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What’s New in iOS 16.3? – Bringing New iPhone Software Updates

  • March 6, 2023
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON March 6, 2023
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Since apple released the new iOS version 16.3 on 23rd Jan, the internet has gotten no chills. This iPhone software update has brought forward many bug fixes, new interesting features, and security updates.

Are you excited to know what the new update for iPhone is? Don’t worry! We hold the bag of secrets here. So, let’s unpack it!

Since apple released the new iOS version 16.3 on 23rd Jan, the internet has gotten no chills. This iPhone software update has brought forward many bug fixes, new interesting features, and security updates. 

What fascinates us more about this new update is the feasibility it provides for users by letting them protect their apple ID using security keys. Not to miss that this update came along with amazing updates for other Apple software like Safari, iPadOS, and old versions of iOS.

Intrigued to know more? Scroll down to get a wing!

iOS 16.3 – Latest iPhone software updates and Features 

Update iOS installed in your iPhone and enjoy the flexibility and feasibility of these new features:

Security Keys for Apple ID

iPhone users can now utilize the services offered by third parties. For instance, if you must know an apple user can reach their apple ID using a third-party security key.

Yes, you read it right. Now, with this flexible option, users can easily say goodbye to two-factor authentication to log in to their apple IDs. 

Undoubtedly, the latest apple update will blow up your mind (imaginary) by expanding usage around your mobile sets. 

Diya Jolly, Chief Product Officer at an authentication service company (Okta) says: “Hardware security keys are very, very secure.”

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Support for the second-gen HomePad

Well, for all the tech lovers, here a mystery is unfolded. In iOS 16.3, a new iPhone software update is introduced, and we call it the second-gen HomePad. 

So, if you ask us what the new update for iPhone and other apple devices is? Our discussion will roam around the new productive feature “Second-generation HomePad” (to be released on Feb 3).

Apple will, from now on, support second-gen HomePad. 

Interesting note!

The apple company announced the new HomePad release just 4 days before the latest apple update set forth.


New Unity Wallpaper for Black History Month

As soon as you update the iOS version on your set, it is easy to update the wallpaper with more options. 

The new software update includes an exciting iPhone wallpaper as a crucial part of Apple’s Black Unity Collection. This collection was launched in honor of Black History month with certain products and features under its nose, such as:

  • The new iPhone wallpaper
  • Apple Watch Black Unity Sport Loop
  • A mosaic watch face. 

Not just this, Apple has a lot in its store now. For example, according to resources, it is assumed that in the future, apple will release content on Black History Month for their Apple TV, Maps, Music, Books, Podcasts, Fitness Plus, and the App Store. So, yes, an interesting move, though!

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New ways to use SOS via satellite

If you remember, Apple introduced the latest apple update named Emergency SOS via satellite back in September.

What is it to do with SOS usage via satellite when you update iOS? Gingerly, it is noted that in iOS version 16.3, the Call with Hold and Release feature replaced the older feature named Call with Hold. 


  • When you turn on Call with Hold and Release function, by holding the volume button and side button simultaneously, you can initiate an alarm and a countdown. 
  • A user can release the buttons once the countdown is over, and in return, iPhone will call emergency services on its own. 


  • With the Call with Hold feature, when you press the volume button and a side button at the same time, it is used to display an emergency SOS call slider
  • While the buttons are held together, a countdown started and an alarm would go off, and once, the countdown is over, your phone would have made an emergency call.

One more option is available!

A feature named “Call Quietly” can be found in the Emergency SOS options list. As soon as you enable this feature at the time of an emergency SOS call, your iPhone won’t make an alarm sound or start flashing.

Other appealing features of iOS 16.3 are: 

According to the new iPhone software update, this version of iOS has some more features or changes involved:

  • At times when Siri requests are not understood in CarPlay, the relevant issues are resolved automatically.
  • It will address whenever Siri stops responding to the music requests properly.
  • In case horizontal lines appear on the screen while you try to wake up iPhone 14 pro max, this latest apple update will solve the problem instantly.
  • Once you update iOS on your phone, you can get your nitty-gritty issues solved. Such as problems like this one: The home lock screen widget does not display the Home app status perfectly.
  • Addresses an issue whenever the wallpaper will appear black on the iPhone’s lock screen.


So, what is the new update for iPhone? Proudly, we have combined all the important features of the latest iPhone software update in this blog. Hopefully, being tech-savvy and an apple-products-lover, you might have liked all the shared information.


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