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2022: Software Engineer and Developer Shortage

  • February 18, 2022
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON February 18, 2022
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Congrats on landing a high-profile app development project, but do you have the necessary workforce because most companies don’t. The whole IT industry is feeling the effects of software developer shortage. It’s alarming! One of the most competitive advantages a company can have is its workforce, and less demand for software engineers predicts that the

Congrats on landing a high-profile app development project, but do you have the necessary workforce because most companies don’t. The whole IT industry is feeling the effects of software developer shortage. It’s alarming!

One of the most competitive advantages a company can have is its workforce, and less demand for software engineers predicts that the company is headed for disaster. Software houses and emerging businesses in the IT world cannot thrive without new talent.

To tell you, by 2030, there will be a global shortage of 85.2 million software developers, according to experts. 90% of operations in an average organization are supported by software, and there aren’t enough tech experts who can deliver quality software. The question is not whether there are enough software developers around the world or not, but how to close the skill gap.

Read this article to learn how to solve the skills catastrophe and software developer shortage without breaking the bank or recruiting the wrong people.

Rather than looking at countries that are not facing software developer shortages, there are many factors to consider. Keep reading!

Software Developer Shortage

Software Developer Shortage: Why Is There One?

An Indeed survey brought in some eye-opening statistics regarding the 1.4 million CS jobs unfilled in comparison to the 400,000 graduates. We wonder where all the developers went.

There has been a great developer drought in the year 2021. It was due to the 2020 pandemic because it forced companies to postpone digital transformation projects for a while. An increase in demand for skilled developers has occurred this year, but there aren’t any available. Amidst the great reshuffle, many workers are reevaluating their career options due to the pandemic and increased workload.

To be fair, developers have a lot to go through to get selected, shortlisted, and hired in a decent company. Recruiting processes are quite rigorous when onboarding developers. To scavenge for the best talent, companies heavily invest in their recruitment and human resource departments.

Today, most developers are self-taught and have completed boot camps to assist them in learning. Due to their lack of formal education in computer sciences, their chances of being hired in prestigious organizations are quite slim. However, this shouldn’t be taken into account when measuring their skills.

The software development shortage is being exacerbated by innovation and technological trends. As per McKinsey’s investigation, 3 out of 10 managers are of the opinion that technology will play havoc with at least three-quarters of their company’s jobs in the coming five years or so. And they believe that industries such as Fintech, Telecom, and Software Development will be disrupted.

demand for software engineers

What’s The Deal Here?

Most developers don’t get the chance because their curriculum vitae aren’t sturdy enough. Candidate evaluation shouldn’t be based solely on their resumes because a piece of paper can not help you determine whether or not the resource is a right fit.

Each year you skim and scan a large number of resumes, only to discard them in the end. Unless you realize that you shouldn’t rely on this approach fully when hiring developers, the software developer shortage will continue for much longer than it needs to. In determining which candidates are best suited to the positions at hand, technical assessments and structured interviews should be the driving factors.

bring back your workforce

Bring Back Your WorkForce

Since the worldwide lockdown was implemented in 2020, people have found numerous sources of income. Apart from downsizing, people were resigning because they found better opportunities to grow and have a more work/life balance. This led to the great software developer shortage.

In the recent past, Google announced that their employees will be able to work from home for three days a week to carry a healthy lifestyle. Understandably, not all companies work like Google, but there is no harm in offering the same leisure to your employees too.

Engineers and developers have plenty of options as the year 2022 begins. They don’t necessarily have to rely on a desk job. Companies are now bringing freelance developers on board to fill in the gaps for more complex projects since hiring full-time employees takes time. This is the reason why the dedicated developer model has been a huge success in recent years.

By hiring a dedicated developer, you won’t have to ice your development project anymore. To push your project to completion, they perform as hard as a full-time employee working remotely in your time zone. You won’t feel any trouble when working with remote dedicated developers. Many agencies found this as a cure to the software developer shortage.

Contact us if you need help finding and working with overseas resources. We would be happy to provide you with a competitive quote and examples of successful projects we’ve worked on together with our partners.

Too Much Filtration!

The coming years will probably bring a massive shortage of software developers, but it should also be noted that this is a self-inflicted problem. The addition of more and more filters will only make hiring developers more difficult than it needs to be.

In an Indeed survey, more than 80% of managers in the US hired developers who had graduated from boot camps, and they said they would continue to hire such resources if need be.

main reasons for shortage of software developers

Have You Reached a Dead End?

Limited career growth and advancement have been one of the main reasons for shortage of software developers. Cloudflare, a website security company based in San Francisco saw massive employee turnover. Here’s why.

IT companies have a difficult time adapting to newer technologies. This resistance results in a stagnant career that isn’t perceived well by the IT community that wants to evolve and enhance their skill set. The 2021 – 2023 Emerging Technology for Large Enterprises reported that 60 plus IT executives admitted to having this resistance to change.

The lockdowns forced companies to play it safe rather than taking risks on pursuing newer technologies. This led to an even greater shortage of software developers.


The work-at-home culture has provided people with a diverse set of skills, but companies still reject them. The shortage of software developers will persist unless and until companies become more flexible about how they hire developers.

The real focus should be to get the right resource, the right talent for the job by centering in on their skillset because everything can be achieved remotely. Working on-site is not necessary anymore.


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