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Vue.js: 2021 & Beyond

  • December 2, 2020
  • Aayan Arif
  • POSTED ON December 2, 2020
  • POSTED BY Aayan Arif

Vue.js is a new JavaScript front-end framework for building responsive web apps as well as websites. It’s a progressive framework because it's lightweight, easy to use, and quite flexible.

Vue.js is a new JavaScript front-end framework for building responsive web apps as well as websites. It’s a progressive framework because it’s lightweight, easy to use, and quite flexible.

It’s great to add interactivity to your page, you can write beautiful codes using it, it gives a nice syntax, documentation is easy, and the community is high.

These days where every developer is fighting over what to choose between Angular or React, Vue.JS Framework is the second most popular on the list.

If you cannot decide on which JavaScript framework to use, this guide can help you to make a decision.

Vue.js: A Brief Introduction

Vue.js is commonly used as Vue, but it is the youngest member of the JavaScript framework family. The framework was written by Evan in the year 2014, and he used to work for Google.

If we talk about its current version, Vue.js 3.0 just came out and it’s brilliant. You will cover its features and popularity as well, but let’s learn more about Vue.js.

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JavaScript keeps on introducing frameworks and libraries and you get confused each time you start a new project. We understand that the choice is tough here.

Vue.JS Framework is developed to cater to complex UI, a lightweight library, and a full-fledged framework. Once it gained popularity, it also got some support from the Laravel family.

Its fan following keeps on increasing. Undoubtedly, Vue.js at the moment is trending and it seems like it’s beating Angular and React as per Github.

Though Vue.js is becoming a full-fledged framework and strongly attracting a number of contributors and sponsors as well.

Several developers are swapping to Vue.js because it is preferred. Are you planning on switching too?

vue js developer benefits come in many forms with the Vue.js framework. It’s one of the easiest JavaScript frameworks to learn for programmers.

You can use this framework with ease even if you’re new to website development, almost anyone who has prior experience with HTML can apply it as well.

Most prominently, this framework will appeal to you due to its versatility and power of command.

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Vue.js: 2021 & Beyond

What is it that makes Vue.js so popular?

General Reasons are as follows:

  • Vue.js framework has earned over 176k stars on Github.
  • It has a perfect mix of Angular and React along with its unique touch to the code recipe, Vue.js turned out to be immensely flavorsome for JavaScript developers.
  • It is community-oriented; it has all the answers to your technical questions.
  • It is a ready-to-use solution along with strong developer support.
  • It has over 300+ contributors.

1- Rapid Prototyping with Vue.js

Software designing is a prolonged process; a lot of research is involved. You design wireframes, and probably mockups to show what the actual product will be after the final stage.

Rapid prototyping allows you to quickly visualize the product, its functionally, and evaluate an engineering product design.

Amongst the several tools, Vue.js gives rapid prototyping benefit to implement functional concepts into the design, and streamline developers’ and designers’ relationship.

So, Vue.js frameworks make it possible to design faster and you can finish prototypes in hours or days.

2- The Future of Vue.js is Bright!

Pictures speak the truth!

In the year 2019, the State of JS Study unveiled that 87% of the population is satisfied with the vue.js framework. 64% have an interest, and 100% of the population is aware of the front-end framework.

As per the reports, 47% of the developers have used the framework before and will use it again. The results are really good and the numbers keep on increasing. Hence until now, more than 89% of the developers are using it and will use it again.

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3- Learning Curve in Vue.js

Brace yourself as this framework’s learning curve will melt your hearts.

If you ask the developers, its learning curve is what attracts their interests. You can start developing an app without previous knowledge of JSK, TypeScript, or ES2015. You just need to have a very basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

4- Vue.js for Mobile/Web Development

Like it is explained initially, vue.js is a front-end framework best suited for web development. Although every website is now turning into a web app, just like there’s Facebook’s app.

Unlike today, you had to hire a separate developer to make your products available from the web to an iOS or Android app. But you do have options now.

You can use NativeScript which permits you to build for iOS and Android all using the same JavaScript code. And, it has support for Vue.

5- Documentation in Vue.js Framework

Many developers say that documentation is a remarkable feature of this framework. They further believe that the framework must be awarded for it.

Should You Use Vue.js?

It’s a ‘yes.’

There are reasons why Vue.js is all the rage:

a) Virtual Dom is the backbone of the Vue.js function. It may sound like a sci-fi term but it’s quite simple. Its chief purpose is to increase the speed and efficiency of DOM updates.

b) Vue’s libraries enable code reuse, improved productivity, and speed up the development process.

c) It gives you the ease of integration.

d) More and more organizations are adopting it.

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Should You Learn Vue.js?

Candidates in this role are earning from a low of $100,000 to a high of $220,000, with an average salary range of $150,000.

Current Version of Vue.js Framework

V3 has been officially announced, released, and made available all across the internet. There are special features in it such as composition API, teleport, fragments, performance improvements, etc.

It has brought more speed, more TypeScript, and faster in rendering.

Final Words
is a dynamic framework offering ease and flexibility. It is expected to have a great future, there is a range of tasks that can be performed for front-end development.

Do you have an app that needs to be written in Vue.js?

Are you excited to build your next app with the world’s top developers?

You will be surprised by the power of this tech stack, so we encourage you to work with us to have an app built of any sort.


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