CostIQ, the brainchild of Mike Prefling, is a SaaS-based application software that provides eminent features such as comparison and analysis of estimates, trend analysis of products, standard and customized report analysis also. 

Client Challenges

Our Solutions

The Results

Client Challenges

This is a Construction Cost Analytics & Insights Platform used to organize and align all the information related to the cost of your projects. Your bidding software, accounting software, and project management software can all be integrated into the system. It makes the process of calculating and handling estimates a lot easier.  

The client had a purpose and a plan, but had no idea where to begin. Their biggest challenges were trust and reliability, so they wanted to partner with a reputable software development company. They approached vteams because we have been providing digital solutions for over three decades.

The client’s project involved both customization and calculations. For this reason, thcomplex features needed to be handled efficiently.

As the client’s customers are of different types and will have different demands, the automated system had to cover a wide range of features. It was important to our client to create features in the software that would meet the needs of each of their customers. 

A full-featured website with an integrated payment system, backend credentials, and complete functionality and design was required.

To meet all of their needs efficiently, we developed a system keeping all of these challenges in mind, especially in terms of the cost estimation process management and comparison requests.

Our Solutions

We developed a system for the client where contractors gather, organize, or normalize estimates across dimensions. Additionally, every client will be able to draw insights into cost variation and similarity across projects, find gaps, increase bottom-line protection, and empower their staff with information and cost intelligence.

Furthermore, the vteams developers created an excel sheet in which all estimations, probabilities, and data were compiled for further processing, such as parsing the costs of items or comparing them.

As far as the functionality is concerned, vteams developers provideed access to various operations such as company registration and licensing, SaaS tenant’s subscriptions management, tenants management, contractor sign-in, site setup, template page, contractor dashboard page, user management, estimate details page, and report page.

Last but not least, the technologies and trends we incorporated are:

  • Ruby on Rails 
  • PostgreSQL 
  • Multi-Tenancy | Apartment 
  • Complex Data Parsing 
  • Extended Graphs & Reports 
  • Procore Data Management API Integration 
  • SSO (Single-Sign-On for authentication) Okta 
  • DigitalOcean Spaces for Cloud Data 
  • DigitalOcean Droplets & Deployments 
  • Capistrano Automated Deployment Scripts 
  • Sprint Planning & Agile Development ( Scrum and Kanban ) 
  • Taiga Project Management Tool

The Results

CostIQ is a client-driven analysis platform that imports and streams findings, estimates costs, and generates bids. This platform lets users and estimates be shared across the organization.

Additionally, our dedicated team delivered the project on time while meeting the high standards vteams is known for.

We built a customer-driven automated software application that included all the required features and functionalities that could trigger the items’ costs and estimations keenly.

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