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Custom WordPress Development for An Impactful Online Presence

Did you know WordPress has conquered more than 40% market share of all content management systems in the world? Interestingly, it gives every website a unique look with a tailor-made technical framework for a particular niche. WordPress leverages custom website…

How To Delete Site From WordPress

Do you know that more than 500 sites are built on WordPress and only 60-80 are developed using platforms like Squarespace and Shopify daily? Astonished? Well, you must be.

How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death?

Browsing your favorite WordPress website and suddenly boom, White Screen. Even worse, your business website meets White Screen of Death (WSoD). The worst thing about WSoD is that both users and site administrators cannot access the website and it's super frustrating. Don’t be shocked when i tell you, this is the most common issue with wordpress websites. But lucky for you it can be solved.

LAMP Stack with its Three Musketeers

You can use the top three front-end frameworks with LAMP Stack to build your apps. This stack is extremely popular and in demand, as it was invented by Michael Kunze in 1998. Since then, Linux hosted websites that made this…

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5 Hacks for Remote Web Developers

5 Hacks for Remote Web Developers

Remote web development is in high demand for a reason. It’s because of the fact that remote web development has completely changed the dynamics for hiring a remote team for your website. Remote web developers are changing the game at…

Website From Scratch VS. Website Builders

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” Paul Cookson It’s the era of website builder; clearly, you are losing out on chances if you still underestimate the significance of owning a website. Your website can undertake your business…

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  • Post published:November 5, 2020

Top 7 jobs for developers in Healthcare

Do you know? When we search “developers in healthcare” on google, there are 94,500,000 results that appear in 0.47 seconds. But the interesting thing is that the term custom healthcare software development companies appear in the searches. Do you see…

A Little WordPress Plugin Causes Problems For Us To Solve.

Posting multilingual content to a corporate WordPress blog is supposed to be made easy with its qTranslate plugin. Our client––who has us maintaining and developing several projects simultaneously––reported the WYSIWYG editor in WordPress 3.9.1 was broken and they were unable…

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  • Post published:October 9, 2014