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Mobile App Development: BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS

  • November 25, 2020
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON November 25, 2020
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

What brings you here today? What made you search for this term ‘mobile app development’? Do you want to build a mobile app, or do you wish to learn everything about mobile app development? Certainly, mobile apps generate revenue for a company if developed correctly; do you want to take the same ride of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, or did you come across a problem that you think can’t be resolved?

What brings you here today? What made you search for this term ‘mobile app development’? Do you want to build a mobile app, or do you wish to learn everything about mobile app development? Certainly, mobile apps generate revenue for a company if developed correctly; do you want to take the same ride of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, or did you come across a problem that you think can’t be resolved?

Here is a guide for you to learn everything you need to know about mobile app development. Most of your questions will be responded to right here right now to reach your goals.

To develop a high-performing and stable app simply isn’t easy – you pour your blood sweat, and tears to make good technical decisions, and add genuine value for your users. It takes some real effort for mobile app development, but it’s worth it.

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Never asked yourself what pushes someone to use a mobile app?

Good news…

Let’s demonstrate to you some mobile app proofs and predictions to help you ensure designing an app in this era a good idea or not:

Let’s get on with it.

  • As per eMarketer, closely, 90% of the mobile time will be spent on mobile apps
  • As per 2020 reports, 2.96 million apps are available in Google Play Store and 4.4 million apps in the Apple App Store
  • 300,000 apps are offered in Google Play each month
  • More than 30,000 iOS apps released in Apply App Store
  • CleverTap says as a result of a led survey that people uninstall apps because they aren’t in use
  • Google possesses the majority of the apps both of play store and app store
  • App Annie says Google may possess most of the apps but Facebook Messenger is the top mobile app worldwide by download
  • Game apps are two times the number of business apps in Apply App Store
  • Millennial says social networking apps are amongst their favorites
  • 21% of millennials say they open their favorite apps move than 50times a day
  • ComScore says Gen Z devotes 71% of their digital media time usage to smartphone apps
  • 92% of apps on Apple Store and 96% of Google store are made available for FREE
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Prisoners of hope!

Do you ask yourself how someone else’s story of change inspires you? We are talking about stories so influential so inspiring that no matter how the world attempts to break you, you continue to hope.

We are sharing an inspiring story for your motivation; it’s the story of a 12-years old Thomas Suarez who dedicated his childhood to learning everything about mobile app development. Now carefully listen to what he has to tell:

“I have always had a fascination for computers and technology, and I made a few apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A lot of people asked me, how did I make these? Where do you go to find out how to make an app? Well, this is how I approached it, this is what I did.”

Thomas is the founder of Carrot Corp Inc. he believes that children of the future will not be just playing games or taking piano lessons; children have the aptitude to acquire almost everything new on their own.

“The future of education should include programming as a major subject. The class will allow students to collaborate on code, teach each other, and communicate outside of the classroom using services such as Google+. This way, students will think more during other classes, be much more likely to get a job, and most importantly, have fun.”


So, what did you learn from our story?

You made me a, you made me a believer

You break me down and build me up, believer
Oh, let the bullets fly, oh, let them rain
my life, my love, my drive, it came from…
You made me a, you made me a believer”

Imagine Dragons


When it comes to mobile app development, you must build something that becomes an excellent resource for engagement, interaction, and communication for end-users. Your application must be a personalized tool to provoke genuine interest, to improve usage among users, and drive amplified customer loyalty.

Do you know what it takes to develop that type of app? You’re in the right place!

Mobile App Development require BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS

  • The first step to moving forward is to execute a thorough competitor analysis. Find out who is your competition, their marketing policy, their strength, and weaknesses. You need to discover their unique selling point and reviews from their audiences and you can achieve that via social media post comments.
  • Have you already figured your pitch if you have an idea ready? This is probably the best time to identify your app’s key functionality, the value you can add, the business goals you desire to touch, how your audience’s benefit, need, and cravings can be fulfilled.
  • To make the right choice, you have so many options, as you can choose between native/hybrid/web
  • Look at the app monetization models such as freemium, paid in-app purchases, in-app ads, sponsorship, etc.
  • Make sure you have your marketing strategy ready before you launch the app.
  • App store optimization requires an app name, keywords, or terms relevant to the app, app icons, screenshots, descriptions, and a preview video.
  • Technically speaking, you will have to have your app created and tested before the launch date. So make sure to stay in sync with the development team.
  • Your app must include a privacy policy and other security measures.
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Mobile app development: HOW FAST IS FAST!

Whenever you plan to build an application, this is the first question that would come to your mind. Well, there isn’t a perfect answer to this one, but we can share an approximate time as per our experiences in mobile app development.

Scoping & requirement gathering

App TypeDuration
Small-sized1-2 (weeks)
Mid-sized2-3 (weeks)
Big-sized3-4 (weeks)

UI/UX Design

App TypeDuration
Small-sized2-3 (weeks)
Mid-sized5-6 (weeks)
Big-sized9-10 (weeks)

App testing

App TypeDuration
Small-sized6-7 (weeks)
Mid-sized14-15 (weeks)
Big-sized20-22 (weeks)

Beta testing & Deployment

App TypeDuration
Small-sized1 (week)
Mid-sized2 (weeks)
Big-sized3 (weeks)


Have you ever questioned yourself on how a startup app can be loved by audiences without seeking feedback? Whether it’s a small investment for your business or a full-fledged app for your clients, app validation is essential. If you have not yet validated your app before you commit to launching, the probability of endurance is slim.

Product idea validation allows you to collect fruitful feedback from your potential audiences so that you have a solution prepared beforehand for mobile app development to prevent heartache. The three main methods to validate an app idea can be the involvement of your clients and stakeholders. How do you involve them? You can kick-start with proof of concept, prototype, or a minimum viable product to ensure the entire team collaborates towards the end goal i.e. to make fewer mobile app development mistakes.

Your approach must be to find if the idea is feasible? How will this product function, and what are the product’s core functionalities and value proposition? 


If mobile app development is not your primary business, your in-house team is much-occupied, your team does not have the required skills, you do have interns but don’t have much time to train them; all of these signs point out in one direction i.e. you need to hire an offshore team or outsource your project.

As the request for mobile app development is rising, it’s impossible to overlook the requirement. So, do you want us to build your mobile app for you? See, you always need a partner to help you drive a strong mobile strategy. We’d love to chat with you or give you a 360-degree review of your app to add much business value.

Sign up for a 360-degree review today and get started on your next BIG-project!


Muhammad Ahmad

Currently serving as the SEO Manager at vteams, Ahmed is a highly skilled individual with several years of experience of Digital Marketing.


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