Wine and related industries are regulated at the highest level in the United States. It takes many processes, checks and balances for wine to be delivered at the right time and place. The purpose of this project was to simplify related processes and clear benchmarks in a very simplified manner for a normal user.

Client Challenges

Our Solutions

The Results

Client Challenges

vteams was referred to Boxcheck by a colleague. In addition to the client’s technical requirements, they made it clear that they wanted quality services within their budget. 

Developers were needed to build an onboarding platform that would not require constant adjustments.

For a seamless onboarding system, Boxcheck paid $90 per hour to previously employed developers. The results were unsatisfactory despite investing both time and money for 6 to 7 months.

Because there were no staging environments and basic testing techniques were used, the system lacked quality and required constant fixes. The client also faced a few additional technical challenges including: 

  1. Use of outdated technology stack 
  2. Lack of technical documentation 
  3. Beginner level testing 
  4. Poor infrastructure at an overwhelming cost
  5. Absence of automated deployment processes
  6. Distributed code base and improper code versioning

Our Solutions

Besides providing the required services, our experts briefed the client on technicalities on a daily basis.

The procedure was initially executed by one project manager and two to three more developers. With 24/7 free support, the team expanded to 8 to 9 developers. 

To overcome the previously faced issues, we designed and deployed the following solutions using a continuous process.

  1. (MERN Stack) React JS, Node JS, Express JS, and MongoDB were used.
  2. Incorporated cloud infrastructure
  3. Documentation for technical and functional aspects provided
  4. Automated testing and deployment executed
  5. Git used in a proper manner
  6. Implemented proper PM practices and software required
  7. Improved the onboarding procedure
  8. Reduced the need for constant fixations

The Results

Using a microservices architecture, we developed an expedient onboarding system for the client. Scalability was improved by integrating iOS structure and improved the UI/UX for a better user experience.

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