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Difference Between C++ and C#

C++ and C# are both OOP based languages. You might think is C# similar to C++, but reality is they are very different. Where C++ is a compiled language, while C# is an interpreted language. C++ converts code into machine…

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How to Check .NET Framework Version: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Check .Net Framework Version: a Comprehensive Guide

In the world of software development, the .NET Framework is a widely used platform that provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications. With the continuous evolution of .NET, it becomes essential to know which version of the…

Why .Net in 2021?

.Net developed and designed by Microsoft first rolled out in 2002 as a development platform for building dynamic websites and applications. The sole purpose of setting up this platform was to lend support across Microsoft’s flagship products. It not only…

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  • Post published:October 20, 2022

Top Interview Questions to ask a .NET Developer

If you’re looking to hire .NET Developer for your IT or software development department then you’re in luck as we have compiled some of the crucial questions that you must ask a .NET Developer. Remote .NET Developer positions are hard…

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  • Post published:November 24, 2020