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Go Serverless with Top 4 Platforms

  • November 17, 2020
  • POSTED ON November 17, 2020
  • POSTED BY saadia.baloch

What do you do when you have to make a decision? Especially when the decision revolves around a certain technology such as serverless programming and serverless platforms. The world is already on the road toward change and many organizations and companies have adapted to serverless computing solutions. It’s all about back-end programming and managing servers,

What do you do when you have to make a decision? Especially when the decision revolves around a certain technology such as serverless programming and serverless platforms. The world is already on the road toward change and many organizations and companies have adapted to serverless computing solutions. It’s all about back-end programming and managing servers, maintenance, infrastructure, and backend maintenance.

Many mid and high-business applications are considering this technology and therefore the demand has increased. If you are still thinking about it or want to choose the right serverless platform you.

Well, we have news for you. You can do that, as it is said:

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”

― Peter F. Drucker

But, before you do that, let’s have a little ‘get to know’ session.

Shall we?

Let’s start!

What is Serverless Programming?

It means that you go Serverless, by eliminating all the infrastructure management risks and operational responsibilities. It is such a smart outsourcing solution that has taken over the server market. There was a time when companies had to worry so much about servers and where to compute and deploy their websites and applications. Now, you have access to cloud computing and you can easily manage your databases, while only paying for the time being when you are using it.

With the Serverless platform, it has become much easier and faster to deploy apps and work on the important aspect of your projects rather than worrying about server and maintenance costs. You can simply understand it by means of staying in a BnB hotel, however here apps and databases get to stay. So there are many platforms that are offering such services.

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Once we have our most critical apps and databases, we feel like doing everything by ourselves. But, you don’t have to bear the weight of all the world on your shoulders. You can simply choose from these top platforms.

Once we go for a choice, it is one of the most appropriate ways to weigh it with ‘pros’ and ‘cons.’ However, you can analyze it through the offered benefits and make an informed decision.

So, Let’s discover the wonders of Serverless platforms and Serverless Computing!

Why should you go for Serverless Programming?

There are many benefits that come with going Serverless because you get to experiment with different innovative solutions.

  • Achieve faster deployment of applications and websites without having to delay it.
  • You can increase deployment, accelerate innovation, and run faster maintenance.
  • Agility is increased and so is your productivity with fewer resources and more effectiveness.
  • Build powerful products and apps and reduce the overhead cost in a powerful way.
  • Achieve scalability, stability, security without having to worry about any risks.
  • Handle everything at one single platform, queueing, databases, storage and stream processing, etc.

Top 4 Serverless Platforms- Find your Business Solution!

What are serverless programming solutions? There can be many and now that you have access to these online platforms. You can deploy and manage your apps from anywhere in the world without having to go through all the hassle for just servers.

Google CloudAzure Serverless SolutionsAlibaba CloudAmazon Serverless Computing
With Google Cloud storage on your side, you can build apps at much faster rate and deploy them while going fully Serverless. You don’t have to face much fuss, as it allows you move your workload on Google Cloud that can include maintenance, management, deployment, and scaling of applications. Get access to storage containers, computing technologies and much more such as Kubernetes, APIs and run your work smoothly and seamlessly. Automate your operations in modern Serverless actions in secure way at one platform.Azure is one of the popular serverless platform, that is considered end-to-end for its durability and high performance. You can aminimize the time of your resources and effort to spend your effeorts on more innovative solutions. Optimize everything at onec and accelerate success by building, deploying and oprating at one place. You are in full control to operate the applications of your choices, whether they are for hybrid or cloud. Smart move is always to choose intelligent solutions with advanced security and risk management.Achieve your desired runtime, write and run code in a smoothness way. You don’t have to pay for servers anymore, how cool is that? When you deploy on fast basis, you can kickstart your development and meet desired goals. Due to easy migration services and mobilizations. You can also control traffic flow during the peak hours. It is important to mention that you can get on-demand prices, create custom runtime with languages such as Node.js, PHP, JAVA, C#, Python and any kind of custom preferences.It allows you to run and compute the code without having to stop midway You have the power to manage code without provisioning and spending extra hours on technical maintenance and functionality errors. Get scalable applications with a secure storage process and retrieve the data at your desired time. Data service is claimed to be quite flexible and fast. Do you know you can keep an eye on traffic and other processes with help of API gateway? Do you have any query related to it? Ask away in the comments!
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One more thing, there is also a concept of serverless authentication. Just leaving a hint there, but we will be getting into this very soon. However, let’s just get a glimpse of the serverless authentication.

Serverless Authentication

When you have to create authentication in a serverless platform. It is important to provide your users with space, so they can recognize their own identification. Moreover, it is essential that the user data and information can be stored.

It is offered at different places, so here’s something for you to visually experience it:

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Now what? Does it feel too much? Well, we will save some for the ‘talk’ too. You don’t have to do anything in haste. Because, it’s not what will take you ahead in the competition, it’s the right choice at the right time. You can make the timing right by taking the first step in your desired direction, as you walk with the modern world. Know that the world is going serverless!

Take your time to relax, but we’d say, “Two heads are better than one.” Go serverless and save yourself extra costs and efforts!

Take the Next Step – Go Serverless!

Software development has come a long way and now that we are considering ‘serverless computing’ the next groundbreaking thing to deploy, run and launch apps and software products on containers and cloud. It is very crucial to choose the right kind of platform.

There are many serverless computing platforms, that are offering flexibility and security for developers to work on and run code in a seamless way. But how do we do it? Which would be the best platform as per your product’s market and business nature?

Well, if you feel like there is still some confusion or you want to make the right c choice. Let’s talk it over a zoom call or leave us a comment below and vteams will contact you.

Don’t delay it, start your journey!



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