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Is Flutter a Productive Platform for Startup App Development?

  • September 9, 2021
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON September 9, 2021
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Are you curious to know more about flutter or exploring a reliable cross-platform framework for your startup app development? Don’t worry; this article might help you learn about Flutter app development and how it can efficiently improve your experience through mobile app development for startups. Flutter is a prolific cross-platform mobile software development kit used

Are you curious to know more about flutter or exploring a reliable cross-platform framework for your startup app development? Don’t worry; this article might help you learn about Flutter app development and how it can efficiently improve your experience through mobile app development for startups.

Flutter is a prolific cross-platform mobile software development kit used mostly by startups to get the most explicit mobile applications without any problems. It fulfills the complete demands as it is fast enough to manage workload and replaces react-native development as well.

Flutter is becoming the future of mobile app development as various well-known organizations rely on it for application development.

But, why is Flutter necessary for startups in 2021 despite having various other options?

To know the reasons, read on to this article and make yourself convinced to rely on Flutter in 2021.

What is Flutter?

The basic thing to know about Flutter is that it is a professional and useful user interface (UI) software development kit (SUI) designed by Google. It is an effective open-source technology to generate desktop, mobile, and web applications through a single codebase.

What is Flutter?

It is relatively new and inaugurated in December 2018 as an open-source technology specifically for coding purposes and generating the two basic native apps, i.e. Android and iOS. It is comparatively more famous in comparison to React Native on Stack Overflow and GitHub.

Fact check: There are 50,000 Flutter applications available on the Google Play Store, and this number is increasing day by day.

“Our efficient vision for flutter is that many of us must be dreaming for many years. A strong general-purpose, utilize UI toolkit to build stunning experiences on different devices like mobile, desktop or beyond.”

Tim Senath, Group Product Manager at Google.

Which is the most beneficial startup app development strategy to opt for? Native or Cross-platform?

The fact remains that startups face difficulty in choosing native and cross-platform applications to begin with the development. But now you won’t feel any difficulty after reading this article because here we explain how Flutter is the most valuable and beneficial when it comes to mobile app development for startups.

According to different stats and facts, developers get easily convinced by Flutter’s capabilities, performances and reliability during the processing.

Bearing in mind the popularity of mobile apps and the concerns that revolve around them, the following are the major issues that startups face:

  • How to launch a mobile app with different operating systems (Windows, iOS, or Android) under a limited budget?
  • How to sustain your position in the market among 300+ million startups and stand competitive among the opponents?

The only solution to the concerns mentioned above is to rely on cross-platform mobile application development using Flutter.

The factual evidence to support why flutter mobile app development is best for startups.

Below are some pieces of evidence that can well convince you on why to use Flutter as a teeming choice for startup app development.

It is essential to explore some kind of statistical data that sums up Flutter being an effective choice for the development of startup applications.

Startup App Development

2020 Developer Survey

Flutter stands among some popular choices utilized by software developers to deal with mobile app development, especially startups. This survey entails that 41% of the software developers choose flutter as the best choice for mobile development. The reliance rate gradually increases with time.

Fact Check: In 2020, global mobile app revenue exceeded $579 billion U.S. dollars.

Google Share

Google, a massive marketplace, has broken down the share of Flutter developers and maximised certain work for startups. It includes the following:

  • 35% work for a startup
  • 19% are self-employed
  • 26% are enterprise developers
  • 7% work for design agencies

Number of Flutter apps

In April 2021, Google reported a 79% increase of Flutter-built apps in the Play Store after version 1.2. It is estimated that the apps built by flutter in the Play Store have now increased to 70,000 – 110,000.

Fact Check: Now, android users have a choice of 2.9 million apps in the Google Play Store.

The Apple Store is the second-largest app store with an estimated 1.8 million available apps for iOS.

Google Trends

According to google trends, flutter has been a progressive programming language since the beginning of 2021. It follows React Native to develop customized cross-platform mobile apps efficiently.

