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5 Top Programming Languages turning around the world

  • October 21, 2020
  • POSTED ON October 21, 2020
  • POSTED BY saadia.baloch

We are always on the look for “The Next Breakthrough.” It has also influenced the world of programming languages and how they can be used to advance in growing fields such as data science. If you are someone looking to build a project, a website, an app, or software with the most trending technology. This

We are always on the look for “The Next Breakthrough.” It has also influenced the world of programming languages and how they can be used to advance in growing fields such as data science.

If you are someone looking to build a project, a website, an app, or software with the most trending technology. This would be a treat for you. Are you excited?

Let’s begin without any further delay!

Programming Languages x Data Science – A match made in heaven

With data becoming the main focal point, now businesses, companies, and corporate giants are using programming such as machine learning to utilize data and gain insights. Winning customers to understanding market trends, and taking profit margins sky-high. Data science is creating a union like no other.

This combination is not only popular among data scientists, who were quite visible a few years back. Now, the sudden surge in demand for data science, millions of opportunities are coming on the surface for developers, programmers, and business analysts.

Data scientists are over the moon, yes we see that smirk! But, it is equally thrilling for so many programmers who are using data in combination with these languages to build remarkable projects.

So, are you interested in data science? Maybe, Machine learning has been on your mind. Or have you been thinking to finally turn that idea into reality?

Well, we assure you one thing, you are in for a ride.

So, let’s start!

Better than troy – A war between programming languages

It’s a war zone, especially when the curve keeps on fluctuating between different languages and how technology has to undergo multiple trends at the same time. When technologies like Artificial intelligence, IoT, Virtual reality, Augmented reality are making waves. It is important to know, what has the most potential to lead us into a promised future. We wouldn’t want to compromise, would we?

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Well, if you have the same winning urge. You must have come here looking for the best programming language, to make a choice, it is right to assume? Probably, so let’s not keep you waiting anymore.

Dig in!

1- Julia

This ‘young programming language’ caught our attention, as it started becoming popular among developers, programmers, and even AI engineers due to its powerful, dynamic, versatile, and faster. So, would you ever consider it replacing with C++ because it is said to be quite a high performing language?

Ready to take a jump with Julia?

Well, If you wanna know more about it, then click this!

2- Scala

The rise and popularity of Scala are not hidden from anyone. It’s simply a ‘home ground’ for data scientists because it has been created in a way to support Big Data. Hence, it’s performance dynamics and capacity is also comparatively better than others.

With high functioning java libraries, object-oriented programming, Scala enables you to build complex machine learning applications and powerful web apps. So, what are you looking for? Dreams don’t wait, but you can always hire the right team to turn your dreams into reality.

3- R

Do we even need to talk about it? With statistical computing and R-based programming in coherence with data science, the results would turn out to be phenomenal. These languages equip you with the right tools to minimize the chances of risks and errors. If you like things smooth like clean code, well then R-based computing offers statistical models to transform solutions into real-time results. Did we mention the graphics and how easier it is to manipulate the R-based objects?

This one is a tough cookie, giving competition to Python. Speaking of python, how did we come so far without speaking about it?

4- Python

The name needs to introduction because the IT market is creating a high demand for python developers and experts. With open data science on the horizon, this one has jumped up in the ladder with high performing programming languages, because of its better result delivery.

Its capacity to interface with other languages of its caliber has granted python a very important position in the market. The demand is currently rising, and it will keep on increasing.

5- Java

Last but not the least, we want to appreciate the outstanding outcome of these general-purpose programming languages. It reigns over many things including the development of web applications, mobile applications, and processing BIG DATA.

Who are we kidding? It is claimed that google takes leverage of Java for backend services, especially when it comes to building applications such as Google Docs. Who isn’t familiar with Amazon? Well, they also favor Java.

If you are also a java fan or looking to know more about it, then feel free to reach out to us.

May the force be with you – Data Science is your power

There are other amazing programming languages that can be used with the world moving towards data-driven economies. The incline towards data mining, machine learning, data insights, data analytics, data-based computing, and streamlining data sets is mind-blowing. To streamline all the data, gain insights, deconstruct the numbers and drive value is a magical process in itself, and programmers or developers would definitely agree.

You can understand how businesses are working, failing, or rising. It enables you to understand the power of your own data and how you can use it to understand customer behavior, devises data-based plans, and turns users into customers.

The big pools of data sets cannot be handled or understood humanly, but if you optimize and automate the process with help of machine learning and other technologies. The results can be more valuable, error-free, and futuristic.

Have you decided upon any programming languages that you can use to build your next project? If you have any confusion or queries, don’t worry let us take care of that. Ask technology experts and hire highly skilled developers. Choose the technology as per your project need!

Act now, and you can have the reward along with desired results.

Get Moving!



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