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Do you want a Free No#1 Quiz Maker Software?

  • May 11, 2020
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON May 11, 2020
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

If you want to create an online quiz maker software for your online business or learning platform, this article will help you in the journey. Keep reading to know about world’s top quiz maker, and how you can build the next successful it of your own. Looking for an easy online quiz maker? Among many

If you want to create an online quiz maker software for your online business or learning platform, this article will help you in the journey. Keep reading to know about world’s top quiz maker, and how you can build the next successful it of your own.

Looking for an easy online quiz maker? Among many online maker websites and apps, ProProfs is a very popular quiz maker for all the learners and teachers. It comes in handy when you have less time and more work to do. Online software allows eLearning instructors and remote educational institutions to make quizzes within a matter of minutes.

The whole world is being digitalized, as the education sector is adapting to the Elearning tools and online learning software systems. Online Quiz Maker contains different customized settings, that allow the teacher to conduct online exams and quizzes. The online software allows you to generate the exam quizzes as per your requirements about any subject while staying anywhere in the world.

How to create Quizzes with Online Quiz Maker?

ProProfs is an online quiz maker software that allows you free access to create quizzes, and make them more interactive, customized, and fun with advanced features. Educators, Trainers, Educational institutions, and businesses prefer creating free quizzes with ProProfs because it is the world’s no#1 trusted quiz maker software. This has no comparison with an ordinary quiz maker.

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What do you expect from an online quiz maker?

You can take online exams with the help of ProProfs’s comprehensive web-based quiz software. It aids you to fulfill all the exact requirements with additions features and customized settings. Set time limit, public or private access, random questions, multiple-choice, short Q, and A’s and add any type of questions. It is as easier as it gets, with one click, you can generate multiple quizzes that too free of cost. Here’s a little glimpse of the quiz maker website:


Create Quizzes with Secure Quiz Maker Software

There are easy and simple steps that you can follow to create an online quiz. Quiz Maker allows you to set multiple settings with help of software such as control general security, create notifications, add themes, integrate features, and secure advanced settings.

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General settings within Online Quiz Maker :

Quiz Maker makes life easier with less consumption of resources, energy, and time. Generally, there are multiple options that you can select in the general setting concerning the nature of your quiz and exam. For instance, you can set:

  • Scoring – You can assign specific points to the whole quiz or an individual taking the quiz.
  • Timeline – You can set a time limit to complete the exam or quiz within a given time.
  • Result – ProProfs Quiz Maker allows you to do customized grading including pass and fail
  • Order – Arrange the order of the questions and how they should appear on the quiz.
  • Presentation – You can also select the presentation for a single question or for all.
  • Mandatory question- Make them stand out by devising a different section.
  • Quiz header- You can add a customized one as per your need.
  • Completion certificate- The most important part to generate a full-fledged certificate on completion.
  • Quiz reports- It allows you to generate multiple reports and compare them for analysis.
  • Language – Choose the language that you speak or take benefit from the multilingual feature.

Create Free Online Quiz with Advanced Tools

Automatic grading and Online Quiz Maker seems like a dream, right? Behold, because there is more to come with the best online quiz make known as ProProfs. It is often witnessed that countries facing world hazards and emergency situations go on lockdown. Online Learning can continue to work without any interruption with helpful learning tools.

Not everything is as bleak, and the silver lining has helped many companies and enterprises to come up with constructive solutions. Online Quiz Maker is also another opportunity for online education to continue learning and teaching. In addition to it, who knew you’ll be using fun and interactive quizzes to bring more customers to the site.

Can you drive more traffic with online quizzes?

Get to know some more advanced features. Evidently, businesses like Facebook and Buzzfeed create quizzes to generate leads and drive more traffic.

Make it Quick and Make it better, with advanced settings like:

  • Quiz Security – Set it to Public or Private as per your requirement and nature of the quiz.
  • Browser security – Make sure 100% accountability with the option to disable print, download, and copy.
  • Tracking configuration- It allows you to track reports and progress on the quiz or exams.

Set Notifications:

  • Auto-generated emails, whenever someone is taking the quiz.
  • Add email templates and setting for email.
  • Set alert notifications, if someone is attempting a quiz.
  • Set alert notifications, if someone is attempting a quiz.
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Choose and Create Themes:

  • Use Interactive and dynamic themes or templates
  • Create Unique and Customized Themes

Quiz Maker allows you to choose the theme as per your choice and need. The below example can give you an idea about this particular setting.

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Integrate as many services as you want with the free online quiz maker software.

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The best part is to share the quizzes and their results via social media, link sharing, email, or iframe. It means that you can easily capture the result of the quiz, and integrated APIs will send data to a specific URL endpoint of your own choice. It gets you lots of data, once someone takes your quiz.

Effective Use of Quiz Maker for Better Experience

Following are the steps to set the callback URL for a better experience:

  • Go to the Settings page and click on Advanced.
  • Enable the “Notification via API”.
  • Type the call back URL indicating where the script is on your site.
  • This is the URL of the script which will accept the data in the REQUEST method.
  • Select the “Query String/REQUEST” or “JSON” option from the drop-down menu.
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Get accurate and error-free reports along with the auto-generated stats of quizzes with online quiz maker software.

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It’s so simple, login by entering the required information. After that, you have full control to generate an online quiz. Get started with ProProfs Quiz Maker.

Achievement and result help in the assessment of any educational activity or exam. Quiz maker aids you to generate the certificate of achievement with score details.

What Modifications can you make with online Quiz Maker?

ProProfs has the biggest online library with lots of questions, that you can use for online quiz creation. Advanced settings and fun images with interactive themes can be added to make quizzes more attractive. Did we tell you? You can also edit quizzes and use ready to made quizzes with multiple templates in any language you want.

Not everything is perfect, so quiz maker has its shortcomings too. For instance, limited integration options lack personalised Question bank and limited templates as per your desire or need.

Can I Make my own Quiz Maker?

Yes, and it’s about time that you should. The world at large is using quiz maker software and learning tools for training, traffic generation, and several other purposes. It allows you to develop quizzes based on your target audience.

Looking for a scalable and customized quiz maker? Look no further, because vteams helps you elevate your success level. Build your own Quiz Maker software and online learning platforms with LMS. You can give instructions as per your industry, audience, and budget. If you have any query related to it, feel free to speak with us.


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