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What Separates Custom Website Development from others?

  • July 30, 2021
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON July 30, 2021
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Custom website development

“To me, the future is personalization.” – Marissa Ann Mayer

Why is duplicating code with copy and paste bad? Can you get a virus from copying and pasting? You don’t get viruses from replicating codes but, developers discourage this substandard practice. Instead, developers like to take the custom website development approach to design authentic, personalized, and convenient sites for you.

The practice of imitating a codebase is considered systemic abuse. It not only brings bugs along but carries some severe security defects that can lead to system damage. Developers can detect such bugs easily if a code is small. But, it gets incredibly difficult for an automated tool to spot errors, even for small programs. So we recommend you learn about your business, implement a sound strategy, invest in UX, write your codebase, and form a marketing strategy for online presence. This is the ultimate definition of a custom web design.

What Separates Custom Website Development from others?

Understanding Custom Website Development

Ever wonder if foodpanda wasn’t found? What if TruthFinder was never discovered? Websites have become a real need for you. You buy and sell items online, you make new friends on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. There is so much that you do and a lot that websites offer. Similarly, each new business needs a website to gain an online presence because it can bring huge success.

When talking about website development, custom website development is a phrase that not everybody understands. We can translate this term for you if it feels like you’re listening to a foreign language.

Understanding Custom Website Development

Bearing in mind the reputation smartphones and mobile devices own, should not you possess a site that’s exceptional, exquisite, and manageable? You can achieve it with a custom web design.

Web development templates are overflowing on the internet for both small and large businesses. But, a custom web design is something pivotal in today’s digitally soaked society. Using a web template for design & development can be a grave mistake that you may not perceive at present but later.

The potential reasons can be:

  1. The design is not corrigible
  2. A hideout for bugs
  3. Looks inexpensive but cause expenditures
  4. Recognized by the users
  5. Often unresponsive
  6. Not exceptional
  7. Stubborn when comes to implementing changes
  8. SEO becomes a complication
custom web design

The Juxtaposition of Custom & Template Design

Which one to choose? The good the bad and the ugly!

Custom DesignTemplate Design
Getting dedicated designs; both visually & functionallyFitting your designs into their mold
The aim of the site is to grow with you for youDoesn’t evolve with your future but dumps you
Professional support is exceptionalZero to no professional support
Lives for over five yearsA lifespan of 1 and a half years
Visually captivatingLess pleasing
A direct reflection of your businessA direct reflection of the design
Enhanced user experienceSecond-rate user experience
Perfect placement of pictures, videos, icons, buttons, etcLousy placement of pictures, videos, icons, buttons, etc
ResponsiveLess responsive
Supportive of important featuresLittle support for significant features
Fresh designsOutdates designs
UsabilityPoor usability
SEO friendlyNo SEO backing
Latest languageObsolete tech stacks
Plugin and third-party integration supportLittle to no plugin and third-party integration support
The Juxtaposition of Custom & Template Design

With custom website development, you are the captain of your ship. You can modify the site to your needs, sell more, and position yourself higher.

  • Designing from scratch
  • Not a single sign of old template usage
  • Irreplaceable

Custom Website Development: It’s Worth It!

Is the custom website dead? Yeah, when hell freezes over!

The goal of template providers is to pitch you an order based on a reasonable price. But we say it’s an expensive waste of time and money. It does not give you diverse selections to modify or attach some creativity to it. You can’t really play around with colors and pick typography. A custom web design is a one-time investment. It’s worth the time and money.

But, who should use custom and who should apply a theme? Let’s learn something today!

Custom DesignTemplate Design
Ad agenciesFood services
Creative & digital marketing companiesWedding businesses
Web development companiesPet shops
Furniture businessesBlogging sites
Art firmsSmall business companies
White-collar companiesStart-ups
Law firmsIndependent profiles
Banking sectors
IT organizations
Health care companies
Medical corporations
Custom Website Development It’s Worth It

Picking the Right Web Development Company

At vteams, we have introduced an efficient 8-steps ‘start-up process’ to provide a highly professional dedicated team. All you have to do is pick up your phones and talk to one of our Client Services Managers.

1- Let’s hear your ideas

Our Client Services Manager will address your custom website development project requirements to determine your business, budget, and overall needs. Requirements are then submitted to a personalized program to commence the development of your project.

2- Your 360-degree project review

360- degree review is a personalized procedure to evaluate your project idea from every angle. During the program, you will be engaged with our Technical Manager thru a telephonic or Skype call, and right after the meeting, project estimations will be sent via email.

3- Hand-pick our finest engineers

Our process allows you to select an engineer of your choice suggested specifically by us as per your unique custom website development project concept.

4- Exclusive introduction of the engineers

To ensure efficient onboarding, a detailed one-to-one meeting with the engineers will be arranged via Skype for you to select or reject the individual of your choice.

5- Seal the deal

Once the team is nominated, necessary paperwork along with the first month’s invoice of your selected engineer or engineers will be sent to you. You will be responsible for signing the Service Agreement clearance of the invoice.

6- Get started right away

Your new team will already have a solid understanding of your project requirements and expectations. You can instantly get started on your custom website development.

7- Ensured productivity from day one

Our custom website development procedure is well defined; communication channels unique to your project are developed so that your privacy is not violated. After successful deployment, either the credentials are shared with you for passcode renewal or they are destroyed.

8- Stop recruiting and start developing

No matter the idea, we are here to make your off-shore hiring seem easier.

Picking the Right Web Development Company

Do you feel the need now?

Avail the best service at vteams and experience the joy of trouble-free custom website development.


Muhammad Ahmad

Currently serving as the SEO Manager at vteams, Ahmed is a highly skilled individual with several years of experience of Digital Marketing.


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