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5 Reasons Why JavaScript is the Best For Your MVP

  • January 13, 2021
  • Aayan Arif
  • POSTED ON January 13, 2021
  • POSTED BY Aayan Arif

MVP development isn’t about designing a product that has a bunch of characteristics and is ready to be tested. Rather, the sole purpose of developing a Minimum Viable Product is to carry out a form of assessment that enables you to understand where your product is heading. The direction of your entire idea even can be determined through an MVP and whether it’s perfect or has loopholes.

It’s almost like you’ve released your original product but without much investment in comparison. An MVP can allow you to make the decision about whether your product should undergo development or not.

The Process of MVP Development and why it’s needed?

MVP development is a process that can be your savior because it helps in making your product better through customer behavior and market analysis. Releasing a final product, let’s say a mobile application without any sort of clues on how it will behave is like shooting arrows in the dark. You just don’t know how your customers will react to your product which you have already invested a lot of time and money.

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This is the reason why you must go for MVP development before developing your final product. An MVP test will allow you to find out what lacks in your product through feedback which will be constructive.

Well then, since you’re ready to start development on your MVP, you might have a question regarding which coding language to use. Without wasting your time, here are 5 reasons why JavaScript is the best programming language for MVP Development:

Speed & Simplicity:

You want to build a product that serves a specific purpose which is to make an assessment on a basic level. For this, you need a programming language that offers speed and simplicity. JavaScript delivers both aspects and doesn’t get slowed down due to the backend server. Also, it is one of the few languages that can be run within a browser. Any browser you use will support JIT (Just in Time) compilation which implies that you don’t need to compile code before running it.

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JavaScript’s syntax is also relatively easier to implement in comparison with other popular languages.

Server Load:

JavaScript is a client-side programming language which makes it more efficient in handling server load. In fact, if you’re going for MVP development then you might not need a server at all as JavaScript due to being client-sided reduces the demand on overall servers drastically.

Rich interfaces:

You’re building an MVP, however, at times, you want to add features such as drag and drop or maybe a couple of sliders just to add some appeal. The good news is that JavaScript allows you to do this if needed. You can use the language to add some great enhancements when it comes to the UI and even the UX of a website. Testing User Experience is quite fundamental to MVP development and it is a good idea to use JavaScript to add User Experience features in your MVP.

Code Maintenance:

Maintaining code in JavaScript is easy. JavaScript uses the Model View Controller mechanism whose function is to divide your MVP into three parts.

  1. Data: This part of the Model View Controller is a representation of the data that is for the user.
  2. View: The view part refers to the interaction of data with the user.
  3. Controller: The controller allows codes to be structured and clean.

Code maintenance is a vital aspect of developing the final product but can also be viable in MVP development.

Release & Deployment:

MVP development requires fast development procedures as well as a quick release & deployment. JavaScript exactly allows you to carry a fast deployment primarily because of the fact that it offers an organized coding structure and maintenance as well. Release and deployment obviously play a huge part in the success of your MVP. The entire idea behind MVP development is that it focuses on getting an assessment of the fastest way possible for your product.

In a Nutshell:

We’ve all heard of the famous saying, “Haste leads to waste”. Well, don’t hate yourself on the development aspect. It’s always better to play safe than sorry as going directly for the development of your product and its release can be a major source of panic. On the other hand, MVP development can be a game-changer in terms of a long-term investment as well as getting your product on the right track.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and hire JavaScript developers today!


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