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5 Advantages of Native App Development

  • November 13, 2020
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON November 13, 2020
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Are you familiar with native app development? If you’re looking to hire a native app developer, then finish reading this up and you’ll reach a smart conclusion!

Are you familiar with native app development? If you’re looking to hire a native app developer, then finish reading this up and you’ll reach a smart conclusion!

Gone are the days when a website alone would suffice for businesses to occupy space in the online realm. Things have changed vastly over the last few years and research suggests that users are now more prone to using mobile devices. According to statistics, the average amount of time a user spends on his mobile devices is around 215 minutes. This is a staggering amount of time and trust us you need a mobile application that can help your business cover the online realm effectively.

Native App Development

Native app development has gotten quite popular among users and is known to create an impact when it comes to performance. For your understanding, native iOS app development is developed using programming languages such as Swift or Objective-C. Whereas, native android app development is developed in languages such as Java or Kotlin.

The following are 5 advantages of native mobile app development:

1- The Advantage of Security and Reliability:

When different core languages are used to develop products for different platforms, a natural tendency towards security and reliability is found. Since different languages are used for different platforms, the apps themselves become secured as protocols get enhanced.

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Also, native apps have a tendency to involve security updates which adds a layer of further security. Furthermore, native app development offers remote management controls on devices and if your device gets stolen, you have the ability to completely remove any data.

2- The Advantage of User Experience:

We all know how important user experience can be. Native app development enables a rich user experience for most smartphones and iOS devices. The trick lies in accessing hardware features of a specific phone for optimized performance in all aspects.

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Optimal quality of visuals is of supreme essence and native apps provide control over size, resolution, and orientation of images while maintaining their integrity. A higher user experience automatically guarantees customer satisfaction and you can achieve this through native app development.

3- The Advantage of Hardware Integration:

Any app that doesn’t take full advantage of the hardware of a mobile device doesn’t deserve to be called an app. Native app development is very solid in this department.

Native App Development

Hardware integration is sublime when it comes to features such as camera, microphone, touch screen, and GPS. Native apps have a much better success ratio in getting maximum usage of hardware features. Native apps just integrate quite well with both iOS and Android devices.

4- The Advantage of Interactivity:

As mentioned before, different languages are used for the development of native apps on different Operating Systems (iOS & Android). This primarily provides a different set of guidelines for native app development.

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If you hire native app developer, then he will know that he needs to approach both the operating systems with a different set of guidelines. This is the reason why native apps are highly interactive and have rich UIs that work within the flow and maintain the natural aura of an app.

5- The Advantage of an Easy Launch:

Native apps have one of the most essential benefits as they can readily be launched on the App Store. As mentioned before, native app development requires developers to strictly follow guidelines for both the operating systems.

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This allows for seamless development and the launch of the mobile application. Trust us, this might sound like something so casual but in the end, it’ll make your life easier.

In a Nutshell:

Native app development provides the opportunity to get your very own mobile application with no regrets whatsoever. With its tightly knit security protocols and seamless hardware integration, it provides a sublime user experience for your users.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today as the time is right to hire native app developers.


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