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Angular 14 Tutorial; All You Need to Know!

Typescript supports static writing that enables early detection of errors at the time of development; it saves from the effort of continuous error evaluation. Angular 14 is one such programming technology that has the same scripting language. It is the latest version of Angular that has changed dynamically over the years as it gets packed with the latest features with each update.

What Makes Angular 11 State-Of-The-Art in 2021

Frameworks are awesome! They make website and app development a piece of cake by bringing ease to the programming. Almost all the applications have a common set of functionalities. That is why frameworks prevent the developers from rewriting the same…

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  • Post published:October 11, 2022

Angular vs React vs Vue: Everything you need to know

It is good to draw a comparison of healthy competition, because if you’d choose the first thing that you see. It rules out all other potential prospects, Angular vs React vs Vue is an attempt to change that. There are…

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  • Post published:December 15, 2020
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5 popular angular based apps

5 popular angular based apps

Do you know about Google’s “favorite” open-source front-end framework? Yes, you guessed it right, the most talked-about framework Angular ( also known as Angular2) that replaced Angular JS. We don't want to keep you waiting, so let's get on with…

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  • Post published:September 23, 2020

Kubernetes vs. Docker Swarm – What’s better?

Do you know about k8s? No, it is not a cryptic code. It's Kubernetes vs docker swarm and holds greater importance especially for those looking for the best container management platform. The shift from docker swarm to Kubernetes comes under…

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  • Post published:September 22, 2020

Froala Editor HTML Integration & Customization

Background: We were developing Angular based website builder application, we needed a sophisticated WYSIW​YG HTML Editor and after a bit of R&D and careful evaluation of available options for live content editing tools we finalized Froala Editor HTML because we…

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  • Post published:January 22, 2020
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Handling JSON data and Database Synchronization in Angular

Background Static data is normally stored in database for a separate column for each piece of data. This works for most cases but in case of complex and frequent changing data this might not be your best bet. In one…

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  • Post published:January 21, 2020