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Why is React the best choice for Progressive Web Apps?

  • July 24, 2021
  • Aayan Arif
  • POSTED ON July 24, 2021
  • POSTED BY Aayan Arif

Progressive web apps take full advantage of the recent modern technology to bring the most remarkable experience for users who are keen on frictionless and responsive browsing.

Progressive web apps take full advantage of the recent modern technology to bring the most remarkable experience for users who are keen on frictionless and responsive browsing.  If you are one of those people who don’t feel like installing the app, well progressive web apps ( PWA) is just what you need. This article intends to introduce you to the benefits of progressive web apps and what is the best framework or technology that you can use.

The Rise of Progressive Web apps

If we look at worldwide statistics, everyday numbers are multiplying at the rate of millions of users, who can’t imagine their lives without the web or the internet. Progressive web apps are the answer to the need of those growing users and businesses that need an immediate solution for their businesses. Moreover, many businesses are finding his beneficial for business and user convenience (Even though we have a biased opinion because of our favorite mobile applications)

This is good news for those website owners who want to bring users on their website without having to spend a fortune on Google ads and SEO campaigns. I mean who wouldn’t want to check the most responsive web app, that gives you the ultimate experience similar to a mobile app. (Yes, don’t come at us you developers, we know. We aren’t comparing)

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Why would you choose progressive web apps?

In the first place, they are reliable, intuitive, responsive, and engaging. Voila, the user becomes your fan. They are considered best for native users and also function seamlessly in a secure way despite the load.

In simple words, you get to witness native app-like experience with more advanced and enhanced features that are delivered by progressive web apps.

They enable you to install the website as an alternative to the app, without having to actually download the real mobile app. isn’t that cool and quick? Save your time and installation effort too. Also space too, you can literally jump on the website without having to juggle through different apps. So you choose to React for Progressive web apps, you get:

  • Fast loading experience
  • Offline accessibility to the site
  • Instant push notifications
  • Background updates

Access to the device camera, microphone and storage data, etc. (Feels a bit creepy though, but we live in the age of internet and “free will.”)

Progressive Web Apps are the future

There are many benefits of progressive web apps, as they are becoming popular not only among the IT community but also in the business industry. The features evidently speak for themselves and so do the results. So we will quickly go over, why is it important to focus on the technology? Because if we successfully choose the right technology, we can reap all these below benefits. So take a glimpse of what we came up after the research:

  • Progressive web apps result in higher engagement rates; drive more conversions as compared to conventional websites. So, if you choose this, you can stay ahead of the competitor curve.
  • Users are choosing them because of the responsive and convenience function. It has made its way to the heart of top tier businesses like Alibaba, Uber, Forbes, Microsoft office, Instagram, and Twitter. I mean a website but with an app like the experience? Now, who wouldn’t want that?
  • If Google can embrace it as the most popular way to endorse it. Who are we to resist? It is actively being promoted and there is a growing list of the users. Microsoft Store and Google play store wholeheartedly welcomed progressive web apps.
  • It has technical advantages over other apps because of its lightweight. It can be quickly installed, loaded, and gets updated directly from the browsers.
  • Progressive web apps are found to be adaptive, responsive, and secure in their functionality, and the significant role is played by HTTP protocol.

Our favorite one is that you can develop is in a lesser time comparatively. So you can hire a developer, who should save your time as compared to the market evaluated time. Leverage this technology and create a progressive web app of your won at the speedy process with just the right tools. (Yes, we see that smirk on your faces, JavaScript developers)

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Apple is not very fond of the idea of PWA and not thrilled because of certain limitations. Now, you must be thinking, why React? Let’s get to the fun part without making you wait.

Why React is the best choice for progressive web apps?

You have to consider so many things while choosing the framework or tool for the development of progressive web apps. It includes performance, functionality, demand, user market, backing, and rendering. I mean there could be a lot of specific? Well, you can hire a top expert or developer, if you are going to develop.

Without going into the specific, we will talk about the frameworks and libraries. And out of all, why we chose to React as the most suited one?

  • JavaScript is known for its frameworks that can be used to develop progressive web apps due to its excellent performance and capacity. However, we came up with some reasons after comparing React with other existing frameworks concerning the pros and cons.
  • React is one of the top famous JS libraries to create interface design. It is also known for front-end development, multipage apps, and single-page apps. Which really helps the dynamic content to change even within a single-page app. (Well, it has our heart at hello, but keep reading)
  • In addition to this, side by side, you can also use other JavaScript libraries to develop static rendered pages, integrate APIs, etc. This will help to boost user experience and interaction on the website as a whole.
  • It is also stated that React facilitates providing the best backing capability, documentation. Recent popularity resulted in creating an online community of incredible developers and Ace programmers.
  • Developers are already familiar with different Javascript frameworks and tools including React. You don’t have to worry about the new updates. The market is soaring at the moment.
  • React is part of javascript development, hence you can easily find development services and expert developers. It is already being tested on millions of Facebook users, hence the excellent performance.
  • The advantages do not just end here. It is said that the data can be easily transferred through the DOM layer.
  • With React, you can work with both raw and JSX JavaScript. JSX is said to be XML-like syntax for writing JavaScript.
  • I mean it has pretty high profile fans that include Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Also, our little bird on the internet tells us that Facebook is using React Native. Are you convinced yet? If so, you can hire React JS developer, who has experience in the React zone.

All in all, by choosing to React you get a cross-platform, seamless, and multi-device experience. That goes without saying; React is the best choice for web, progressive web apps, and native apps. So many challenges can be solved when it comes to operating the apps on different browsers and devices.

If you have any questions related to React or to hire a javascript developer for building your own progressive web app. Find our top Javascript expert developers and tell us.


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