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Have you Chosen the Right and Best Database for Mobile App

  • June 29, 2021
  • Aayan Arif
  • POSTED ON June 29, 2021
  • POSTED BY Aayan Arif

So, you have developed an app and you are facing some trouble choosing the right and best database for mobile apps. Maybe the database that you have chosen is not working as you expected. Is that so?

So, you have developed an app and you are facing some trouble choosing the right and best database for mobile apps. Maybe the database that you have chosen is not working as you expected. Is that so?

Guess what, your worries end here because this particular guide will brief you on how to choose a database for application. Take a sigh of relief and stay tuned with me!

Making your app successful is one of the most critical tasks to achieve. You make tough choices, and one of those messes is probably picking the right database. With numerous database vendors out there, it is extraordinarily challenging to choose the best one.

You know what, there is no right or wrong choice here.

There are over 300 databases in the market. Each database for mobile apps cater to different needs and purposes.

I intend to walk you through the top-notch database that will give an amazing experience to your app’s users.

But, before you jump into the discussion of how to pick the best database for your application; ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the load of users you are expecting on your app?
  • What is the amount of data are you looking to store in your database for mobile apps?
  • What latency and scalability requirements??
  • How to ensure the data integrity you need?
  • How are your users distributed in geographical locations?

Now that you have considered these questions, allow yourself to explore the key aspects that will enable you to choose a database for your application.

How Well Can Database Integrate?

Integration is one of the vital qualities that your database for mobile apps should have. Database integration is the collection of data from various sources into a unique dataset. With database integration data can be combined in a single place. Figure out if your database management system can integrate with the other tools in your application. Simply put, figure out if the database components can interact steadily with each other.

Database for mobile apps

For example, imagine you want to migrate from a monolithic database to a non-relational database, and your front-end system relies on an SQL interface. This is where you have to ensure that a non-relational database for mobile apps offers some properties of SQL interface.

How Much Data Do You Want to store?

If your application does not have to store an enormous amount of data, then any database can do the job. You can even opt for an in-memory database for your application. But if you are planning on something big and want to store thousands of gigabytes of data, then your options narrow down to a few databases.

Data storage types based on needs

But in this case, brace yourself for high storage costs—either in the form of Cloud storage or on-premises storage cost. Also, you should choose tiered storage to manage speed and data processing efficiently.

What is the Load of Simultaneous Users?

Estimating the traffic of simultaneous users on your application is another crucial aspect when determining how to choose a database for mobile apps. Scaling problems hinders most databases when catering user queries, especially when users are accessing terabytes of data. The solution is to choose a database that scales out to multiple servers to handle load on your application.

What is the Load of Simultaneous Users?

Unfortunately, very few databases allow horizontal scaling.

What Support and Security Your Database Needs?

Two things are essential to review before you pick a database; the support it requires and the security it needs.

Do you have in-house expertise to configure the database? It is pretty difficult to distinguish the enormous amount of personally identifiable information of the users.

What Support and Security Your Database Needs

Simultaneously, you cannot avoid the security facet. For instance, in a NoSQL database for mobile apps, configuration with default settings compromises the security. It is vulnerable to a breach. You should make an effort to engage expert professionals who can configure it safely. If you don’t have one, then go for professional paid support in database management.

Confusion is Over – This is How to Choose a Database for Application

When you consider the above-mentioned questions before picking the database for mobile apps, making a decision won’t be that hard. Remember, don’t single out a database just because it is trendy. Pick one based on your requirements.

I hope this guide clears your confusion regarding how to choose a database for application once and for all. If it still doesn’t, reach out to experts at vteams.


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