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  • May 24, 2023
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON May 24, 2023
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Learning new skills is crucial to stay relevant in the tech industry. Whether you are a seasoned developer or an aspiring one, whether you are a student trying to find what to learn or you are a web developer; react is one of the best choices to learn. In the field of web development, there

Learning new skills is crucial to stay relevant in the tech industry. Whether you are a seasoned developer or an aspiring one, whether you are a student trying to find what to learn or you are a web developer; react is one of the best choices to learn. In the field of web development, there are many frameworks used, of which React is easier and very popular. Offering a complete  package and tools for rapid and effective web development, it is a library which earned its place in the list of frameworks. And, to this day, it is holding its place steady. 

How long does it take to learn React JS can take anywhere between a couple weeks and a few months?

So, are you prepared to get great at web development? React is a framework that can give your development power tools which enable you to write effective code faster. Investing your time in learning React will be worthwhile and beneficial in the long term. 

How long does it take to learn React

But, the real question is: how long does it take to learn React JS? Building on top of existing knowledge, which is necessary to begin with React JS, would help in learning quicker. In addition, if you know how to work around frameworks, it will act as an added benefit. Knowing prerequisites, time required to learn React fundamentals won’t take much time. In this guide we have laid a map for time and things you need to know for learning React.

What is React.js?

Let us start with learning what is “React JS”, which is also known as React. It is a library build combination of JavaScript and XML. This library is also known as a framework. The terms framework and library are used interchangeably for React.js. So, first of all, do not get confused about that. Because React provides templates and tools for rapid application development, which is a criteria for frameworks, it is also called a framework. It is the most popular and used library.

React enables rapid development of interactive UI elements for web based applications. This helps with making the code less repetitive and apps more effective. One of the benefits is fast performing apps.

It was created by Facebook, and is maintained by its community and Facebook, a.k.a. Meta. Popular apps, to name a few, like Netflix and Slack are built on React. 

How long does it take to learn React

Prerequisites of learning React

Other than HTML and CSS, JavaScript is the most important thing to learn before shifting to react. If you are not a master or JS then worry not. Just get the basics right, practice a little, build a project or two, then shift to React. Getting familiar with a few basic things helps in understanding React. After all, React is a JavaScript based framework. 


HTML is a markup language which provides the basic structure of a web page. When coding with ReactJS you will see a different version of HTML, i.e. JSX. Thus, mastery over HTML is very important. 

Get yourself familiar with knowledge like the semantics and tags. There are various HTML crash courses available online which can help you understand everything. 


CSS is important, and styling language which gives boring layout provided by HTML a shape and structure so it can be understood. Mastering and understanding CSS can be tricky. So, your prime focus should be on learning the latest trends and topics. For this you can practice on CSS tricks websites, that is obviously after knowing the basics. freeCodeCamp’s Responsive Web Design certification is one way to go for learning CSS.


How much JavaScript before React should be learned? It is better to master the following topics and practice as much as you can. Learning JS is an important and core part of our learning. Thus, follow these topics in order to understand everything. Remember, practice everything you have learned, just watching videos will not help!

  • Variable Declarations
  • Template Literals
  • Functions & Arrow Functions
  • Object Destructuring
  • Spread and Rest Operators
  • Module Import and Export
  • Promises and Async Programming

Again, freeCodeCamp has great and free JavaScript certification available.

NPM Ecosystem

NPM distributes JS code where needed, which also helps in updating the software without users having to delete and reinstall. You should also be aware of yarn and node version manager (nvm) for testing and making your React apps secure.

How long does it take to learn React.JS?

Becoming a React expert will take time, to enjoy development in React following are the things you need to learn. Make sure to understand and practice these concepts.

Is React hard to learn?

To learn react native or react, or any other language first get started with basics. ReactJs is a declarative and component-based UI framework/library. In reality it’s not hard to learn if you have a strong base, i.e. programming concepts and JS knowledge. 

Setting up dev environment

Setting up a development environment for ReactJs has many options. From CDN distribution approach to Babble many others. But as a beginner do not spend too much on Babel or Webpack etc. 

IMO, is the quickest and easiest way to get started so start from there. 


In react the user interface logic is coupled with logic, events, handling state changes, etc. which encourages self-contained programming practice.

JSX which looks like HTML is the powerhouse of JS. JSX helps React developers better code and create engaging UI elements. Yes, you can create ReactJS apps without JSX – but creating that app will not be as good.

React Components

Components are the core of React apps. Components are what allow us to create code that is independent, reusable, self-contained, and isolated. Together many components create a great app. 

If you ask how long does it take to learn to react, components are one of the things that take most of the time, that is after States.

State in React

States are a very important part of React programming. States are not shared across components. Meaning each component has its own state, which is used to render and change information.

Props in React

Components have interacted and been combined for completing information. Thus data has to be passed, which cannot be done through states. This is where Props come in. 

Lists and Keys in React

Lists are used to render items like when creating a notepad or TODO items. One of the things used with lists is the map() function for iteration. Along with the list Keys are equally important. 

When you are done with these topics, do not stop. Just practice your concepts to make them stronger. Then shift towards making a project and you will learn a lot in the process. Once you think you are comfortable with basics then shift to advanced concepts. 

Keep on learning and growing, never stop and you will soon become a great web developer.


How much JS contributes to mastering react?

JavaScript mastery before learning React reduces your efforts 90%. Having a solid grasp of JS is more than half of the work. If you want to become an expert web developer then master JS and then shift to React.

Is React more difficult than JS?

In short, no. It is equally difficult if not easier to learn React compared to JS. But that is when you have a strong grip on JavaScript.


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