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Top-10 Practices to get the max out of your Dedicated Team

  • Post published:July 20, 2020

Many companies bigger or smaller tend to struggle when it comes to devising practices for their dedicated team. These practices are necessary to achieve business goals with a steady workflow. Does your team struggle to meet the desired results? If so, then either you need new practices or revisit the exiting ones.

This article intends to highlight the practices that will become the future to reduce disruption at work and promote a healthy workflow.

Keep up with the new Competition-Hire remote dedicated team

Since we are going to explore the strategies, methods, and practices to sustain a dedicated team. We thought that it’s important to mention the most important factor. If you feel skeptical when it comes to hiring a remote dedicated team, we are here to give you a “Reality Check.”

Let’s take the example of IT companies and remote development services. Companies are working smartly to reduce their extra expenses and infrastructural costs. Popular companies like Basecamp, Dell, Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce are outperforming by adapting to the new flexible work style. Get ready to embrace the new normal! (You don’t want to be a dinosaur, do you?) If you are not part of this race, well we can’t say but state the obvious, fear THE GREAT EXTINCTION!

Do you know? Millions of tech workers are currently working remotely in the United States. You can allow your team to be more productive and efficient, while you can reduce expenses. It’s a WIN-WIN!

So, let’s move on to our main focus. Yes, the practices that will help you scale up your business and keep a steady flow in the age of zoom meetings and google meet.

Why do you need practices for a dedicated team?

Even if you hire the smartest people or geniuses, you need a process to keep them motivated and engaged. You need to create a purpose-driven strategy with the practices that work for you. Know that what might work for a multi-dollar company won’t work for you. But you need to identify your own organizational culture and implement the practices that suit your employees and are in the best interests of your company.

When you hire a dedicated team, it has its own different challenges and benefits.  The world is largely going to witness a shift, where millions of employees will work from home. So remote work and collaboration with a dedicated team will require certain practices, to keep the productivity flowing.

Top-10 Practices to get the max out of your Dedicated Team 1

Top 10 Practices to Get max work done by your dedicated team

  1. Break free from the conventional ways, and allow your workers to have an independent attitude. It is observed that the team works in a more productive way when they feel that you have trusted their judgement.
  2. Avoid micromanaging your dedicated team, once you have delivered the instructions. Ask for their input, share your demand, and let them take it to the final point. It does wonders! You’ll have minds working, instead of puppets mimicking whatever you said.
  3. Focus on the “results” and inquire about it by setting deadlines. It will help you to reduce the chase of asking for completion of work hours, instead, you will be able to reap the fruit of their dedicated labor. Provide flexible but transparent work culture to ensure accountability and productivity at the same time.
  4. Don’t stand at their shoulder, set micro, and macro goals. You will see a quick change in their performance.
  5. Before you hire a dedicated team, your approach should be clear. It will help you to get that one Golden practice. The big reveal is that you need to have a business plan for them. It will clearly convey to them what you need and hence acts as a map. They won’t get lost, and you can track their work. Get the documents ready now!
  6. By choosing the right communication tools, you have done half the effort. Easily manage your dedicated team smoothly and efficiently with the help of direct communication tools. Do your research and choose the best video conference tools. It can be zoom, skype, google meet, Microsoft teams. Keep all communication visible and instant!
  7. Set your KPIs to measure work ethics, work efficacy, and success of the results. You have already set the work in motion, now is the time to analyze the performance of your dedicated team and how it influences your success.
  8. Keep them included in every project, if you can. Don’t let them feel left out. It will increase a sense of unity among the team, and you get to have their loyalty. Consider hosting some relaxing gatherings, where they can sit, talk, and brainstorm. yes, keep that energy high, host a tea, or an office lunch party.
  9. Communicate regularly and try to have a face to face with your team, even if its a video conference or zoom call. It not only keeps them on their toes, but they can stay positively alert when it comes to delivering work.
  10. Keep your team glued together, when it comes to discussions, working on projects or multiple tasks. Make sure that no one on the team feels left out. A team that stays together, plays together, and flies together!
Top-10 Practices to get the max out of your Dedicated Team 2

Do you want to hire a dedicated team?

Prepare your team for the future, show your workforce the human side but adapt smart practices. Keep control of your business and projects, by streamlining every task and assign a dedicated team with a result-oriented approach.

You can hire the most skilled and experience, but you can turn them into the right people with the process that you adopt. Trust them to do their job. In this way, even when you are getting work form a remote team, you can expect better and honest work results.

Are you looking for a dream team? You can get a dedicated team of your choice and pick up every individual as per your business needs and project demands.

Tell us, what you need and speak to your future dedicated team of incredible talent!