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Ruby on Rails: Why is 2020 the last year to fear it

  • September 24, 2020
  • Aayan Arif
  • POSTED ON September 24, 2020
  • POSTED BY Aayan Arif

We are sure that you have heard about RoR dying every year but what is reality? Its death is still talk of the town but is it a fact or an opinion? Let’s find it out together.

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Are you wondering whether Ruby on Rails has gone obsolete or is it dependable this year too?

We are sure that you have heard about RoR dying every year but what is reality? Its death is still talk of the town but is it a fact or an opinion? Let’s find it out together.

Do not struggle with the decision anymore. Here, we explain why is 2020 the last year to fear RoR. Let’s get on with it.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails aka RoR is an open-source web framework written in the ‘Ruby’ programming language that permits you to speedily build powerful and robust web applications.

RoR is a mature and dynamic framework designed with a mission to make your life as easier as a RoR developer about what you need to get started when you create a new web application. One of its many advantages lets you write less code while accomplishing more.

The framework has greatly matured over the years; new releases have carried a little new for you each year. Let’s dig deeper to learn if RoR is truly ready to meet the approaching user needs.

Intro to Rails

If you re-open the history of Rails, the language was first written by Yukihiro Matsumoto who was a resident of Japan in 1995. It was created with the intention ‘to make it look natural, not just simple’; a perfect blend of performance and simplicity.

Later in 2003, Ruby on Rails a web development framework was bred by David Heinemeier Hansson better known as DHH, and officially freed it as an open-source in the year 2004.

Debating ruby on rails popularity 2020 – the framework got all the fame after RoR was familiarized and now it’s talking-point of the web development industry, all-inclusive.

Its admiration liberated the Ruby on rails web developer from mind-numbing coding, freed them to focus mostly on the features and logic of the web application. They could develop successful MVPs and start-up web apps way faster than before.

Inspiring words by Yukihiro Matsumoto,

“It is not the responsibility of the language to force good looking code, but the language should make good looking code possible.”

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RoR Criticism

Is Ruby dead? Do I learn it or not? Every year hundreds of developers like you ask this question. Finally, you will have the answers but before you move on to reading further, we presume to notify you that RoR is mistakenly mentioned alongside programming languages.

RoR is not a programming language but a framework. Thus, there cannot exist any comparison between a framework and a programming language.

Like said earlier, you all have sort of projected that RoR is probably dead or dying. So, if you say RoR is dead, we say it’s the last year to fear Ruby on Rails.

As the language has faced strong prejudice, let’s first learn why so many think it is history.

1) Slow Performance

Well, many of you believe that RoR works slower than other frameworks, RoR may be a little slow but other frameworks are terribly slow in comparison.

But we advise you to refrain from perceiving a framework’s reputation by associating it with the ‘speed’ metric. Speed is not the only thing that a developer needs in such times.

Timothy Orbasido is a full-stack developer at Numinix. Look what he has to say about it “I wouldn’t say that Ruby on Rails is dead at all. The simple roof – GitHub runs on Ruby on Rails.”

2) Scalability

Shopify Inc. can scale and support over 500,000 businesses at once with RoR. Do you really believe RoR can have a scalability issue? Go figure!

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Long live the Rails!

1- Durability

Do you wish to skyrocket your new business? Use Ruby on Rails. Look at the reasons underneath:

  • It is widely-accepted
  • “Gems” is the ultimate package
  • Budget-friendly
  • Quality codes
  • Variety of tools
  • Flexibility

2- Ruby on Rails

Good News: RoR has been upgraded to RoR The announcement was made on May 7, 2020. Like the tweet says, the release solves most of the RoR 2.7 related warnings.

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3- Not complicated, not difficult to understand

Other than saying it’s easy to learn, we would say it’s ‘simple’ yet ‘powerful. The main reasons are:

  • Readability
  • Expressiveness

4- Rails provide API-only applications

Rails version 5 has provided a fantastic feature to build standalone API quickly and easily. Before Rails 5 version, Grape was arguably considered the best for this purpose.

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RoR effectively released its version 6 with and more features were made available to Ruby on rails developers.

Talking about Ruby on rails popularity 2020, the framework is enormously used for web application development for the reason that it enables Ruby on rails developers’ infinite potential of database creation.

Not only that but rapid development is made possible cause of ‘gems’.

Its simplest in the field, the language is considered reliable as there is market following, it’s still evolving as the latest version offers countless benefits.

Overall, you don’t have to fear AT ALL. We hope you are not convinced and ready to learn the language to grow in the IT business world.


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