Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower is an automatic grass cutting robot that will drive in any grass range and mow the grass using a cutting deck mechanism installed. It will avoid the defined/undefined obstacles and will do path planning to cover the whole ground.

The Level Market

The Level Market is an online store where vendors can create their accounts, add products, and sell online. The platform serves two different kinds of users: suppliers, and buyers. After an account registration request is sent, the site admin accesses the request and confirm/delete the account. Users can add products in 5 major categories such as ‘Power, Cooling, Lighting, Shelter, and Water.’  The categories are defined by the top-level website administrators. Suppliers can keep a track of their sales/orders & transactions and can request a site admin for payouts upon successful delivery of the product to customers. Once the buyers get registered with the site, orders can be purchased online.

American Collection Defense

American Collection Defense is dedicated to stopping third party collection calls, notices, and credit reporting that violates Federal Law. It’s an online application that helps consumers to recover or get compensation in-case any collection agency harasses or violates any consumer’s rights in recovering the debts. It also helps students to recover their student/study loans. Consumers contact ACD and if they highlight any violation in the collection account, a law firm takes their case and pursues it against collection agencies.


Etraining Inc is an LMS project that contains outstanding and easy to understand premium course videos with excellent features. The project consists of managing the LMS section, along with the work related to the shopping cart, customer management, email management, subscriber management, content management, and all sort of reporting related to subscribers and administrators.