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Top 10 Breakthrough New Development Technologies

  • November 4, 2020
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON November 4, 2020
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

The surge in breakthrough new development technologies is happening due to the search for new and better solutions. You can have all the resources in the world and yet the innovation strategy can fail. But if you are so consistent to launch it at the right time for the right people, chances are it will

The surge in breakthrough new development technologies is happening due to the search for new and better solutions. You can have all the resources in the world and yet the innovation strategy can fail. But if you are so consistent to launch it at the right time for the right people, chances are it will go BOOM.

With the rise in new development technologies, we have decided to explore some new areas. It is believed that these technologies will transform the world into a place that we have never witnessed before. It is not even the stuff of fiction or movies, its dreams translated into incredible technologies.

If you are someone who has ever thought about buying a place on Mars or building a robot of your own. This is the place for you because we are going to dig deeper into the world of tech, that will enable us to curtail all the challenges.

To live in interesting times, where everything is changing so rapidly and you have to cop-up with the upcoming new innovation can be overwhelming. So lets cut the journey short and take a quick trip.

Are you ready? Because we are, so let’s take a tour!

The Buzz surrounding top 10 New Development Technologies

1- Rise of Tiny AI

They say that small things make the most significant impact, and we do agree. Tiny AI saves you from so much of the hassle, as it amazingly reduces the size of algorithms. It is wonderful news because you can do edge devices without having to fetch data from cloud datasets.

Do you want to see it at work? If you are using a smartphone, and you get predictions to complete sentences. Saves you time and error both, and it has a lot more scope than just correcting your grammar and punctuation. It will bring more benefits for us, and you must have heard about the World’s first humanized robot.

Meet the lady that is creating all the news lately, here is Sophia:

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Development Technologies – Sophia and Tiny AI

2- A Race for Digital Currency

Wealth, Money, and resources and the passion to acquire all these things have been one of the greatest challenges and most cherished victory. However, what if all the cash washes away? There is no money, and all you have is some numbers, algorithms, and a few digital prints. What comes to your mind when you hear about digital currency? Well, we surely think about cryptocurrency and blockchain. But digital money is not only limited to it, Fintech is revolutionizing the world right now. There will be prevalent practices where you will be able to make transactions and shop just with your own biometric thumb.

Security is also linked to these digital assets whether its money, confidential data, or secret documents. That is also your currency and that’s where data security systems come into play for financial organizations and institutions.

3- The Future is Hyper-Personalized Medicine

We all want to feel special, and it becomes more crucial when it comes to our medication and health. Not everyone has the same immunity level or the same disease. It is interesting to note that the human mind and body react differently to medication, so it can work for some and fail to do for others. However, with personalized medication, this problem is solved using the latest development technologies in the healthcare industry.

What is hyper-personalized medicine? Patient’s data concerning disease, health issues, DNA, blood type, and even immunity level helps to diagnose the issue at hand. Meanwhile, the medicine can be suggested based on the problem and its severity level. So are you ready for your special dose delivered at your doorstep?

4- Combating the Unseen with Biometrics

Biometrics has made many things easier and faster, especially when it comes to the security of devices, at home, or even at office premises. Biometric comes to mind, and you instantly think about your fingerprints to get access to certain areas.

Well, biometric has also evolved with new groundbreaking innovation with help of technology. It includes different types of biometric including fingerprints, facial recognition, voice recognition, eye recognition, full-body scanning, and even retina recognition. Do you know? Google data centers have setup various checkpoints where you undergo finger, retina, signature, and even body recognition to get the entry. Yes, the next level to what they call “bulletproof security system.”

5- Metamorphosis of Robotics Technology

Just like so many other things robots have involved too, and of course, the Big credit for that goes to the human mind. It’s the human research and quest for “more” that has led us to amazing robotic technology that came into existence with help of development technologies. There was a time when we were thrilled at the very idea of having robotic assistance. Now, many people are going ahead in the game by creating robotic medical assistants, robotic waiter, robot cook, and a robot partner. Before it gets, any crazier here let’s help you tell about the metamorphosis of robotic technology.

