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Systems East Inc. offers and installs reliable, industry-leading control systems, products, services, and solutions for water and wastewater, industrial, and commercial markets, adding value and integrity to the communities and customers served. 

Client Challenges

Our Solutions

The Results

Client Challenges

Systems East Inc. needed a tax management system that manages all tax information related to properties, lands, etc. Individuals and organizations could use it to ensure that all parcel-based bills such as current and water, sewer, and electric taxes are paid. They additionally asked for a system integrated with the features such as keeping a record of interest and penalties payment. 

In 2014, the client decided to revamp their service by getting a tax management system. 

They were looking for resources that could assist them with the details of maintaining and developing the project.

Our apt developers and project managers were assigned and since then, the team has been managing the operations well and working diligently on their projects. Eight years have passed since then.

Systems East Inc. is an established firm, but it wanted to streamline its workflow as well as financial operations. Hence, they accompanied two resources alongside a project manager from vteams to take a step towards betterment. 

  1. Legacy system based on VB.Net framework.
  2. Wanted to get an account management portal built from scratch.
  3. Needed enhancements and modifications in the existing systems.

Our Solutions

We prioritized clients’ concerns and served with accountable, and dependable prompt solutions to resolve the issues. Apart from creating a tax management system namely a “Total collection solution” from the scratch, vteams did a lot more to tick in all the boxes of requisites suggested by Systems East Inc. 

  1. Built a total collection solution for tax management & collection, and financial reporting. 
  2. Converted legacy system to web-based integrating PHP VII technology.
  3. Built a Fintech-based account management system.
  4. Used MySQL database with PHP, HTML, and CSS for developing TCS. 
  5. Enhanced speed and functionality with MVC paradigms support in the Yii2 framework.
  6. Minimized record-keeping efforts by developing an accounting system that auto-generated financial transaction details.
  7. Inculcated features for the collection of multi-year receivable taxes.

The Results

Considering the client’s requirements wholly, we made our best effort to serve with robust solutions. As a result of the fine services that we rendered, we accomplished all the targets and went above and beyond System East Inc’s expectations.

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