Budget Constraints Don’t Have To Be The Death Of Your Project

  • Post published:January 28, 2015

A limited budget, limited resources and time constraints: project problems.

It’s a very rare instance that any project doesn’t have its obstacles, but after twenty years in the business we’ve learned some shortcuts.

We don’t mince words in that we have a lot of competitors. We’ve had to supply our customers with a superior caliber of work and communication in order to thrive. In that breath, at a competing company, a client’s financial concern would have meant the end of a project that that client had already put a multitude of hours and resources into.

In a recent situation here at vteams, it meant working with the client to come up with a mutually beneficial solution: the client would get his project completed and we’d keep his business. In order to do this, we exercised a bit of critical thinking; shrinking margins and coming up with alternatives to the existing service.

In the words of Customer Service and Experience Expert Shep Hyken, “There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer.”

The client in question had been with us for over a year and a half; finding a solution was the only conclusion we’d have been happy with.

Client loyalty isn’t a characteristic one would often ascribe to an offshore company. Vteams is different.