Our Clients

Our Clients

AI as-a-Service

Would you like to have your own AI system or maybe you have some questions regarding the development process? Hire AI engineers that will brighten your future and help you identify the optimal solution for your project.

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Relentless Attitude

Modern, progressive companies want to know what we have to offer.

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Virtual Teams

Meet the best software and hardware engineers.

Relentless Attitude

Modern, progressive companies want to know what we have to offer.

Virtual Teams

Meet the best software and hardware engineers.

Intelligent Automation

Hire AI developers for solutions that boost data processing and increase productivity.

Error Reduction

Hire AI engineers to reduce errors that affect the quality of your services and products.

Cost Control

Hire AI developers for cybersecurity, cost reduction, and revenue generation purposes.

Anomaly Detection

Hire AI engineers to detect any anomalies, abnormalities, and peculiarities in your apps.

We Are From The Future, Are You?

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, we take pride in our 29-year history of success. When it comes to offshore hiring, it is our mission to provide your company with its most valuable assets, let’s say extraordinary talented people only!

No matter if you are seeking a full-stack engineer or some junior-level developer, we can accommodate your development needs. Thus, why not hire AI engineers who have already left the past behind them? Take action now, because the future awaits you!

On The Cutting Edge

Are some of your project’s features beyond your expertise that lead you to exceed your budget and timeline? If yes, you need extra manpower to handle everything that seems impossible at the moment. Since time is both limited and valuable, hire AI developers today for the greatest results. Surely we can help you find that ideal talent for your project or organization. Our matches are always exceptional.

Giving you the best of the best

Our talent pool includes only the best. Prior to onboarding any staff, our hiring team ensures they screen, interview, check references and the background of the candidates. Our remarkably skilled and seasoned recruiters promise to do everything possible to make your search and deployment experience a positive and organized one. This is because we find you more than just a vendor, we find you a partner.

Everything you need from A to Z

You can contact us for all your offshore recruiting needs. To tell you, not only do we handle your engineering needs, but we also provide UI/UX and consulting services. We work closely with you to identify your precise needs so that we find you the best candidate only. We ensure you hire AI engineers that are not only aware of but are genuinely interested in your project before it is submitted to them.

Artificial Intelligence with Python

Hire AI engineers that use Python to build powerful back-end systems for artificial intelligence projects. There is no need to code algorithms because ‘check as you code’ reduces the burden of testing the code. As platform-independent projects are becoming more popular, we develop AI projects that run on more than one technology platform.

Robotics Portfolio

Baxter Robot

Baxter is an industrial robot built by Rethink Robotics Company. Baxter is a two-armed robot with an animated face. It is used for simple industrial jobs such as loading, unloading, sorting, and handling of materials.

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Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower is an automatic grass cutting robot that will drive in any grass range and mow the grass using a cutting deck mechanism installed. It will avoid the defined/undefined obstacles and will do path planning to cover the whole ground.

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Range Rover

Range Rover is an autonomous vehicle which will drive in the golf course and pick the golf balls using a ball picking mechanism. It will avoid the defined/undefined obstacles and will do path planning to cover the whole ground.

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Client Feedback

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8+ years and a strong team

We have been working with vteams for almost 9 years and have had strong developers available to us whenever we needed to scale up for particular projects. We have likewise been able to scale down as needed, or add resources with particular skill sets for short term assignments. I highly recommend this company to add to your staff.

Brian G.
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Terrific Team for Non-Technical Founder

As a non-technical founder, I have relied on VTeams' expertise and guidance for several years now. They provide thorough estimates for my projects, and they offer numerous solutions to the many issues that involve developing mobile and web apps. I trust their advice, and when we work together on a project, they are very communicative throughout the entirety of the project. They do excellent work at all stages, and I rest easy knowing my projects are in their capable hands.

Brent M.
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I have worked with vteams for 6 years

I have worked with vteams for 6 years now. Whether the project is large or small, my experience has been consistent. They do what they say they will do. They are conscientious and diligent. Their engineering talent is top flight, offering both breadth and depth of experience. I have worked with other remote engineering teams in India and Eastern Europe. No other organization even remotely rivals the quality of my experience with vteams. I endorse them without reservation.

Jared Oates
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VTeams is a Diamond in the Rough!!!

Have spoken and worked with numerous off-shore development providers from many different regions of the world. Their size makes it easy to find the right resource when we need it most. Clear, effective communication throughout the entire organizations, not just in sales. We communicate with our team regularly with flexible overlapping hours. After our team was assembled, management remained attentive to our needs, making suggestions on how to improve our output, saving us time and money, helping our company focus on our business instead of wasting time trying to make sense of development. Really can't say enough about our (V)Team and the help management has provided to get to us this point. VTeams is a great choice if you want to stay focused on achieving your business goals.

Ray Gordos


Before we begin the development, our AI developers will advise you of the possible limitations, which may be as follows:

  • Labeling of the data
  • Unavailability of training samples
  • Adoption of generality
  • Improper explanation of model and challenge to debug
The planning and implementation of your AI project depends on the end goal you wish to achieve. You will receive a detailed project timeline, including all sprints and milestones, when you are onboarded for your AI project.
We often work with clients who don’t know much about AI. Knowing and understanding your idea is all that matters to us. Our discovery call seeks to collect as many of your general requirements as possible.
The cost depends on the type of software you intend to build. We must consider factors such as the level of intelligence you’re aiming for, the amount and quality of data you’ll feed your system, and so on.
vteams is a one-stop shop for all your software needs. We have 400+ experienced in-house developers as dedicated resources to deliver software solutions in more than ten different industries.

Both full-time and part-time AI developers are available for hiring at vteams. You can either opt for a dedicated development team or a fixed bid model. Our team will get connected with you in no time.

Yes, you can. Hire AI developers on an hourly basis with vteams according to your needs.