason that it is cross-platform compatible.

You can get better access to Native APIs. For the reason that PhoneGap is the original and popular distribution of Apache Cordova, the framework is quite flexible.

Almost all Cordova apps are constructed using some of the simple languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. You can make use of the same language and make the app with ease.

The framework offers a lot more advantages, you can study in more-depth from here to understand it well.

3) Xamrin: Dig deeper

Xamrin is one of the budget-friendly and time-efficient frameworks that extend the .NET developer podium with tools and libraries precisely for building apps for Android, macOS, watchOS, iOS, tvOS, and Windows.

Let’s give an eye to some major reasons to know why it’s very popular:

  • You can share about 75-90 % of the developed code across major mobile platforms with this framework
  • Provides high-performance and an outstanding User Experience
  • A code written in C# can be ported to the iPhone and Android platform without any hassle
  • Ensures seamless integration
  • Simplifies maintenance
  • Mostly, codebase reuse
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React Native is most liked by the audience followed by Xamrin.

4) React Native: Learn once, write anywhere

React Native is a JavaScript framework popular mainly due to convenience and code usability. It is a genuinely diverse framework with so many companies using it to build a mobile application is a part of our best mobile app development frameworks in 2020.

In comparison to other app development frameworks such as Ionic or Cordova, it offers no rendering issues but gives standard rendering API to render applications.

Ever since Facebook developed it in the year 2015, its maintenance is carried ever since till now. Mobile app developers can work smoothly by using a valuable set of tools it offers and eloquent troubleshooting messages.

Due to its iteration speed, React Native impacts the app development lifecycle positively.

The most popular apps built using React Native are Facebook, Walmart, Bloomberg, Instagram, Sound Cloud, Townske, Gyroscope, and Wix.

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5) jQuery Mobile: Write less, do more

“Write less, do more” with jQuery; its light, fast, small, and feature-rich. jQuery has altered the way developers code by bringing together versatility and extensibility.

The wide range of features include:

  • HTML/DOM Traversal and Manipulation
  • Event Handling
  • AJAX
  • Utilities
  • CSS manipulation
  • Effects and animation

Unlike other app development frameworks, jQuery is a framework that offers a great deal of flexibility and control. Other benefits consist of:

  • Build robust user interfaces, web applications, and mobile sites
  • Cater front-end requests and DOM that make sites answer back to user interaction
  • Offers easy-to-use API to make things like animation, event handling, and AJAX requests much easier
  • Handy, making it possible from an engineer to a non-coding designer to manipulate a site.

jQuery is quite popular amongst other app development frameworks and many of the chief companies on the Web use jQuery, for example:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Netflix


Here is how to read the below diagram:
jQuery is used by 76.4% of all the websites, which is a JavaScript library market share of 97.4%.

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We are done sharing our pick from the best mobile app development frameworks to use and learn in 2020.

Also before you leave…

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If you are convinced enough to begin a project in 2020, you can get started today. So, get services from the right mobile app development company that can help you to nurture and mature your product.


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