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E-Commerce Solutions 101 – Testing your Payment Gateway

  • Post published:September 29, 2020

Are you looking to learn about payment gateway testing? You’re in the right place.

You’ve set up a beautiful online store and have set up all your products with perfection. Everything seems good, your branding is top-notch as well as your store policies are well-defined. However, you shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch.

E-Commerce Solutions 101 – Testing your Payment Gateway 1

E-commerce is a world of its own. It’s a booming industry and a lot of people are catching up with the online transformation and taking their physical stores online. If you’re someone who’s new, then chances are you’ll get stuck in one problem that will cause a major headache. Your online store’s payment gateway won’t work.

The good thing is that this happens frequently. Payment gateways need to be tested for perfection once you’ve set up a store as these are literal gateways between you and the money you need. If the payment system doesn’t allow a smooth transaction, then making sales will be hard and all you’ll get would be added in carts.

Payment Gateway Testing:

Payment gateway testing is a process that allows you to ensure that your stores’ payment gateway is secured through encryption, is reliable, and offers a smooth transaction. Payment Gateway testing is essential because you need to develop trust with your prospects. For most people credit card information is sensitive and you need to ensure that your payment gateway respects their trust by providing a seamless service.

In a gateway payment system, three parties are involved. The first is the customer who puts in his credit card information. This includes the account holder’s personal information, credit card details, and mailing address. The second part is the merchant payment processer. A merchant’s role is to accept the payment of the customer and process it through a bank chain so that the money can be delivered to a retailer or an online store who is the third party.

How to do Security testing for payment gateway?

Security testing for payment gateway can be done through a variety of means and angles. The point is that a successful transaction isn’t the only thing we need to look for in a payment gateway. There are a variety of other factors such as cross border efficiency, securing information, the safety of the transaction, and avoidance of any scams. All these things are needed to be looked at before you can start accepting payments.

There are four ways through which you can perform security testing for payment gateway:

1) Functional Test:

Functional tests are the first and foremost of security testing a payment gateway. Usually, functional testing is undertaken to ensure that the payment gateways behave the same in terms of cross border transactions. It is supposed to take into account of how orders are calculated or whether taxes are taken into account for different countries. Here’s a little checklist you can follow to complete functional testing:

  • Are all payment options such as credit card, debit card, payment providers mentioned?
  • Whenever a transaction is completed is it notified via email to both ends?
  • Does it take into account taxes for different geographic locations or countries?
  • Are the option language and user currency functioning correctly?
  • When a transaction fails due to wrong credit card information does it show the correct error warning?

2) Integration:

A central part of payment gateway testing is its integration with banks or payment service providers like PayPal. This can be done through dummy credit cards. Here are a few dummy cards for major payment service providers that you can use to check if everything’s good:


Card TypeCard Numbers
American Express378282246310005 & 371449635398431
MasterCard5555555555554444 and 5105105105105100
Visa4111111111111111, 4012888888881881 and 4222222222222
Diners Club30569309025904 and 38520000023237


Card TypeCard Numbers
American Express378282246310005 and 371449635398431
Diners Club30569309025904 and 38520000023237
Visa4242424242424242 and 4012888888881881

World Pay:

Card TypeCard Numbers
American Express34343434343434
Diners Club36700102000000 and 36148900647913
MasterCard4444333322221111, 4911830000000 and 4917610000000000
Visa5555555555554444 and 5454545454545454

3) Security & Databases:

Security & database management is one of the most essential aspects of payment gateway testing. Your payment gateway must protect the information of the cardholder as well as the transaction that’s taking place. One of the ways you can test this is through a secured encryption network. SSL certificates at various points of transactions must also be implemented to provide a secure payment network. Also, bank servers must be encrypted.

Database maintenance and making sure its encrypted prevents misuse of the information in case of cyber-attacks.

4) Performance Issues:

Once all the above checks have been made it’s essential that you judge a payment gateway’s performance. Factors such as loading time, error timeouts, and if each payment options are selectable and work without any hassle. This is easy to test but important nevertheless because it will determine whether your customers will return back or not, or even go through the entire payment process!

In a Nutshell:

Payment Gateway Testing is the most sensitive part of your eCommerce store. It needs to be seamless in experience and secure in transactions as this will build trust among your prospects. No one will order unless they’re a hundred percent sure about their information is safe and secured. Payment Gateway Testing is something you can do to ensure to build trust and safeguard your customer’s information.

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