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A Splash of Sugar – Know Everything about CoffeeScript

  • January 28, 2021
  • Aayan Arif
  • POSTED ON January 28, 2021
  • POSTED BY Aayan Arif

In the year 2009 CoffeeScript, a rather exotic language programming came into being and Jeremey Ashkenas was the founder. The purpose behind this language was to create a simpler, faster, and readable code as compared to JavaScript. It's almost a decade that the language was brought into the market, but with the passage of time, it died down. Now, it is said to be living in the GitHub Repository.

But, we were curious about this language and how it achieved popularity at one point in time. What were the best things about this language? Aren’t you curious to find out how a writer ended up creating a programming language?

Because we are totally pumped, or maybe rather high on caffeine. Whatever the case is, let’s uncover the most amazing things about this language that it gave run to JavaScript for its money. Although JS took it pretty hard and came back with more advanced features over the years, that it wiped out and left it only in the CoffeeScript GitHub.

Grab your cup of coffee and let’s Jump in to Know more about it!

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Spill the Beans – What is CoffeeScript?

As per the official definition, CoffeeScript is described as,

‘The Little Language that Compiles into JavaScript.’

Now, as you can observe that it is called little for a reason because it was supposed to make lesser and simpler code. So that JavaScript becomes easier, however offering the same benefits and advantages to using in projects so one can easily execute the script to run on browsers, complies files, or better yet for ‘interactive REPL.’ So basically what you can do is you can run the written code through a compiler and get the desired output in form of JavaScript but at a faster rate. Isn’t that great? Wait a minute, we know that JavaScript has found better alternatives to counter that competition now.

But the initial game behind this creation was to use CoffeeScript in-game app development, and website development but compile it in form of JavaScript. But it has been compared with other languages and scripts such as CoffeeScript vs typescript vs JavaScript.

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Are they any good? Let’s find out below!

Boiling Point – CoffeeScript vs JavaScript vs TypeScript

If the website pages hold great interfaces and functionality and they can run across different browsers, that also shows the success in the creation and development of those pages. These top programming languages are also responsible for creating greater website pages. But, they are constantly compared when it comes down to the ultimate choice to use the desired language.

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If you are not already familiar with these three languages, get acquainted. Everything boils down to these precise definitions instead of wasting our valuable time on the head-to-head comparison.

Known for object-oriented programming, typescript is used for many ‘large scale’ programs and projects. The famous ECMA Script 6 ( a JavaScript standard for web pages ) support Typescript.Known as the famous ‘client-side language’ that can easily run on browsers and you can create programs. There is a huge community, so you have support in case there is any debugging needed or issue fixation. You can independently compile the code and run the program. There is a greater learning curve.A programming language is known for being little, simple, and faster. It can help you to create dynamic programs and web pages. It also helps you to increase readability. Easier to the maintenance once the program is written in CoffeeScript.  

But since we are on the topic of CoffeeScript languages, so find out more about what it offered that added more charm to its popularity among JavaScript Developers.

Taste the advantages to know Everything about CoffeeScript

In the beginning, when a new thing is launched, there are promises made to deliver excellence in form of development programs or any particular projects.

  • Usually, it is said that the compiled code through CoffeeScript is equivalent to JavaScript.
  • No need to worry about interruptions at the runtime, it’s a smooth execution.
  • There is no need to go the extra mile, you have the ease to use the existing JavaScript Library.
  • It is interesting to note that some developers claimed that, even if you write the JavaScript manually then in comparison to CoffeeScript, the latter will run faster as you receive the compiled output.
  • If any browser is not cooperating and coming thru, you can use transpilers such as Babel and Bublé to resolve the issue at hand.
  • There is installation available, the latest version is 2.5.1, and:

If you intend to install it for a local project, then you can use:

npm install --save-dev CoffeeScript

and to install the files for global projects, you can access:

npm install --global CoffeeScript
  • Moreover, it is claimed that with the arrival of CoffeeScript2, you have the ability to produce modern JS syntax. This means that you can conveniently transform, ‘CoffeeScript’ into JavaScript and ‘CoffeeScript class’ into JavaScript class.

But the question is are you ready to experiment with this little language?

Move along because the coffee is getting cold.

Brew your Next Project with CoffeeScript

One cannot stress enough the choice of technology to do web development or game app development. If you have a project at hand, or you are thinking about migrating from one technology to another. Then you need to choose the best developers who can help you with that. Luckily for you, vteams have a large pool of experienced JavaScript developers, who can help you with this.

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Do you have a project to build using CoffeeScript? Do you want to directly hire JavaScript developers and build your next project?

Whatever the case, let’s not leave it to fate and do something about it.

Let’s discuss it over a cup of coffee, shall we?


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