Equetica is a platform for the equestrian industry. It is built to provide one platform for different entities of equestrian industry like barns, veterinarians, trainers, riders, shows and farriers. InRevo2 is a platform for facility asset management. The concept is similar to Equeitca with the difference that it is not restricted to equestrian industry but it is expanded to bring in any facility vendors and contractors and users on one platform.

Funai Corporation

Custom Solution for Logistics Automation, Bill Of Lading Automation. Funai Corporation is the North American sales and marketing company established in 1991, Funai Corporation has offices in Rutherford, New Jersey and Torrance, California.

Jovian Digital Solutions

Jovian Digital is a software services provider company which is providing services in iOS Native, Android Native, React Native and Web Applications. We strongly believe that by integrating technology, consumer psychology and clear branding that cuts through the noise, brands can deliver immense value to a sizeable proportion of customers across a much wider spectrum.