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How To Upgrade Rails 2 To Rails 3.0.0

In a project if there is a need to upgrade the rails 2 version to its latest version 3.0.0, one need to install 2.3.5 first, then install rails 2.3.18 and then finally install 3.0.0. Recommended way is to do step by step upgradation. In this way, you will be able to diagnose and resolve issuesone by one instead of trying to resolve all at once. Rails upgradation from....

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  • Post published:May 25, 2015

Migration From ‘Attachment_fu’ Plugin To Paperclip

Overview: While upgrading a rails application from rails (3.0.10) to rails (3.1.12), we encountered a gem attachment_fu that needed to be replaced either by the famous Paperclip or Carrierwave or any other gem of your own choice. The reason being attachment_fu is a plugin and plugins support is no more available in rails latest version....