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Python: An Unstoppable Programming Language

  • October 7, 2021
  • Aayan Arif
  • POSTED ON October 7, 2021
  • POSTED BY Aayan Arif

As per the PYPL (Popularity of Programming Language) worldwide index results that came out this August, Python secures first place!

As per the PYPL (Popularity of Programming Language) worldwide index results that came out this August, Python secures first place!

The programming language was created in 1991 and to this day it remains to be the unstoppable programming language. Here is why:

In recent years, you can see that there has been a drastic usage of python. Paul Jensen, the CEO of TIOBE software said,

python’s surge in popularity is due to the general demand for it.

Although it is being widely used for data mining and AI, he added that Python is easy even for non-software engineers due to its easy syntax. But there’s got to be more to it which is why it is recognized as an unstoppable programming language today.

Popularity of Programming Language

Uncovering the Reasons for Python’s Popularity

We had a well-rounded survey amongst our dedicated developers to know the reasons for Python’s popularity and why it’s so famous in the developer’s community. All of them highlighted the simplicity of Python as a programming language.

We believe that Python is unique because it’s best for beginners/seasoned developers. It is even better for veteran programmers. It has a solid performance and the code remains clean owing to its steadiness.

Its smooth maintenance pattern strongly hints at it being an unstoppable programming language.

Python’s Popularity

Versatile & Flexibility

Nowadays it’s all about working on optimal levels. When it comes to software development, the productivity levels should peak because time is money. Opting for Python puts you on the right track. Why? It is because a one-line code in Python might take 10 lines in C++ to write and program.

Are you coming into the loop as to why Python is the unstoppable programming language today as well?

Python doesn’t have a limited scope; it can be used to develop mobile and desktop applications, web development, and hardware programming. Python can nearly perform in any environment it’s thrown into. Not only is it versatile but it’s flexible too. This is a big attraction for developers to actively use Python.

A seasoned Python developer might come cheap but they can’t get the job done right. What you need is a dedicated veteran Python developer who has the substantial experience to handle your project end to end.

vteams is here to connect you with well-versed dedicated python developers. They can fully align with your project to produce the best results possible.

Versatile & Flexibility

Most Popular Introductory Teaching Language

Interesting fact: Back in 2015, Python dethroned French, which was the most popular language being taught in primary schools. Children were surveyed and it came to the light that six out of 10 parents wanted their children to learn a programming language, preferably Python rather than French.

Although these stats are dated, it goes to show the popularity of this language. Python seems like that massively popular cheerleader in high schools whose name is known to each and every single student.

Universities such as UC Berkeley and MIT, one of the most well-renowned institutes, have adopted Python as an introductory teaching language in the computer science department.

The arguments are strong enough for us to call Python as the unstoppable programming language.

Massive Libraries and Framework

A lot of time is wasted in finding libraries or frameworks when a project is in the development stages. But thanks to the massive community of Python, it has become easy to find libraries and frameworks, saving time in the initial development cycle.

Cloud media services are also available that offer cross-platform support which is quite beneficial.

Enabling Automation

The great thing about Python is that it has a wide variety of tools available to boost the process of automation. Due to the simplicity of Python one can achieve an advanced level of automation by using Pedro English type Python Coding.

Python can act as an automation booster for software testing and you’ll be surprised as to how less code is required to enable automation tools.

Famous Companies that Use Python

It’s quite an eye-opener really to find out that companies such as IBM, Facebook, Pixer, NASA, Netflix, JP Morgan Chase, and Spotify use Python.

This is just to name those companies that are massively popular in the whole world owing to the unstoppable programming language, Python.

Famous Companies that Use Python

If Yoda was real he would say something like ‘the force runs strong in Python’. Yes, a Star Wars reference. We couldn’t help it!

All in All

Python is again the most popular programming language in the world. It regained its title from C++ which was last year’s winner and now puts Java at second place.

Regardless of the rankings, it’s astonishing to see that Python is still the powerful programming language with a large community to back up its stance worldwide. But only time will tell of the reach and limits of Python, what more it can do and how it can keep surprising the IT world.


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