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Explosion of IoT Devices – Need for Cyber Resilience!

  • June 23, 2021
  • Muhammad Ahmad
  • POSTED ON June 23, 2021
  • POSTED BY Muhammad Ahmad

Do you ever wonder how IoT is being used today? When did it become popular? And what are the trends of IoT? IoT technology is popular and has become one of the most dominant technologies of the 21st century. Thousands of devices are connected together; sharing and collecting information through the internet. Physical devices share

Do you ever wonder how IoT is being used today? When did it become popular? And what are the trends of IoT?

IoT technology is popular and has become one of the most dominant technologies of the 21st century. Thousands of devices are connected together; sharing and collecting information through the internet. Physical devices share real-time data and that is as part of IoT i.e. the concept of digital intelligence. In a nutshell, IoT is the bridge connecting the physical and the digital world which seeks cybersecurity resilience.

Since there are literally billions of IoT devices, the need for security is now more than ever. This is where the concept of cyber resilience emanates. Cybersecurity resilience is the ability of the business to overcome unfavorable outcomes immediately. It can quickly react and secure the data from cyber attacks. Threats include; phishing and malware. With this robust approach, customers are assured that their data is protected.

As the danger of cyberthreat looms large, enterprises are making extreme efforts to anticipate, prepare and avert cyber threats through an active cyber resilience approach. It enables organizations to thrive in a crisis with an expeditious response.

As the framework is accepted worldwide and it’s no longer an ‘if’ why not get in-depth knowledge of it? Let’s discuss IoT technology and the concept of cybersecurity resilience in detail.

The Internet of Things – Eruption of Popularity

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a widely sought-after technology nowadays.

These are connected devices that share information without human input. In simple terms, it can be explained as a giant network of physical devices and people that are interconnected together through the internet in order to share information.

The Internet of Things – Eruption of Popularity

IoT includes a wide range of devices; fitness devices, self-driving cars, smart gadgets, you name them! The IoT platform gets the information, passes it through its in-built analytics, and gives recommendations that are totally tailored for you.

According to one survey in 2021, there are more than 10 billion active IoT devices and they are estimated to surpass 25 billion in 2030.

Cybersecurity Resilience – The Emerging Approach

Cyber resilience aims to cater to the needs of financial, operational, and strategic risks. This approach produces increased productivity and gives profitable business growth. It allows the organizations to continue their business operations amid the cyber attack.

cybersecurity resilience

Businesses can recover from such untoward events by adopting cyber resilience as this approach acts as a “shock absorber.”

These three main elements build cybersecurity resilience:

  • Protect

A practical cyber resilience approach goes a long way in securing your data, applications, and your systems. With this process, only the authorized individuals are given access, and they are appropriately tracked.

  • Detect

Criminals and malicious actors are coming up with new techniques and ideas to breach the system. This element of the cyber resilience strategy emphasizes detecting such individuals. But the presence of false positives makes cyber resilience strategy implementation challenging.

  • Evolve

Once you have spent time and resources protecting your data and detecting the malicious elements, it is now time to make changes in your security posture and methods. It would be best if you continue to iron out all the security vulnerabilities before the hackers find ways to breach them.

Vigorous Approach to Security

If your security is not adequate enough, then your technological devices like cameras, microphones, or sensors are at the mercy of online criminals. You are literally running the risk of losing your data or compromising on your sensitive data.

Vigorous Approach to Security

The major cyber attack on SolarWinds 2020 speaks volumes in this regard. The hackers breached the organization’s infrastructure and, from there, wreaked havoc on US department computers. (business insider)

This breach taught a major lesson; supply chain cyber attacks will increase in the coming years. With such attacks causing damages in thousands of dollars, it is high time to shift to a cyber resilience approach to protect and recover your sensitive data.

Laying the Foundation of Cybersecurity Resilience

The proliferation of cyber threats, especially against IoT devices, begs the need to adopt the cyber resilience framework. The foundation of cyber resilience rests not only on the protection of data and systems but also on recovering the compromised data.

Cybersecurity resilience built-in security features can play a vital role in securing the IoT devices—they can automatically protect and recover data without human involvement. In this regard, advancements have been made to introduce cyber resilient modules that can function as a recovery tool as well as a resilience provider.

Foundation of Cybersecurity Resilience

Such cybersecurity resilient modules provide multiple layered security for the IoT devices to make them recoverable and resilient.

Furthermore, the cybersecurity resilience approach can assist you with;

  • Backing up data in case it is breached or compromised
  • Blocking threats before hackers could infiltrate
  • Training staff to be well-prepared

How Can You Achieve Cybersecurity Resilience?

  • Develop a systematic process
  • Anticipate cyber threats and devise a plan in advance
  • Establish a tailored plan for asset recovery in case of breach
  • Chart out risk mitigation techniques
  • Acquire the specialised assistance in case of emergency
  • Start with a draft of a rough cybersecurity resilience plan.
Achieve Cybersecurity Resilience

Cybersecurity Resilience – Making IoT Devices

Cybersecurity resilience is the best approach to incorporate in your company as IoT devices continue to rise. This approach will not only safeguard your organization’s sensitive data but will also assist in recovering it in case of a cyber breach.

Probably you have made up your mind to adopt a cybersecurity resilience strategy. You can reach the experts at vteams to build cyber resilience.


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