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The Ultimate Guide to Improve Productivity

  • August 7, 2020
  • POSTED ON August 7, 2020
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The journey to improve productivity can be an epic trip— you may curse the drive ahead as you may have to climb steep hills, there may be obstacles in your way to slow you down. But, how do you react? How to overcome the hurdles? If you are not armed up to fuel your work

The journey to improve productivity can be an epic trip— you may curse the drive ahead as you may have to climb steep hills, there may be obstacles in your way to slow you down. But, how do you react? How to overcome the hurdles?

If you are not armed up to fuel your work progress, you may seize up and never reach where you intend to. As we say, the journey can make you extremely sweaty but it can fill your guts; the achievement will be the fruit of your hard work.

Are you thinking about working on your productivity and concerned about your efficiency? This is guide is for you.

To get started, we want to bring your understanding and focus on what is productivity as it is not a one-time process; it’s a nonstop rehearsal. You have to take baby steps to improve productivity but if you really grasp the message we are trying to convey, you will notice a drastic change in the levels of your efficiency.

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Here are the tips are tricks to get the most out of your employee life and to improve productivity to a maximum:

The Science of Productivity

“Productivity is never an accident, it’s always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

Paul J. Meyer

We want you to meet Anthony; he is a dressmaker. He makes clothes for his clients and delivers them to their homes. He was making 2 dresses per hour. But with experience, he figured out a way to make more than two dresses per hour. Now, he is making 3 which means he has improved it.

Categorically, productivity is divided into 2 types:

  1. Workforce productivity: The total amount of goods and services workers produce in a certain period.
  2. Personal productivity: The relevant output of an individual in a certain period.

By definition, “It is a measure of economic performance that indicates how efficiently inputs converted to outputs.” Productivity growth denotes an ‘increase in the value of outputs produced for a given level of inputs, over a given period.’

The crux of the matter is that if you are looking forward to this, you must begin by working on personal productivity. It means you can be highly productive if your focus doesn’t deviate from the relevant output; you can experience a drastic improvement in your career. Be consistent if you desire to achieve solid results as consistency is the key to success.

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”

Franz Kafka
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Benefits Of Improved Productivity

The advantages related to improved productivity can be seen as bold as it never goes out of style. It has forever been the highest concern of businesses to get on the right track.

We are about to declare three additional benefits of improved productivity for you to bring about a change, today:

  • Innovation – Modern-day life and work have always been about change and the pace has become greater than before. Improved productivity leads to higher efficiency and new inventions.
  • Self-confidence – What makes you confident? Of course, the better you become at something, the more it will increase your self-confidence. It lets you focus on your true strength, lifts passion where it lies. So, improved productivity leads to improved self-confidence.
  • Higher engagement — The more involved and passionate someone is about their work, the higher their level of work engagement is.

How to become more confident, according to “the father of psychology” William James has always fascinated scientists. But, it doesn’t require scientific research for someone to experience the true power productivity holds. You can experience the feeling to see what effects can bring on your mind, energy, work, and how it can derive happiness.

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Challenges associated with Productivity

You need to know well about the hindrances before you start to implement practices to your journey to improved productivity. Without you addressing these blocks, none of the productivity-refining guidelines will begin showing results.

Distractions — The contemporary workplaces around us are inherently distracting places. Enter any office building and you’ll see countless people in meeting rooms, walking around, drinking coffee, or chatting about the latest episode of a popular season raving about their binge-watching. Well, if that’s not distracting enough, we all own devices that demand our attention. As a result, we can’t work on our tasks without getting interrupted for five minutes.

Personal reasons — Life is demanding. Life is tough. Some of you are workaholics, few works 10 hours a day. Understandably, the work schedule leaves you only a few hours of spare time.

Not enough training — You want to be more focused at work. You want to be softer in our personal lives. You want to make sure your lives are less problematic. But you don’t see productivity as an ability you can learn.

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But, don’t worry. All of the above challenges can be solved. It’s crucial to be aware of what’s you are about to tackle on your way to improved productivity. Isn’t it right?

For most of us, the three roadblocks above are the biggest ones out of the rest. We need to commit to overcoming them and strive to reach our full potential as a first step.

Widely Used Productivity Tips

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We have stated some tried and tested instructions and guidelines to help you attain your full potential. As per our research and personal experiences, below given are the most effective tips for the individual of any age:

  • ‘How to’ Journal for Self-Improvement — Do you think that journaling has nothing to do with improved productivity? Many historical figures kept one. It can’t be a coincidence. If you’re starting with personal development, start with journaling
  • The Pomodoro Method: Take Strategic Breaks to Improve Productivity — This method instantly improves your focus. It’s been highly researched with clear results
  • Goals Don’t Replace Systems — Changing our perspective on our goals will change the way we work. You must build a system, a process, follow practices to become more steady
  • Time Blocking — Time Blocking is simply using your calendar to block time for your most important priorities. Throughout that time, you only work on that one thing. Then, you let your calendar lead the way. This way, you don’t focus on thinking, “What should I do next?’ this practice is more about self-awareness
  • You Can Achieve Anything If You Focus On ONE Thing — Productivity doesn’t mean doing more work. It means working on the right things. And when your emphasis is on one right thing after the other, you can attain pretty much anything feasibly possible by humans
  • Be Productive According to Ancient Philosophy — Apparently, the ancient philosophers thought about productivity as well. It’s not a modern-day problem. Ancient philosophers have a plenteous to say about it that might help you
  • Manage Your Energy — Improving productivity comes down to managing your energy. Too often, people try to manage their time. But that’s a classic mistake. Instead, manage your energy. If you are happy, you become more productive
  • More Technology Does Not Equal More Productivity — Do you only rely on technology to be productive? Don’t you think that too much technology can make you unproductive?
  • Stop Being(unnecessary) Busy — The more rest, calm, and free time you have, whilst your career is growing, the more productive you are. Busyness is a trap. Too busy to work on your happiness? Nothing productive!
  • Evening Ritual Will Make You More Productive — Morning rituals are great. But an evening ritual is more important. Bring consistency to your evening routines so you can unwind your day and gradually draw your night to a sound sleep
  • Quit Your Multitasking Addiction — Doing a lot of things at the same time is not productive at all. Quit the bad habit and slay the tasks each at a time
  • Time Off Work IMPROVES Your Work and Life — Productivity isn’t about working 18 hours a day or showing off. Take a break, instead of working yourself to death. It improves your long-term productivity
  • Be Productive When Your Life Is in Chaos — You can read about all the productivity techniques in the world, but if your life is in chaos, everything goes out the window. You can still choose to stay productive; even when you’re going through challenging times
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So, what’s the first thing you have in your mind to get started on improved productivity? We await your comments!
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