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4 Best Backup Solutions for your Business

  • September 18, 2020
  • POSTED ON September 18, 2020
  • POSTED BY saadia.baloch

From small businesses to large enterprises, everyone wants to keep their data safe with backup solutions. But, many of us become confused as to what is the possibility to choose the best backup system to avoid any malfunction. To recover, store and manage data, many companies and businesses have their own reasons to build backup

From small businesses to large enterprises, everyone wants to keep their data safe with backup solutions. But, many of us become confused as to what is the possibility to choose the best backup system to avoid any malfunction.

To recover, store and manage data, many companies and businesses have their own reasons to build backup solutions as per their data quantity and business needs. With the rise in data surge, we will need smarter, affordable, and customize tools for data backup to maintain privacy.

Endless benefits to build Backup Solutions for your Business

Over the years, consumer behavior, consumer, and business relationship have changed. Hence, there are different ways to protect data with the help of the latest technological tools and software systems. But how do we know? Which is the best backup solution for our business?

If you are a small business owner or you need data backup software solution for your organization’s data. This article will help you make the best choice that suits your business.

There are different benefits to help you secure your crucial data and have backup software. This can happen only if you have full access to 100% control over your data. Once the data is exposed or shared with any third party, it is compromised.

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How do you back up your small business data?

You must be thinking that what can it do for your business. Why do you need a backup solution?

  • Your important files, documents, and data get backed up regularly. You don’t lose anything!
  • Data loss can costs you thousands ( in some cases even millions) of dollars. so which backup system are you using?
  • Backup systems have in-built security features to protect you from any cyber attack, malware attacks, or ransomware.
  • Backup solutions are needed to reduce the downtime and minimize to help you ensure efficiency.
  • Your business can continue to function seamlessly without any data breach or functionality challenge.
  • You can avoid risks and unwanted disaster of data theft and data breach. Moreover, a small business can get easy to use and manageable data solutions.
  • You can restore, recover, and save data with the help of encrypted data backup software. It’s like your own personal safe zone!
  • Once you have your own backup solution, you can set it up, do the testing to make sure security and configure of your own.

Moving on… let’s find out the best way to manage and store your data.

What are the best backup solutions?

Do you know? A survey about data security shared an alarming finding that 60% of the companies end up losing their critical data due to a lack of backup solutions. That results in a business shut down or bearing a huge loss. It is frightening!!

Hold on! There is nothing to be scared of. Because, we have gathered some authentic backup solutions approaches, and practices. You can build a backup software of your own from the below mentioned backup solutions.

Take control of your data, and secure business – 4 best backup solutions

Secure your business today with the best backup solutions, here’s how you can do it.

1- Onsite Backups

It may sound old school, but some businesses and companies practice this type of backup solution. When data is stored on CDs, hard discs, and even on taps. This particular data solution is not very popular now, as it has many risks attached to it. For example, what if data get compromised in the case of :

  • Data damaged due to natural catastrophe
  • Data is stolen or destroyed
  • Data gets corrupted due to some malware
  • Hardware failure
  • Lost files and backup device is stolen
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But the Good News is that you have a quick, easy, and reliable way to keep data secure with an encrypted software system that fits industry standards and complies with all your business requirements.

Find out more about building your own backup solution, and reach out to us!

2- Offsite backups

The offsite backup solution allows you to store data at an external facility that would be located outside your company’s reach and proximity. It also means that data can be stored at a remote place.

With offsite backup solutions and software, you can save data at some external storage drive or server. Some people also compare it to Google Drive and Dropbox. If you have an offsite backup solution, you can install plugins to track and manage data. People use offsite data solutions to increase performance efficiency on their internal server so that it won’t create any load and data remains safe.

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3- Snapshots

Ah, let’s jump into “poor man’s backup” or as they call it. You can simply understand it as a copy of metadata and snapped data. It is mostly done to track the data to get a log of every change in the file or its different versions kept with the help of a snapshot. It doesn’t require that much place and doesn’t slow down the performance of your system.

But it is not technically a “backup,” however it can be used to save data before you actually build a backup software of your own. Because snapshot is just a file saved on your virtual machine. ( That can be lost!)

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So rather than just storing data on a local hard disc, you can always choose cloud-based backup solutions. Many enterprises and companies use it to keep a centralized record of their data.

4. Backup automation

Fort us, it’s a deal-breaker if the data can be accessed by other parties apart from the organization itself. It’s a NO-GO! So backup automation and automated backup software are somewhat intriguing. As they automatically do the backup tasks for you. To get an affordable and secure solution, many small businesses build software and integrate it with their system.

With automated backup software, the data is scheduled to be back up as the software is running 24/7. So you don’t have to worry about data security and recovery, as it already been taken care of. There are cloud solutions for automated backups that can be synced with your system and give you full access to data.

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So are you ready to discover the backup solution that fits your business needs?

Build your Own Backup Solution Today – Don’t Wait

What is the best practice to build a backup solution? Well, you have to decide as you look at the nature of your business. Many businesses and organization are building their own customized backup solution. Your data is your biggest asset in this digital age. Hence, you have to start today, to begin with, your backup strategy.

With your own backup solution, you can be sure of the secure and safe storage of your confidential data and critical files. Yes, by now we all know the importance of data privacy and how to navigate it. ( Ask Mark Zuckerberg! )

So you see? To kick things off, hire dedicated team of developers to build your backup software and backup solution to safeguard your data.

Why do you have to put all the weight on your shoulder? When you can hire a remote developer to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Let’s talk today to figure it all out together!



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