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Salesforce: Unleash Success with World’s No #1 Cloud Computing Platform

  • May 6, 2020
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON May 6, 2020
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Cloud computing technology has been on the surge and its usage is popular among businesses. Its impact on the Salesforce is exemplary, making it the world’s top CRM platform. Let us introduce you to the world of Salesforce, and how it aids in becoming a successful business. You can get answers for all the “hows”

Cloud computing technology has been on the surge and its usage is popular among businesses. Its impact on the Salesforce is exemplary, making it the world’s top CRM platform. Let us introduce you to the world of Salesforce, and how it aids in becoming a successful business. You can get answers for all the “hows” and “why” with this guide to salesforce and increase ROI with more customers.

A Cloud Computing Platform that every Business Needs

Salesforce is best for every business, especially in these uncertain times. Every business wants the best tool or system to increase ROI, whether small business or a big enterprise. You will be surprised to know that, now you can connect to the customer, manage business reports, and run marketing campaigns all in one place. Take a quick trip with us to get to know the salesforce better, before you register that account.

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Discover the key for a successful business with a developer’s guide.

How Salesforce came into being?

Do you know? Salesforce use by businesses reduced the cost of millions of dollars, that was previously spent on the hosting of CRM solutions on the company’s own server.

Salesforce has inbuilt automated tools and structures to make your tasks easier. Building affordable CRM software played a significant role that is especially convenient for all online businesses.

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Salesforce started as a SaaS ( Software as a service) company but stands as the world’s 5th largest software company. You can be the next, keep on reading with how to enhance your work efficiency with custom made CRM and tools built with cloud computing.

No # 1 CRM Platform for every Successful Business

Salesforce is known as a cloud computing service, that globally operates as a software (SaaS) company. Connect with your potential customers and business partners, as salesforce enables companies to get all CRM solutions with the help of cloud computing technology.

The software has become a success story that helps businesses to engage, track, and connect to their respective customers. A #1 management platform for businesses to increase sales, provide customer support, and implement personalized marketing involving AI.

Founded by former Oracle executives(Marc Benioff, Dave Moellenhoff, Frank Dominguez, and Parker Harris) in 1999. It successfully employed first cloud-based CRM software, so that businesses can connect with customers through correct and better insights and analytics.

Why do you need Salesforce?

Salesforce offers a service platform and CRM channel to grow your business with your customers. It has inbuilt tools and applications, where you can get personalization and customized features for your business. Get the customization perks at both user and developer level, including:

  • Track customer information and sell faster
  • Increase your customer engagement
  • Personalized Marketing and Interaction

By now, you know that one can explore multiple solutions at Salesforce Customer 360 Platform.

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Let’s get to Know the Salesforce Terminologies

You can easily make a custom CRM for your online business.


Salesforce dashboard has an application that acts as a logical container to keep a record of objects, tabs and undergoing processes. Simply understand it as a group of combined tabs to provide functionality. You can restrict the users, viewers, and usage with the help of rules within the app. Once you register the Salesforce account, it gives access to default applications. But you can make custom changes in the functionality and components concerning tasks at hand.

2. Tabs

Tabs are said to be the second most important component within Salesforce, it represents the main data in an application. Tabs perform as user interfaces to generate records for objects and to view the data record. There are different types of tabs in Salesforce:

1.Custom Object Tabs:

Custom tabs display data for custom objects inside the user face tab. Their outlook and functionality is similar to standard tabs.

2. Web Tabs:

Web tabs are custom tabs to display an external application or page. It includes a sidebar or span across the entire page.

3. Visualforce Tabs:

Visual force data is displayed through this tab, and it has similar properties just like any other standard tab.

4. Lightning Page Tabs:

When we make custom lightning components, we can make their custom tabs as well to show their data. It is done through lighting page tabs.

What is the significance of Objects within Salesforce?

Objects are database tables that allow us to store data and information specific to the organization in the Salesforce. It states that two types of objects are present within Salesforce, include:

1. Standard Objects:

Default Objects present on Salesforce, that are acquired right after the registration of the account, are called standard objects. For example, accounts, contacts, opportunities, Leads, products, campaigns, cases, users, contracts, reports, and dashboards, etc.

2. Custom Object:

Users and account owners create their own objects s per their need, named as custom objects. They usually contain unique and important information related to your organization. Custom objects provide a structure within the application for data sharing.

Custom objects have properties such as:

  • Custom Fields 
  • Relationship to other Objects. 
  • Page Layouts. 
  • A Custom User Interface Tab 

Custom objects are created in the application on salesforce to personalize certain aspects concerning the functionality, to meet your business needs. Sometimes, there is a scenario in which you require such an object which is not available in standard objects of Salesforce.

What is the role of “Fields of Salesforce”?

Objects are the tables that constitute and holds the data, which we require for the organization. In those objects/tables, we have fields that represent the data is and how it is stored. Fields hold the data within objects, known as Fields of Salesforce.

How do relationships perform within Salesforce?

It is said that custom objects have relationships with other custom or standard objects. So now we will dig some more into the relationships which are available in Salesforce.

There are three major types of relationships in Salesforce.

Lookup Relationship:

It is the 1:M relationship between any types of objects. It is also called parent-child relationship in which parent has 1 instance and child has many of that parent. So it is just a simple 1:M relationship. If the parent gets deleted, the child will not be deleted and parent entry for that record will be empty.

Master-Details Relationship:

This is also 1:M relationship but the difference between lookup and master-detail is that child entries cannot exist on their own. They must have their parent entries and that cannot be empty. So the same way, if a parent got deleted then all of its child entries will be deleted as well.

Many –  Many Relationship:

As it is clear from the name that this is a many-many (n:m) relationship.  This sort of relationship cannot be established directly. In order to establish this, it must have two master objects having a common third child. This terminology is known as junction function, in which the common child acts as a junction between the two parents, and an n:m relationship is established. It is demonstrated in Fig 1.1

Fig 1.1

Fig 1.1: Many to Many relationships

It is aimed to provide a simple yet insightful guide and knowledge related to Salesforce for both user and developer. In simple words, cloud computing helps you run and scale up your business from just one platform. We hope that this guide to salesforce was just the right knowledge, that you are looking for.

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