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Setting Up Doctrine2 ORM with Laravel 5

The Object Relational Mapper (ORM) for PHP sits on top of a powerful DataBase Abstraction Layer (DBAL). One of its key features is the option to write database queries in a proprietary, object oriented, SQL dialect called Doctrine Query Language…

Laravel Valet 4.0 is Now Released

Laravel Valet is a development environment for macOS that makes it easy to develop PHP applications, including Laravel, WordPress, and other PHP frameworks. Laravel Valet 4.0 is lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use tool for developers which aids in setting and configuration of local development environments.

5 Reasons to use Laravel Homestead

Laravel Homestead has been making rounds over the internet for a while now, because its efficacy in the development process is fantastic. For web developers, Laravel is one of the most user-friendly and reliable PHP frameworks. Laravel Homestead is Laravel’s…

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  • Post published:March 24, 2021

Laravel framework- Web Developer Favorite Framework

Have you ever noticed that we all have made compartments in our lives, where we put the things that we like or the things that we dislike? Web developer's favorite framework is Laravel framework, which is used and preferred by…

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  • Post published:November 19, 2020

Image Handling and Manipulation using Laravel

Image manipulation with Laravel makes image manipulation easier and more expressive. This article is a tutorial to demonstrate how to handle and to manipulate images in Laravel using the Intervention Image library. Are you looking to create image thumbnails, watermarks, or…

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  • Post published:August 12, 2020
Read more about the article Laravel Application: Purchase Order Arrival

Laravel Application: Purchase Order Arrival

In this particular application we connected our applications to Microsoft Dynamics AX for GET and POST data through API. We made a reporting module to send reports twice a day at email addresses provided by the admin. We used Laravel…

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  • Post published:January 21, 2020
Read more about the article Using Laravel 5.3 to Connect Infusionsoft and Slybroadcast
using laravel five point three to connect infusionsoft and slybroadcast

Using Laravel 5.3 to Connect Infusionsoft and Slybroadcast

A cross platform Laravel app that merged Infusionsoft and Slybroadcast to aid the client’s business development process was developed by vteams. The client requested vteams to create a mechanism which could use Infusionsoft’s “POST” method to post details to the Laravel application. This app was configured to sync POST request automatically with the selected....

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  • Post published:July 26, 2017

Build Powerful Multi-Tenant Application using Laravel 4 and 5

Nowadays, Multi-Tenant or SaaS based applications are all over the web. Concept behind multi-tenancy is to use single code base to serve multiple clients with same functionality. Recently, we interacted with a client who was managing several schools. He wanted to keep every school separate from one another on different sub-domains with separate databases....

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  • Post published:November 16, 2015

Laravel 5 Cron Job Scheduler

Laravel 5 – Scheduler made scheduling tasks very easy. One must know that why the need of Scheduler arose? Previously, cron jobs were used for scheduling tasks. Cron Job: Cron is basically a Linux utility which schedules a command/script to run automatically on server at a specified time and date. A cron job is very useful to automate a repetitive task as it is a....

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  • Post published:October 23, 2015

Multi-Tenancy Application using Laravel 5.1 & AngularJS

vteam #448 was formed to create a secure application for multiple clients having their own private portals and users for a booking software. Previously the architecture of this booking software was built in custom PHP. But now client wanted us to revamp its architecture completely. The framework required for that was Laravel 5.1 and AngularJS. Website features....

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  • Post published:September 30, 2015