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Why Should We Not Depend On Complex JavaScript Frameworks All The Time?

  • October 11, 2022
  • Aayan Arif
  • POSTED ON October 11, 2022
  • POSTED BY Aayan Arif

Do we need to mention that more than 60% of developers rely on Javascript? Certainly not. Javascript has taken the web development market by storm as one of the most popular programming languages.

Despite having almost trillions of advantages, a number of complex JavaScript framework problems are also associated.

The purpose of this article is to examine JS framework technologies and their problems. Let’s get started.

JavaScript And Its Frameworks!

JavaScript is a high-level programming language used to create many web pages. Its lightweight nature, great interpretation, and just-in-time compilation make it an easy-to-use coding language among all others.

Most server-side and mobile applications, games, and websites are built with this framework.

We will, ironically, explore some of the JavaScript frameworks that have brought real change in this section:

P.S. Scroll down to read about problems that make them complex JavaScript frameworks somehow.

Complex JavaScript Frameworks
Complex JaveScript Frameworks – vteams

1- Vue.js: Vue is typically used for building one-page applications and user interfaces. This is an open-source MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel). Vue.Js also allows you to extend the HTML with HTML attributes called directives. These directives offer functionality to HTML applications.

2- React: React is a free and open-source JS library for building user interfaces and specifically single-page web applications. Frontend frameworks solutions are provided as well as “view layers” for apps and web pages are given.

3- Angular.Js: Angular.Js is similar to the above two and is primarily developed by Google and other communities. Testing and development can be done using it. Furthermore, it offers a robust framework for client-side MVC and MVVM architectures. MEAN also utilizes this approach.

Angular.Js!!! Then What Is Angular???
The difference between Angular.Js and Angular is that the former is Javascript-based, while the latter is typescript-based.

4- Node.Js: It is a free and open-source server-side framework. One of the smart Javascript frameworks, Node.Js is used to generate dynamic content for web pages.

5- JQuery: It is an open-source and free Javascript library that simplifies HTML (Document Object Model) DOM manipulation and traversal.

Web analysis shows that it is the most widely deployed JS library and is used 3 to 4 times more than other Javascript libraries. We won’t be wrong if we say that it provides the best frontend framework solutions compared to others.

6- Meteor.Js: It is an isomorphic javascript framework written in Node.js that is free and open-source.

Furthermore, it produces cross-platform codes and prototypes. By integrating with MongoDB, a distributed data protocol, developers do not have to synchronize code.

7- Next.js: Next.js is a React-based Javascript framework. It is sometimes called the Meta Framework. Next.Js is preferred by companies because it provides frontend framework solutions, handles backend coding, and renders different methodologies effectively.

8- Backbone.Js: It is a JS library that implements the MVC application design paradigm and has a RESTful JSON interface. In addition to being lightweight, Backbone Js synchronizes the parts of web applications.

9- Ember.Js: It is a productive Javascript framework for building web applications. Ember.Js allows developers to create scalable single-page applications by incorporating common idioms.

Are you ready to explore some thought-provoking yet complex Javascript frameworks’ issues? Get a wing to them below!

10 Problems That Mould Them Into Complex JavaScript Frameworks

Here are some issues that are being faced:

Problems With Javascript Frameworks
JavaScript Frameworks Issues

1- Syntax Problem

One of the main issues with JS frameworks is their incorrect syntax. P5.Js (or Vue.Js, Node.Js, Angular, etc.) creates a new function createCanvas(), Javascript frameworks make a few changes while making it harder to understand. The complicated coding leads them to become complex javascript frameworks for no big reason.

Cure: One of the best frontend framework solutions to this problem includes adding easy-to-learn frameworks and using different commands, such as instead of the “if”, being able to use a “var_statement”.

Syntax errors account for 12% of all other errors in the language.

2- Unnecessarily Use Of JS Framework

Javascript provides dynamic, exciting, and interactive web pages. JS framework usage, however, can slow down your application.

Consider it, for example, as:

  • Javascript is for behavior
  • HTML is for structure
  • And CSS is for appearance

Having a moderate mix instead of utilizing one of the whole complex Javascript frameworks can be a better option.

Ultimately, CSS and HTML are two key ingredients of custom web development, but JS is the cherry on top. Therefore, overdoing it can ruin the whole thing.

3- Complicated Development Lifecycle

The new javascript frameworks come with complex libraries and files, making it difficult to find both backend and frontend framework solutions.

These hidden incompatibilities and complexities have made website maintenance much more difficult than before.

The constant “version updates” create more complications.

Hiring JavaScript Development Teams
Complicated Development Lifecycle

4- Increasing Developers Need

The problem created by this scenario is that there are more than nine slightly complex Javascript frameworks (if you’re a beginner or new to that specific framework).

It is undeniable that not every developer is familiar with all Javascript frameworks, and this is why companies have to hire multiple candidates for multiple frameworks and libraries.

Hire Javascript developers for your website!

5- Lack Of Knowledge On How To Start With A Framework

Some beginners/novice developers don’t know much about how to code in raw JS even after learning the framework. This is a major problem. Therefore, they learn sloppy methods for creating codes in order to find frontend framework solutions.

Additionally, people who do not start with vanilla JS tend to write more complex and sloppy code.

6- Big Size

Some of the frameworks are larger than necessary. In every framework, however, there are a few libraries that take care of the main tasks.

It still becomes a giant when additional libraries are incorporated. When bloated libraries are used, the overall size increases.

7- Availability Of Multiple Kind-of-Complex Javascript Frameworks

Different frameworks can ruin the chances of developing apps diligently due to their availability and choice.

Every framework, for example, has many versions of libraries, and those libraries keep changing, which means the developer must constantly make changes. Consequently, there will be confusion when there are many choices.

8- Increase In Development Velocity, Decrease In Performance Speed

There is no doubt that Javascript frameworks have increased the speed of web development, increasing the productivity of developers.

However, the use of frameworks has affected the performance and loading speed of websites. Due to this issue, many front-end framework solutions are difficult to implement.

9- Lack Of Innovation

The tools and applications created with these frameworks lack innovation and style and have become more standardized. Originality is also affected by using JS frameworks and their libraries.

As a result, these frameworks limit creativity. Hence, making them part of complex Javascript frameworks.

10- Issues of SEO with JavaScript Framework

There are certain SEO-related issues that are emerging.

In some cases, only a portion of the content is crawled or indexed, and entire websites and posts are overlooked. These problems complicate Javascript frameworks.

Final Words

We are done with the reasons why complex Javascript frameworks shouldn’t be used for every web application or web page. It is hoped that these causes will help you choose the frameworks or libraries more easily.


Aayan Arif

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