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When things don’t go according to the plan.

  • Post published:May 12, 2014

Our developers were hired to create a site and integrate a theme in a famous winery content management system. That CMS was old fashioned and was built in ColdFusion using aged programming technique. Process of creating a new site and then implementing a theme was very cumbersome; there were lots of unnecessary steps that could be skipped using new technologies and techniques.

Our client was a gold partner for the said platform and had numerous customer websites on his credit. Team created a proposal for a multi-site content management, e-commerce and point of sale system to be developed from scratch so our client can have his own system/platform for hosting his clients’ websites in return boosting his revenue.  Certainly this was a no way easy task and would require months of work as the developers studied all the rules and policies of different reference systems including some big names i.e. Adobe Catalyst. After all the efforts they fetched required data for the development of an entirely new innovative grand multi-site content management, e-commerce, club management, point of sale system with many more features.

Time went by, and client started a new track for the development of a comprehensive winery compliance tool which would serve as a standalone application, a part of the application suite and also can be accessed through RESTful API.

This is the story of a client who decided to close the team after only the second day and now he’s working with our developers on a much grander scale. So, what started as a CMS site creation and theme integration turned into a much more urgent project as a result of the recommendations of this particular vteam #365. We’re pleased to say that beta 1 of the application is about to be released.