It is evident in the current research that it is no more just assistance by robots, as it has surpassed the very level. It is now a collection of technologies such as AI, VR, and AR in combination with robotics. Now, that’s the ride that I’d pay for, no matter how bumpy.

6- Everything about wireless technology

What if we told you? You can communicate with someone standing on the moon with wireless devices. To match that frequency and to complete the distance. The day isn’t far away, because now wireless technology is enabling people to use wireless devices without any involvement of an electrical conductor or anything. If we look at the advancement in the field of development technologies, it leads us to the latest innovation IoT or AIoT technology, we will see more smart homes, smart restaurants, and smart devices made possible with wireless technology and much more.

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7- Cloud Computing Technology

Cloud computing is like the best thing that happened to tech companies, and organizations who were looking to put data somewhere safe in order to deploy and run applications and software systems. To describe cloud computing in a few words is a challenge in itself. However, we can try and it has the potential to help many industries as it is doing so at the moment. Everything is on the cloud, isn’t it incredible?

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Platforms like Iaas, SaaS, and PaaS enable the users and clients to access their running applications and data from anywhere in the world. It has made it very convenient for us to configure applications and deploy them without any delay. A simple definition would be to visualize a shared space present on the internet to keep applications, data storage, and servers. Do you have any queries related to cloud computing or DevOps? Feel free to drop down your message in the comment section or simply contact us!

8- Next Big Breakthrough – Smart Dust

Unlocking new avenues in the field of new development technologies, it appears that smart dust takes the cake. ( Yes, it deserves to be our favorite) What is so magical and bewitching about smart dust? Known as perpetual computers taking all the energy from the atmosphere, this is a new innovation in the field of nanotechnology. It brings more benefits with smart tiny sensors that can sense, identify, and track things, even while moving within the human body and you wouldn’t know.

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“Micro-electromechanical sensors” or commonly known as smart dust is a way forward a future that will bring us faster and better ways to live. If we can take control of this, we will know how we can overcome the challenges we are currently facing.

9- In the age of Biotechnology

Biology and technology meet to make unbelievable things happen for the world. The reason for writing biotechnology is that scientists and biotechnologies are already using technology for their lab research and to create new things. For instance, using technology to cure cancer and find better ways to diagnose diseases. It is also used to bring about changes such as creating age-defying products. Now, that’s what we will call a real breakthrough of the age!

Technology helps us to make informed decisions, where data is our power. It also helps us to get things done on a timely basis with less effort and more precision.

10- What’s up with the Internet?

With all the technologies rising to new levels that can help us build a better and smarter world. There is no stop, but to move forward and the internet is often part of the debate. Whether its the speed of the internet or security concerns. Is the internet a safer place? Is the internet getting out of hand? But, we all know the pros and cons, and yet we love staying on the internet. We are practically leading our digital lives and the internet is collecting the footprints.

With the advent of blockchain and 5G technology, a faster and high-speed internet. We can really make the most out of internet technology by focussing more on a safer and more secure internet.

Take Control – Have the Technology of Your Choice

While we were exploring all these amazing technologies, did you notice one thing? There is one common connection between them all and its communication. Yes, the very concept of communication is important and it is not just restricted to verbal or non-verbal cues. It can happen between different technologies. If we can create something with IoT and AI, or smart dust and edge wireless devices technology. That is why these new development technologies are taking the world by storm.

But the million-dollar question is, Are you prepared to take over the world against this storm?

You can win, even if the odds and gods are against you, which may seem like a Greek tragedy. But the technology is not limited to prophecies. Although, we can make prophecies and predictions by using datasets and Machine learning algorithms, and data analytics. The world is your oyster with endless possibilities and incredible technologies to make anything possible.

Do you share the same dream for this world led by technology? If so, we would love for you to talk to us.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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