PEST 2.0 is Now Live! Let’s Decipher The Several Powerful Features It Ships!

  • April 14, 2023
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON April 14, 2023
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Pest v2 is an open-source MTI-powered php testing framework that is available to be used for absolutely free. With multiple modes and uncountable benefits for php web developers, it has taken a lead among the previously arrived testing frameworks. 

Pest v2 is an open-source MTI-powered php testing framework that is available to be used for absolutely free. With multiple modes and uncountable benefits for php web developers, it has taken a lead among the previously arrived testing frameworks.

Besides all the other characteristics that this framework was expected to have, simplicity was the most evident one. Therefore, php specialists anticipated its arrival since the news of its expected launch arrived. Guess what? pest 2.0 is live! Let’s decipher the several powerful features it ships! 

Features of Pest 2.0

From plugins to, testing, and test profiling this new technology has brought many features related to all. 

1. User-Friendly API

The APIs in the latest Pest v2 are inspired by the Ruby Rspec and Jest libraries. It does not just improve the speed of writing tests but also the quality.

2. The Advantageous Architecture Plugin

The all-new architecture plugin will help php specialists to test and design rules for their applications’ overall structure. This newly added independent plugin in the pest v2 release is equally advantageous for businesses as well as product-based apps and websites. 

3. Failed Tests? No More A Deal!

The recent release of the pest 2.0 version has simplified the test writing and analyzing procedure. Intrigued to know how? It unfolds a retrying mechanism that runs failed tests in nearly just 5 seconds or earlier if you have not used any sleep statements.

4. Human-Readable Framework

The groundbreaking approach of writing concise and expressive syntax has been introduced by the launch of this php testing framework. This means now a php web developer will not have to write lengthy codes rather the purpose could be filled with just writing them short. 

5. Boiler Plate Code Reduction

Boilerplate codes are those that have to be used frequently with less or no modifications at all. However, the pest 2.0 release has ensured removing them for making tests readable by allowing the use of certain anonymous functions. 

6. Lightening Fast TestSuites

The testing process determines the performance of an app that is directly proportional to maintaining a developer’s reputation. 

Resultantly, pest 2.0 supports parallel testing for an incredibly expedited testing speed. 

7. Enabling Slow Test Profiling 

Nuno Maduro has come up with yet another innovation in the form of Pest v2 and developers can’t deny the fact that it has made testing a lot more efficient. 

The best thing is that now it shows the time consumed in running each test and trust it does not take more than 9 seconds on average. 

8. The Intercept Method

There is a built-in expectation in testing that refers to the properties of data that can be verified. Luckily, after the pest 2.0 developer have the option of modifying the performance of BIT expectations. 

You can tweak the behaviors to make it understand the different coding cases by writing, expecting, and using the intercept method. 

9. Compact Printer for Optimization

The compact printer mode in pest is a lifesaver for those who want to minimize the flow of information output. The reason is that it publishes results of only failed tests, the retry option, and the dirty option to run tests with undecided modifications.  

Using the compact printer feature for testing in php helps resolve issues associated with failed tests without involving successful tests. 

10. Console Improvements 

Besides all the other features a major reappraisal has been made to the console in this latest php testing framework for better testing, profiling, and debugging. 

Not just that but it has also started to deliver more authentic error reports speedily to resolve issues immediately. 

11. Lesser Code Duplication

Pest allows you to create as many test cases as you want for just a single test function using test case generators that prevent code duplication. This is because it prevents the repetition of tests and streamlines the process of test development. 

12. Snapshot Testing

Snapshot testing helps determine whether your application confirms the requirements specified by the developer or not. So, if you’re a php developer you will get the benefit to test and compare the output of testing to determine the functionality of an application. 

13. Prompt Error Reporting 

Coding, testing, and debugging are time-taken processes but not now since technologies have evolved much! Similarly, error reporting has also been optimized with pest v2 version

It can work with any of your existing PHP unit test suites equally well to produce apt and reliable error reports.

Why Not Get Pest-Graded Now?

Simplicity is the major aspect that makes PHP testing framework useful and renowned. This automated testing has been reloaded with multiple other technologies making it more functional one of which is the pest v2 version. Besides, being used for testing, it can equally perform well while being used as a profiler, and debugger.

Pest can work with any PHP unit test suite to perform the required operations. The curiosity began long before even its inception, but since pest 2.0 is now live! Let’s decipher the several powerful features it ships!


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