Fact Check: Cross-platform frameworks like React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter allow creating a single application compatible with a diverse number of platforms.

What are the main benefits of relying on Flutter for startup app development?

Flutter brings a gradual increase in your business value. Following are the few main benefits your business will efficiently acquire after consulting Android/iOS and flutter developers.

advantages of flutter

Quick Startup App Development Process

Flutter is a quick choice amongst you developers to proceed with the mobile app development process. Its single codebase framework also involves a hot reload facility and generates an easier way to sustain your app during its testing. As a result, it lowers the cost of app development.

Fact Check: Flutter is easier to embed into existing applications and can be well updated in the UI of an old app.

The single code base for comprehensive platforms

Flutter is productive for everyone who consults a particular app development company to generate a startup app set for iOS and Android. It is not similar to JavaScript that efficiently develops Native Apps for clients.

Flutter is efficient for you to generate a single code base for cross-platform applications similar to Native App in features and functionality.

Fact Check: Flutter’s framework ensures a backup through advanced API that enables it to leverage through different quick, smooth, and cleaner animations.

Flutter Achitecture

Utilization of Widgets

The most effective activity about Flutter is that it supports platform-centric widgets efficiently. It involves two types of Flutter widgets, i.e. Material Design and Cupertino, that enable different app development companies.

It allows different companies to design platforms specifically through UI/UX and provide users with a reliable experience closest to native.

Fact Check: The framework of Flutter efficiently supports different IDEs, including Android code, Xcode, and Visual Studio Code.

User-friendly interface

Flutter can easily customize different visible things during the development of startup apps. It shapes, colors, shadows, clips, and transforms different elements. Flutter certainly allows you to execute anything relevant to UI/UX efficiently.

Flutter is reliable and convenient enough to deal with the app development processes. It is flexible and simple for you because it erases any complexity.

Fact Check: Flutter is efficient for portable GPU while rendering UI and working on multiple interfaces.

Flutter is an Open-source UI software development kit

While planning to deal with Flutter App development, you must know it is an open-source language. It doesn’t matter how complex a project may be. A professional developer is well-equipped to turn your idea into a profitable representation as a solution.

It gives a comprehensive choice of built-in material designs, Cupertino widgets, rich motion APIs, smooth scrolling, etc. Flutter is an open-source program that assists you to opt for different design choices and ideas while developing a mobile startup app.

Fact Check: Hot reload allows you to analyze the current changes and up gradation in the coding, and it efficiently accelerates the process of app development, specifically.

A chance to go beyond the smartphones

It allows you to build a lucrative startup app that runs on devices other than smartphones like tablets and iPads. Flutter assists as a complete set of development tools for various platforms, including Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, etc.

Fact Check: Flutter is equipped with native advanced RISC Machines code that generates apps specifically for startups and technical business platforms.

Serverless mobile app development for startups

Flutter allows serverless app development, and you can efficiently utilize Google’s firebase support as a back end. It also provides a rapid development cycle to assist you in achieving the targeted time frame.

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Name the major enterprise apps that rely on the flutter framework?

top 5 flutter apps

Flutter is quite young, but it is being utilized by famous platforms that are as follows.

  • Google Ads
  • Alibaba
  • Reflectly
  • AppTree
  • Hamilton
  • Lunching
  • Watermanica
  • Cryptograph
  • Postmuse

What does the estimated flutter mobile app development for startups cost?

There’s no standard mobile app development price for startups, either utilizing Flutter or React Native. The cost charges begin after hiring a productive app developer, either an Android or iOS. The cost ranges productively from $4999 to $49,999. The basic price range relies on the size, features, and complexity of a certain application.

Its price also depends on the level of development required by you. A specific amount of time is needed for the development as well.

Final words

If you have made up your mind for startup app development, consider Flutter as a reliable cross-platform application development kit. This comprehensive guide has efficiently explained all the relevant details regarding flutter being a productive choice amongst startups.

Still, if you have any queries regarding flutter, contact us now. Our professional mobile app developer at vteams will consult you ASAP.


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