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Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life!

  • February 28, 2023
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON February 28, 2023
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Almost everyone knows about Sophia, Alexa, Siri, and many other robots like them! We all are aware of why they have been created and how they have revolutionized everyday tasks for us no matter how intricate they may be.

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Almost everyone knows about Sophia, Alexa, Siri, and many other robots like them! We all are aware of why they have been created and how they have revolutionized everyday tasks for us no matter how intricate they may be.

When natural intelligence got advanced, it developed artificial intelligence that within no time started ruling the world. According to recent research, more than 97 million people will be able to work in an AI space by 2050.

With the impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life every aspect of our work and personal life has been integrated with AI.

In this blog, we will shed light on how artificial intelligence is changing the various aspects of life!

When did AI come to life? And who made it possible?

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It all started when Alan Turing’s work on code-breaking of German messages took a scientific turn during WW2. His approach leveraged the development of the fundamentals of computer science. In 1950, Turing put forth an argument on whether machines can think or not. 

Making machines capable of performing intellectual functions like human beings is the agenda behind artificial intelligence. Do you know how surreal it looks when a robot saves your life? This is what has been made a reality with the advancements in AI over the past few years.

Taking a closer look at all the fields it has conquered, one would realize that impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life is real. The impact begins in everyone’s existence in this world from the moment they are born. Hard to believe isn’t it? Here are the surprising details about AI innovation that you might have not known before!

1. Streamlined the Medical Operations

May it be video games or fitness applications AI is integrated into all of them which has been making medical operations better.

AI advancements have leveraged the management and storage of heaps of data, early detection of ailments, mental, physical, and even emotional health assessment, instant health updates, and authorization of insurance.

From wearable health devices like smartwatches to smartphones, AI  has made it possible to track your all-time activities to generate prompt and precise health alerts and advice to keep it balanced. 

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2. Automated Living Experiences

The rise of artificial intelligence has had an equal impact on housing as it has on other fields. Consequently, contemporary house designs are made with the inculcation of AI-powered devices. Now you don’t have to keep bundles of keys because Alexa can look after your home very well with just one command. 

AI has the potential to mimic humans and perform daily household chores effortlessly. Even if you have no one to help you can rely on Google Assistance! With the ability to interpret more than 45 languages, it can give provide your desired response in just a few minutes.

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3. Transformed Shopping Opportunities

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If you’re a shopaholic and Amazon is your favorite place to find anything that you want, then you are already having a connection with artificial intelligence. The advancements in AI have also improvised the shopping experience by making everything available with just one click. 

Approximately more than 40 percent of stores prefer to run their business according to the AI and NLP algorithms as it enhances customer experience.

Moreover, you can now get suggestions according to your preferences and a virtual assistant can resolve your queries, update you about placed orders, and can answer anything you want about your favorite brands. 

4. Mutating the Music Industry

Music defines one’s spirit and has the ability to uplift anyone’s mood! Therefore, AI advancement took a dig into this niche to improve it further. This technological breakthrough elevated the experience of melophiles by introducing features that can create or remove background music, and noise, and also empowered the creation of enthralling music videos having surreal visuals.

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5. Changed the Tunes of Fashion and Beauty

It has become easier to try your favorite outfit online with just one tap! Do you know how has it been made possible? 

Impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life has done wonders! Apart from easing out the basic matters of life, this innovation has also added advancement to it. Personal try-on feature added to the beauty and fashion industry has become a blessing for everyone since it saves the time and effort of visiting stores. 

Other than that we often realize why artificial intelligence is important when we open Snapchat, and a hub of filters is there to bring out the spark that we desire to get in our appearance.

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It’s a Wrap!

AI innovation has made many things that seemed unimaginable in the past but now they are just inches away. Even though the journey of adding these advancements has been covered through the process of trial and error, but has provided astonishing end results. The involvement and importance of it in multiple phases of our lives cannot be neglected.


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