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Here’s why you need to Navigate Data Privacy

  • July 29, 2020
  • POSTED ON July 29, 2020
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Why does your company need data privacy? If you are confused, it’s totally cool with us. Because we will be spilling the beans about how to protect data with the help of technology. Bear in mind that there is a whole lot of information on the subject to navigate data. Let’s say we will be

Why does your company need data privacy? If you are confused, it’s totally cool with us. Because we will be spilling the beans about how to protect data with the help of technology. Bear in mind that there is a whole lot of information on the subject to navigate data. Let’s say we will be cutting it short and sweet to help you understand.

So what is meant by data privacy? What can you do to safeguard your data? You’ll want to know more about personal data protection and privacy of your tangible and intellectual assets.

Why do you have to know about Data Privacy?

With the increasing uncertainties and a storm of information, it is very important to understand the vital role of data privacy. Broadly speaking, data privacy can be perceived as the “handling” of data concerning data sharing, regulation of data, and the consent to use it for constructive purposes. Owning data of any sort can also be compared to owning a house, and no one is allowed to barge in and disrupt the peace without your permission.

For example, when you have a shopping website, your customers are trusting you with all the information including their name, address, bank details when they decide to make a purchase. Similarly, if you develop software with the help of a company, you need to have all the rights.

To remain on the safer side, companies comply with privacy laws such as CCPA and GDPR. Therefore, the next time you decide to hire a emote developer, make sure to sign NDA for the safety and security of your project as advised by our experts at vteams. These laws and agreements are set in place to ensure that no one can issue your personal or business information.

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Discover the link between Data Privacy and Data Security

It is not so thin line between data privacy and security. Privacy enables you about the storage and usage of data, while data security is more concerned with the policies, laws, and confidential contracts to make sure that data is secured. You need data security and policies to navigate data privacy with the help of tools and strategies at hand. So now you know how they are different but interconnected.

With the rise in technological advancements, we are also becoming more and more vulnerable to modern privacy threats such as hacking, stolen data, phishing, ransomware, and many other cyber attacks. There is no need for you to fear because you can have solutions in place to counter these threats. Therefore, many online businesses, organizations, and companies at large need to navigate their data privacy.

Things you need to know about Data Privacy

In order to ensure your personal data and business information. We are making sure that you are aware of all the steps to stay alert and control 100% access to your data.

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  1. Data privacy laws enable you to protect your assets from any kind of data breach. Especially when you are a company holding valuable customer details or user data. In this age of data, you have to be very transparent about the use of data, as it can be compromised if exposed.
  2. If you have to process the data of users or visitors on your website. It is advised in the principle practices by FTC (USA), to notify the users, when they come on your website. That does not only preserve the integrity and trust of your company but also creates awareness among users.
  3. Violating the customer’s trust can result in a huge fine. These laws are undoubtedly awesome that such rules are in place, but you can also save yourself from hefty fines by remaining in compliance with data privacy laws.
  4. To navigate data privacy also requires you to remain in compliance with local and global privacy rules and regulations. It helps you to protect the subject of data, and also the company’s data and information in a lawful way. In this way, any party violating the laws is liable to the court.
  5. Data breaches not only cost money to organizations and companies that fall prey to these data thieves. But they also tarnish the image of those companies, making them less trusted. Therefore, you have to have data privacy in order to follow the data security strategy.
  6. For the data protection concerning your personal, financial, and other assets. You need to enforce security mechanisms to ensure data privacy into your servers, systems, software systems, and whatever process you are following for data storage or sharing.

That’s why companies build personalized cloud data management software. Do you have any questions related to cloud storage or computing? Find out more here!

You can identify if your data is compromised, but not to worry. Because you can build your own personalized platform or cloud to store all your data. Thanks to all the technological tools! ( Also a shout out to incredible data scientists, who save the day) Did you know? All data is protected under GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation) for all the member states all across Europe.

Keep Your Data Secure and Reduce the Risk

In today’s world, it would be plain foolish to neglect data privacy. As it puts you right on the spot, hence you are hearing so much about cyber-security these days. We understand the weight of all this responsibility especially in this age when data is power and also the biggest weakness.

Would it be easier if we told you that you can build your own data management software? Yes, and that too following the privacy regulations to have a secured code that you own. Data is your power, harness it, and guard it carefully.

Do this now, because you don’t want to leave your data to chance!



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